Trump Units

Almost every comment I hear about the new administration from the media is that they “don’t lie”, meaning that the Trump administration did – but the real problem the media had during the Trump years is that they never were able to take him or his people anything less than literally – they classified jokes, sarcasm, opinions and speculation as “lies”. I suspect it will be the opposite for the Biden administration, as it was for the Obama years, and the media will go back to explaining for us “what they really mean” as a way to avoid reporting the lies.

Scandal free again, one assumes.

Never forget that to contemporary progressives, conservatives are guilty until proven evil.

Have you ever noticed that at the very tip of the root of pretty much any progressive pronouncement about conservatives these days, at the very start, is this premise:

“Everybody except me is evil”.

For ideologies that profess to be for equality and tolerance, they sure expend a lot of calories lecturing to those who don’t agree with them. Don’t believe me? I dare you to watch the most pervasive outlets of “progressivism”, CNN and MSNBC, for one night and tell me that is not the basis for this pseudo-religion.

Own a gun? You are a killer in waiting. Want to protect Social Security? You want Grams to starve. Oppose the takeover of the healthcare system? You want people to die in the streets. Want to protect the security of voting with a picture ID? You hate poor people and don’t want them to vote. Want secure borders? You hate immigrants.

None of these examples have any basis in, or any relationship to, real progress, they are all based on the thought process of “you are evil, I am not, and therefore you must pay, do, comply, agree and/or submit to whatever I want, for I am a caring, compassionate progressive.

At least the historical progressivism had real progress at the root of its big government programs and dreams – contemporary progressivism has just become a religion for the arrogant, the smug and the self-righteous, solely for the purpose of trendy self-aggrandizement.

Somehow, it was always Bush’s fault…or Reagan’s and now it will be Trump’s. Trump is now so eponymous, everything the progressives propose, do or say (including the media) cannot be proposed, done or said without referencing President Trump. It is so pervasive that going forward in history, a “Trump” may become a unit of measure for the failures of progressivism.

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