“Fundamental Transformation” Weaponized

The American left (Democrats and the soft-shelled Republicans) has taken some very dangerous positions.

You might respond with, “Yeah, and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. So, what else is new?”

It seems different this time. What makes it different (in my opinion) is that there is no “climb down” from where they are this time, at least none without significant cost. In the past, there were exit strategies, plans to blame the GOP, the climate or low information voters – this time there is no plan, they are just making it up as they go along.

Look at the overreaction to the Capitol riot – and by any standard of the multitude of 2020 riots, what has been done is a true overreaction. No military was called out in the various cities that saw the worst rioting and looting – federal buildings attacked in Portland, police stations (and police) attacked in Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia and others and the cities abandoned to the rioters and their wanton destruction. Not even DC was free from a summer of rioting and occupation.

Let us not forget St. John’s Episcopal Church was set on fire – and what was the big story? Why, it was that the Park Police allegedly used tear gas to move the rioters/protesters in Lafayette Square back to increase the controlled perimeter around the White House.

And now there are reports that, even for those arrested in those cities, there will be no prosecution. This, while the QAnon shaman/Chewbacca man still sits in jail without bail in DC. And yet, there are no marches with people chanting “Free Chewbacca!” in the streets. QAnon is spoken about as if it were ISIS or al Qaeda, when the greatest threat they have posed is someone put their feet on Pelosi’s desk and took her podium. More crime than that happens every football weekend in college towns.

Now there is a ring of steel and troops surrounding the Capitol so the heads of our ruling class can rest easy as they berate you for not wearing a mask, for having read a Dr. Seuss book to your kids 30 years ago and then go on to pass their wish lists and raid the public treasury.

The January 6th riot was not an attack on government or democracy, it was an affront to the new ruling regime, an attack on Democrats. They felt insulted anyone would dare to do to them what they championed being done to American citizens during all of 2020 – actions they ignored, excused or in some cases, for which they provided material support.

The messages sent were:

  1. America deserves to be burnt to the ground because it is racist – and everything not approved by the left is racist. Black white supremacists are apparently a thing.
  2. If the outcomes favor the leftist agenda, anger (even irrational anger) is a solid justification for any action – riots, looting, anything.
  3. Law? We are the law. We will continue to enforce law arbitrarily and capriciously as we see fit.
  4. You cannot spell “equality” without e, q, u, i, t, and y.
  5. We, the elected officials, are better than you and we deserve protection you were never offered. We are going to ring the Capitol with troops and steel to keep you out. Peasants.
  6. First Amendment, smirsht amendment. Forget the Constitution. You have no right for redress of grievances, no right to peaceably assemble and sure as hell have no right to question or speak out against the government.
  7. Virtual reality is reality. Your government has now outsourced the unconstitutional things it cannot do to the private sector. Restrictions on speech, including censorship and virtual book burnings/bans, are now the province of Big Tech. Social media has the power and authority to end your career, your family, and your life. Shutting your access to financial and other institutions is now a job for the Fascistic Oligarchy, an asymmetric entity with more power over your life than government.
  8. If you are not a criminal, we will make you one. Just give us a minute.
  9. And to quote Ayn Rand yet again, “You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against—then you’ll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We’re after power and we mean it.”

How can they back down from any of that without cost? All those actions are so provably antithetical to American ideals, values, and traditions, they cannot exist without force of coercion.

The American left has weaponized Obama’s “fundamental transformation” with teeth instead of just rhetoric, so they cannot and will not back down. That is why you will see them double down until they finally bring an end to the American Republic. Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven, I guess. America may be turned into a smoking pile of rubble, but it will be THEIR smoking pile of rubble.

We on the conservative right better get our crap in a neat little pile for the 2022 mid-terms. I said a while back that this fight was coming to your door, that there would be no innocent bystanders. Well, it is here. 2022 may be the last chance to keep the fight in the Halls of Congress and off the streets of your city or town – because they are after power and they really do mean it.

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