The Tinnitus Media

People scoff when indoctrination and reeducation camps are mentioned. “Never happen here,” they say (or think).

But the fact is, they already exist – they exist in things like the mandatory “anti-racism”/Critical Race Theory programs that are being implemented in businesses, schools, and government agencies, most as a condition of employment. They exist in media outlets like CNN, a cable network focused on nothing but taking Fox News off the air.

Progressives are not stupid; they are actually pretty damn innovative and devious. They know that real concentration or reeducation camps would require the internment of a physical body, and any attempt to do that on a mass scale would be met with significant resistance – most likely featuring violence. They know who has the guns and ammo, that’s why Biden and Shelia Jackson Lee are working so hard to take them away from law abiding gun owners.

So, what is an aspiring totalitarian to do under those circumstances?

They imprison your mind.

Most of us of a certain age remember a component the US military used in the process of getting Manuel Noriega to surrender.

George H.W. Bush sent our guys to Panama to assist the drug running former dictator in a change of scenery. Ole Manuel holed up in the Vatican embassy in Panama City, and since fragging any embassy is not generally considered good form, fragging the Vatican embassy was especially off limits. Faced with such a problem, the innovative thinkers in the CIA came up with “music torture” – they equipped HUMVEEs with massive speakers and amps and blasted the embassy with the Doors (Riders on the Story), Van Halen (Panama, of course), Barney (I Love You), the Clash (I Fought the Law), U2 (All I Want Is You),  Bruce Cockburn (If I Had A Rocket Launcher) and of course, Guns & Roses (Welcome to the Jungle).

Our minds are constantly assaulted by similar techniques today.

In the same way a bad case of tinnitus bores into a person’s brain, the constant drone from CNN, MSDNC, the major print media, the lefty internet websites and social media drill the “disinformation” narrative into our heads, ironically by using disinformation. You cannot escape it, even if you are not interested in it, the Tinnitus Media never stops because it is interested in penetrating every brain cell you have.

Even the wall of troops in Washington (in conjunction with walls of chain link and razor wire) is a form of a remarkably similar psychological torture.

Walls have two purposes – the first is to keep something OUT, and the second is to keep something IN.

The presence of National Guard in DC is not to protect from an “armed insurrection” because there never was an “armed insurrection”, there was a riot that could have been easily negated with the proper security protocols. The testimony before Congress yesterday proves that – and likely indicates the January 6th riot at the Capitol may well have been allowed to happen, thereby creating a contemporary Reichstag fire moment.

The defensive ring is there to keep the fear concentrated inside the wire, to keep the myth of January 6th alive and thereby influence the people INSIDE the perimeter. It has no value otherwise, and it is not intended to discourage those outside – most of whom do not care or simply cannot understand why it is still there or was necessary in the first place. The ring is designed to keep the agitprop concentrated inside the House and Senate, for the express purpose of influencing the Senators and Congresspersons who will vote on the Democrats’ radical agenda.

It is a constant reminder of what MIGHT happen, a perpetual and constant representation of an alleged ongoing threat.

Imagine what they did to Noriega and add a little “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow, “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem, “Born In The USA” by Bruce “DUI” Springsteen and maybe a little “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas, crank it up to 11, and you have an idea of what is going on inside the Capitol today.

Given those circumstances, you really cannot blame Ted Cruz for heading to Cancun for a little mariachi music.

Now add the assault on the Bill of Rights being prosecuted by the Democrats and their allies in the Fascistic Oligarchy and the Tinnitus Media – on top of the fact our public schools have been indoctrination centers for decades – to the constant serenade, and it becomes a little clearer that the imprisonment of minds is the goal.

I must give credit where credit is due, and conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones had it right: there IS a war for your mind.

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