One View of a Future

Given what we know, not based on theory, prediction, or opinion, but what has been openly expressed and demonstrated as to what sort of world progressives wish to create/are creating, what does that Brave New World look like?

Let us list a few aspects that seem self-evident to anyone paying attention:

Chaos: the constantly changing rules of pseudoscience, coupled with social mores based on political objectives, and an ever-evolving set of laws, rules, and regulations, creating constant agitation, uncertainty, and confusion in the populace.

Fear: Agitation and confusion of the chaos lead to anxiety and anger, and constant fear of running afoul of the arbitrary and capricious application of voluminous and incomprehensible laws, rules, and regulations.

Suppression: the conscious inhibition of any impulse, especially in speech, expression, or action related to anything and everything the state opposes. The legalization of cancel culture and the creation of a surveillance state to enforce it, with neighbor spying on neighbor.

Caste system: Identity politics becomes official state policy. The state will award preferences, not just on race, but on whatever best advantages the groups that support the state and disadvantages those who do not. Status within the state becomes the prime motivator, replacing commercial success in the private sector.

Autocracy: One party rule, not by Republican or Democrat, but by the party of the state. It will not matter what it is called, it will be the party representing the most powerful entity in the nation, the state. Mussolini’s idea of “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state” reborn.

Fascistic Oligarchy: Criminalization of free enterprise and the implementation crony capitalism on steroids, a form of state capitalism (modeled after the policies of the Chinese Communist Party) created by the consummation of a marriage of the state and a few massive multinational corporations, with the corporations filling the role of an enforcer for the desires of the state, a virtual nationalization of industry and the financial sector.

Oppression: the exercise of authority or power by the state in pursuit of the inception and maintenance of political and civil order, expressed in a burdensome, cruel, and/or unjust manner. Criminalization of “certain” politics and political parties, the Biden administration and the Democrat party are already defining “domestic terrorism”, not as opposition only to the state, but to opposition to progressive Democrat policies within the state.

Politicized science and medicine: Infanticide and eugenics (via abortion) will be deemed more than acceptable; they will become scientific and medical necessities. Scientific inquiry and medical research will be conducted under the purview and watchful eye of the state, and the results will be carefully controlled.

Devalued citizenship: Being a citizen becomes meaningless and a disadvantage as non-citizens and illegal aliens are preferred over legal citizens. Citizenship consists of burdens without benefits, the citizen becomes raw material for the state as the state acts to its own benefit, not to the benefit of the citizens.

Meaningless elections: Third world elections with predetermined outcomes. Soviet style with voter participation of 97% with the party of the state always winning in a landslide.

Complete destruction of federalism: The states lose all Tenth Amendment and constitutional powers and become nothing more than administrative districts, slaves satellites of an all-powerful central government.

Death of the Bill of Rights: Individual liberty will be rendered moot as the state breaches the prohibitions enumerated in the Bill of Rights under the guise of “public safety”. Rights guaranteed by the Constitution will be abrogated because free speech, freedom of assembly, free exercise of religion, petitioning the government for redress of grievances, the private ownership of firearms and protections against unreasonable search and seizure – all the first ten amendments – will be deemed risks to “safety and health” and against the maintenance of civil order. If you are against “no knock” warrants, you are going to LOVE “no warrant” searches.

Statolatry: Literal worship of the state. Contrary to past experiences with communism, the state will not ban religion, rather it will co-opt “Big Religion” as religion becomes a member of the Fascist Oligarchy. Rather than eliminate God, the state will work with its progressivist allies in the pulpits to redefine the Gospel, the Torah and the Koran into propaganda blessing the state. The state will not eliminate God in America, it will become God.

There is tangible evidence of the aforementioned in the agenda of the Democrat party, expressed in their thoughts, words and deeds just since the national elections of November 2020.

Far from the delivering the promises freedom, civil order and equality, the pursuit of control and state mandated “equity” will result in exactly the opposite, a dystopian and autocratic civilization far beyond the imaginations of any futurist or science fiction writer. The bleak world of Blade Runner becomes a most likely case scenario.

Is it not amazing that the most common attack against people on the political right is that we are neo-Nazis and neo-Fascists when the very things that the Democrat party desperately craves are carbon copies of Mussolini and Hitler’s fascist and Nazi platforms?

But all is not lost – not yet. We, the people can stop it. We are not going to do it with people like Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, or Lisa Murkowski. We are not going to do it with the Jeb Bushes or Adam Kinzingers, but I have confidence that true leaders are the product of difficult times.

Steel cannot be forged without fire. Forests are not renewed without being razed by a similar conflagration. Unity cannot exist without common cause. The Greatest Generation would not exist without the Great Depression and WWII would not have been won without their qualities. America and Americans always rise to meet the challenge. I have faith we will do so this time as well.

One thought on “One View of a Future

  1. To be totally jingoistic, the problem lies within the acceptance of Educational Unions.
    I grew up in Detroit and the huge impact that the UAW played in All Things Detroit.
    Digging back into why unionism became so popular were the facts of how badly the Brits treated their workers. Day to day no worker was “guaranteed” their jobs or salaries for an work completed. More importantly the real issue was the singular fact that no worker was guaranteed their home. Say the wrong words and the entire family may be evicted from their home. The best fictional description of these factors can be found in novel written by Allan Mallinson, “A Close Run Thing”.

    These unions were actually described as trade unions giving them the some historical perspective. No sobriquet labor as ever attached to educational unions. These “unions” are only interested in lucre and the ability to call “strikes” at the whim of the managers

    This lack of interest in education has been sorely ripped apart. What has evolved is the use of computers to take the place of a teacher. Computers are really dumb. The only thing dumber is a teacher who thinks he/she is helping to educate any of his/her charges without listening to the questions that were generated by whatever crap they are delivering. Computers weren’t designed to answer questions. Use of computers can’t answer the “why” in any question. One needs a teacher to answer why, not just how.

    ”Nufff Said.

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