Fast Approaching the Last Exit

The metastatic cancer of “cancel culture” that has taken root in the American sociopolitical environment has come to feature a couple of mechanisms all too common in communist regimes – purges and struggle sessions.
In the former Soviet Union, it was Stalin’s practice to purge anyone he saw as a threat to his position. It didn’t matter if they were staunch communists, true believers in the revolution, if they didn’t bend to Stalin’s will, they were removed and many just disappeared.

In the beginning, during the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin, Stalin and Leon Trotsky were best buds, Trotsky eventually becoming second only to Lenin – but it didn’t take long for a split to form. Trotsky supported the Mensheviks, Lenin the Bolsheviks. Lenin would come to refer to Trotsky as a “Judas”, a “scoundrel” and a “swine”. After Lenin died, Stalin came to believe Trotsky was a threat to his grip on the Soviet state, so he permanently exiled Trotsky. Trotsky eventually fled to the friendly confines of Mexico.

But that wasn’t good enough because Trotsky still had a voice and a following in Russia. Stalin then had Trotsky convicted of treason in absentia and sent a NKVD goon squad to Mexico – half a world away – to assassinate him, intending to kill him in a machine gun attack but botching that and eventually murdering him up close and personal with an ice ax.

Stalin’s practice of purging spread throughout Soviet society. Anyone could be accused of being a counterrevolutionary and an enemy of the state, and that process was used to remove anyone out of favor or in the way of some party apparatchik’s petty aspirations. Fraudulent and fictional offenses were common – all that was needed was an accusation from the right person and “Off to Gulag!”

If you don’t see the similarity between the bloodlust Stalin had for Trotsky and what the Democrats have for Donald Trump and anyone associated with him and the way they have come to demonize as “domestic terrorists”, “white supremacists” and “insurrectionists”, anyone who even expresses opposition to them, their policies or any event they were a participant in (i.e. the 2020 election), you either don’t know history or you just choose not to look.

If you are not a Democrat, and not a sufficiently progressive Democrat, you are a counterrevolutionary and an enemy of the state.

Another interesting event comes to us from China’s version of the “glorious peoples revolution”, the use of “struggle sessions”. Mao’s use of struggle sessions were key in subduing and controlling a billion people spread across the vast landscape of China, most of which was rural and agrarian in Mao’s time.

Struggle sessions were a form of public humiliation and torture where the target of a struggle session was forced to admit various crimes before a crowd of people who would verbally and physically abuse the victim until they confessed. These were not designed to punish the guilty, they were used to shape public opinion, as well as to humiliate, persecute, or execute political rivals and those deemed class enemies.

Struggle sessions were cancel culture on steroids – but we see this all the time in contemporary American culture. Anyone who says the wrong word, writes the wrong paper or editorial, retweets the wrong tweet, holds the wrong opinions, or is determined to be a danger to progressive ideology or Democrats is persecuted by the crowd – and “wrong” is defined as anything any progressive Democrats doesn’t like.

The difference has been that where cancel culture is often conducted from a distance (via social or traditional media), the struggle sessions of Mao’s time were conducted up close and in person – but that is changing since the Democrats have been emboldened by taking total control over the elective branches of the U.S. government.

In the new session of Congress, the struggle sessions are mirroring Mao’s practices with Democrats encircling Republicans with demands they repeat the approved words that the election was free and fair and Biden is the legitimate president. Anything less is branded as “disinformation” and “conspiracy theory” and anyone not willing to bend the knee to the official truth is branded an “insurrectionist”, an “enemy of democracy”, and must be shamed and/or removed. Some Democrats are calling for people to be arrested, jailed and sent to re-education camps for nothing other than holding “harmful” perspectives.
Scary stuff.

And for the revolution to have happened as fast as it did proves this is who and what the Democrat Party has always been. If it quacks like a Soviet, walks like a Soviet and swims like a Soviet, Friar William of Occam would say it is reasonable to conclude it is a Soviet.

I see it coming but alas, I am not enough.

It is not even enough for conservatives and Republicans to see it.

Sensible, liberty loving Democrats, and statistically, I know them to exist, need to see it. They need to remember the fates of people like Trotsky, Solzhenitsyn and Nikolay Ivanovich Yezhov (the man who ran Stalin’s purges but was eventually purged himself). They need to know about Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria, the director of the Soviet secret police for Stalin, the man who coined the phrase “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.”

Time to open your eyes, my patriotic friends in the Democrat Party. The blind, vitriolic hate of Donald J. Trump and their bloodthirsty lust for power has America on the highway to Hell.

We are fast approaching the last exit, let’s not miss it.

One thought on “Fast Approaching the Last Exit

  1. Pete Seeger — Yes, I I’m old enough to have worked with him — had a ditty called Waist Deep in the Big Muddy. The song reflected the 1960’s and the and nadir of the support in the United States.
    The Big Muddy reflected the problems after the French went home in 1955.

    The punch line of the coda was:
    “Waist Deep in the big Muddy
    And the big fool said to push on”

    As the Vietnam war drifted on, the coda changed to:
    “And the damn fool said to push on”

    I was there for six months but was sent back to the US due to an FUO, fever of unknown origin. I was grateful but not happy.
    I fear the same path awaits Biden et all.


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