So, Communism Had a Good Week

Democrats are indulging themselves in a little power trip now that they have the power of the presidency – never mind that they ever so narrowly control both houses of Congress.

That is one glaring difference between the Democrats and the GOP, one that I wish the Charlie Brown GOP would finally get wise to. The Democrats see 50.1% of any vote as an overwhelming, bipartisan mandate and act accordingly. If the GOP gets 55% of the vote, they run around trying to negotiate power sharing agreements to be “fair”.

And that attitude is why the GOP consistently gets pantsed, gets swirlies in the Capitol bathrooms, and gets their lunch money taken.

As I ruminated last night on the subject of the Democrat’s trip down the rabbit hole with Alice, I became pretty dark about our future. Biden is proving to be every bit the Trojan Horse most of us on the conservative side knew he would be. The only people who even seem surprised are the milquetoast middletons who, while never really being on Twitter, hated the Trump tweets published in the New York Times and the Washington Post.

As I turned it over in my mind, looking for something to hang onto for at least two years as the GOP leadership inevitably tries to screw up what should be an easy takeover of the House, I realized that we are only a week into what amounts to the most childish and ridiculous communist revolution ever.

It is comical to see adult babies like Representative Sandy the Bartender and Senator Chris Murphy emotionally relate to CNN and MSNBC how they are the “real heroes” because they “feared for their lives” and now may have PTSD and how the military must protect them because the “white nationalist supremacist militia” Baba Yaga that never showed up could still be out there just waiting to steal Chris Murphy’s ice cream.

But as childish is it is, it is backed by real, raw power.

Troop presence in D.C. is one visible projection of the Democrat’s message, “You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against—then you’ll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We’re after power and we mean it.”

Of course, the Dem’s actions and messages were stolen from one of Ayn Rand’s characters – because Democrats seldom have original ideas. “Atlas Shrugged” is beginning to look like a best case scenario.

A nascent police state is another example. The Roger Stone-like arrest of an internet troll for posting memes supposedly classified as “disinformation” that “tricked” Democrat voters out of their votes in 2016 is just an example of how far this will go. This “Ricky Vaughn” character (of course described by the media as a “far-right influencer” from Florida) faces 10 years for posting a meme that Democrats could vote from home via text – and he could face 10 years for it.

This “Ricky Vaughn” guy is clearly a troll, but given the fact there is an exact duplicate tweet from another person telling people they can vote for Trump via text OR on the day AFTER the 2016 election that is STILL up on Twitter – and this person wasn’t Roger Stoned by the FBI – tells you all you need to know. Add to that he was charged by the DOJ’s Eastern District of New York and you can see the jig is up.

Democrats are trying to criminalize political opposition by calling it “disinformation”, “white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism”.

A friend cautioned me by saying, I assume thinking it would be comforting, “Calm down, it has only been a week.”

To which I replied, “Yep, but therein lies the problem.”

Then I tried to look at it from another angle. One wonders if this first week is all they have, their version of “Shock and Awe”? Have they used up all their ammo in the first week just to see if they can bully America into submission through fear? Have the Dems shot their wad?

What’s a liberty loving person to do?

Well, as noted earlier, as Ayn Rand’s character, Floyd Ferris (who looks a lot like Anthony Fauci in my mind), said to Hank Rearden, “…this is not the age for beautiful gestures.” We know this is a fight, not a D vs R or a right vs left fight, this is an up or down, liberty or serfdom fight.

The most positive thing to come out of this past week (and yes, I did find something positive), is the absolute clarity the last 7 days has provided. Democrats have moved from the world of the theoretical into the real world. We know who and what they are and how far they are willing to go – and we also know the same about Republicans.

You can’t get into a fistfight (metaphorically speaking, of course) with an idea, but you sure as hell can when the idea becomes tangible action.

Fighting means supporting organizations that are willing to sue the ass off the federal government. Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch is one such organization.

Fighting means supporting state level efforts like those in Texas to go after federal overreach by doing the same in your state.

Fighting means electing like-minded people from your own neighborhood – people you know, not people you just know of – to offices all up and down the layers of state government.

Fighting means getting solid conservative candidates elected to Congress, people who believe Congress must reclaim their co-equal role.

Fighting means selecting a presidential nominee out of people who have demonstrated they have the understanding of our constitutional liberties and the chops to stand athwart history and yell “Stop!”

Fighting means saying to yourself, “I will not submit.”

So, Biden and his Democrats had their week. Let us get to work to make sure their first week doesn’t last for four years.

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