A Paucity of Sanity

An interesting aspect of the widespread closures of businesses, colleges and universities, government offices and the restrictions on travel and certain public behaviors is that we are learning that a large portion of what we considered basic and necessary in January of 2020 has been revealed as useless and unnecessary by January of 2021.

And in an attempt to fill the resulting hole created by all those missing activities, our betters backed up dump truck after dump truck of stupid and dumped it into the void.

Do not believe it?

Try these two on for size: On February 16th, an 84-year-old Asian man, an elderly Thai immigrant named Vicha Ratanapakdee, was viciously attacked and mortally wounded walking down the street in San Francisco. The attack that left the man dead was captured on video, so there was no doubt as to the racial identity of the assailant. A black teenager was arrested. So far, no evidence has been found that this attack was racially motivated.

On February 3rd, Noel Quintana, a 61-year-old native of Manila, was attacked on a crowded subway car in New York as he headed to work in the morning rush hour. The attacker repeatedly kicked Quintana’s tote bag, then slashed his face from ear to ear with a box cutter after the Asian man complained. The attacker was also captured on video – he was black.

How do you think the reason-challenged radicals in our society responded?

Why, they blamed Donald Trump and Republicans for stoking “xenophobia” by calling Covid-19 the “China virus” and immediately organized protests against “white supremacy”.

But of course, they did. That black assailants must have been Clayton Bigsby II and Clayton Bigsby III.

A few other examples:

  • We are engaged in the first ever administrative race war, waged from the desks of academia, corporate HR offices and the government bureaucracy. Apparently, everybody not part of the current gestalt is a white supremacist, even black and Asian Americans (if they aren’t Democrats).
  • We killed an expanding national economy based on the unscientific ideas of political activists masquerading as “scientists” and “doctors”.
  • Reason, logic, facts, and truth are now relative and subjective rather than independent and objective. It seems that words no longer have fixed meanings and society is actively working to destroy language as a means of communication. Kids in cages = OrangeMadBad, kids in containers with bars on the windows = Caring Corn Pop Biden.

A large percentage of our society has been engaged in mental and physical “make work” for decades, keeping busy by being busy for the purpose of being busy, thereby producing nothing – lots of activity but damn little productivity. Society has become addicted to time sucks, even as the productive minority had to pedal faster to keep the wheels turning for everybody.

There is a productive minority focused on the real, those things important to keep a civil society and a productive economy, but even they took a hit as the various state governments told them to get on the couch and we will send you a couple of checks while you watch reruns of Chicago PD and Blue Bloods on Ion Television. The worst thing that can be done to a driven, productive individual is to tell them they cannot work.

The first thing our cognitively compromised figurehead president did was to start following the whispers in his earpiece by killing the very actions of the prior administration that produced record household incomes, record low unemployment rates across all demographics, record low energy prices and general economic progress for all citizens of America.

If none of this makes any sense to you, take heart. You are one of the sane ones.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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