An Age of Mad Kings and Queens

We joke about our “ruling elite” and often analogize it to nobility. We are not wrong. There are more similarities than differences, especially in today’s ruling bloodlines.

European nobility was notoriously plagued with mental and physical deformities brought about by inbreeding as they sought to keep their bloodlines “pure”.

Certainly not unique, Maria I of Portugal (aka Maria the Mad) had the distinction of being the first queen regnant to rule her country. Despite extreme piety, Maria married her uncle Pedro (renamed Peter III after taking the throne) in 1778. Peter III was Maria’s father’s younger brother and 43 years old to her 26. The family web became more tangled when Maria and Peter III’s son and heir, Joseph, married his aunt (Maria’s sister) Benedita. Joseph was merely 15 while Benedita was 30. Therefore, Peter III’s daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece were the same person.

Intellectual and ideological consanguinity produce the same result.

The Democrats and the GOP are but two branches of the same ruling bloodline. One branch is tainted by mental illness, the other by physical infirmity.

The Democrat party represents the dominant, aggressive branch, suffering severe mental illness brought about through this inbreeding, producing “mad” kings and queens in their leadership and the creation and adoption of ideas so insane, they belong in the plot of a made for TV dystopian movie on the SyFy channel. They tend to be strong and violent in their delusions, forcing everyone to accept their reality through coercion and threat. They use their power and position within the court to destroy anyone who does not participate in their delusional existence. The reign of the Democrat Mad Kings and Queens are typically marked by radicalism, chaos and change for the sake of change.

President Obama was an example of one such “Mad King” who sought to forcefully substitute his alternate reality for American reality.

Not to be outdone, the traditional (i.e., establishment) GOP exhibits the physical infirmities and the weak, sickly, submissive, docile behaviors that come from being physically weak. They seek safety, to avoid confrontation, and do everything possible to shy away from public notice of their deformities. They are proponents of the “go along to get along” mode of behavior, sacrificing principle for consensus.

Almost never strong enough to lead on their own, they always seem to be captive to strong-willed sorcerer-advisors with agendas of their own or are strongly influenced by their insane Democrat cousins, fearing reprisals from that violent and crazy branch of the family. Once in a great while, a wise king rises from the Republican lines, one who breaks free from the submissive orthodoxy, one who briefly defies the genetic weaknesses of the line before being overtaken by the prevailing insanity of the bloodlines.

President Reagan was an example of a Republican philosopher king who ruled well within the traditional system, choosing to work within the established bounds of the ruling construct – but doing so in a way to put the commoners on equal footing with the ruling class.

But, as has historically occurred in the perfumed courts of Europe, every few generations a usurper comes along, a commoner rebel who sees the insanity and weakness of the ruling class and decides to unleash the potential of the individual, something both ruling factions fear. This person is typically some bold, rebellious, low born commoner, a warrior poet, whose only claim to the throne rests upon his willingness to dispatch the former occupants of the throne with extreme prejudice. He wins his kingship through the willingness to conquer, thereby capturing the loyalty of the common folk.

President Trump was the usurper of our generation.

The fact remains that while the inbreeding of the ruling class is a weakness, it is also the source of their strength. From the systems built to accommodate their various infirmities to the networks of palace guards and throne sniffing advisors, the very institutional structure of ruling is designed for them, by them. If one wants to see something that is truly systemic, it is this system of governance based on intellectual and ideological consanguinity that is as incestuous as any royal bloodline of antiquity.

But there is reason for hope. As Biden and the Democrats are learning, weakness begets challenge. China, Russia and North Korea have all poked King Joe the Stumbling in the eye within the past few days. President Trump’s time has given rise to other potential usurpers like Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem. The question is whether the new challengers to the throne will become philosopher kings or queens, determined to tweak the status quo to make it marginally better – or will they become usurpers, breaking the comfortable, established systems as they return America to the people of the Constitution.

Fighting an entire bloodline is tough. The only way to win and to preserve that win is to destroy the entire bloodline. There are always subjects who long for a ruler, and there is always a royal third cousin twice removed out there whom the throne sniffers will elevate as the “true king” as they seek to regain their favored positions in the court.

Sounds harsh, I know. I am a registered Republican, an ideological conservative and philosophically a classical liberal – but I am also an independent thinker who is dedicated to clear-eyed and honest assessment, directly and factually addressing problems and issues, and doing so in a manner that preserves the maximum amount of liberty for every citizen of these United States.

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