Biden Agonistes

That Joe Biden is allowed to continue to destroy himself in public to the cacophonous din of the applause of the sycophantic media is prima facie evidence of three things, 1) Biden was shoehorned into office by nefarious and suspicious means as a front for Obama’s revenge tour, 2) the Obama cabal (still ruling the Democrat Party from the shadows) really, really hates Joe Biden and 3) they have so much contempt for Biden, they are willing to completely destroy him politically, physically and mentally to get their revenge on America.

Biden is the sad, needy, unsophisticated, naive high school kid who so desperately wants to sit at the lunchroom table with the cool kids he will do anything. Unfortunately, he is from the wrong side of the tracks and will never be allowed in that clique. The only way he even gets close to them is to do anything they ask of him, never really understanding that he is being used and is nothing but entertainment for the cool table. He is their pet. They cheer as he eats a can of earthworms in the lunchroom to please his masters.

The media is desperate to see Obama reborn. He cannot be president again, so the best they can do is resurrect his true agenda of “fundamental transformation”. The media are in on the game and work extremely hard to keep Biden from realizing what is happening by lowering expectations, slathering him in undeserved praise, telling him what a good boy he is and building for him an alternate reality where he is popular, and is liked and respected by the cool kids.

The poor boy from Scranton is going to be the Prom King!

Biden’s term is so far tracking the plot of “Carrie”, the 1976 Sissy Spacek classic horror flick. The White House staff is getting the bucket of hog blood ready even as we speak.

Except, as far as we know, Biden has no powers of telekinesis. He barely exhibits enough electrical activity left in his brain to read cheat sheets prepared for him and printed in 40-point font. Walking up the air stairs to Air Force One is a heavy lift.

It is cruel, wrong and it is disgusting. Biden honestly thinks he is President – all the while the Obamabots are laughing at him behind his back as they use and destroy him. But that is who they are, they are genuinely bad people, evil even.

But they do not care because their plan is to burn it all to the ground. The confirmation of Rachel (Richard) Levine, an incompetent as the Assistant Secretary of Health, was a genuine FU to traditional Americans. Levine a sad, mentally ill person, not because he is a transgender female, but because “she” is so evil, “she” knowingly ordered nursing home residents in Pennsylvania to their deaths while getting his own mother out and safely into isolation at a hotel. Given this, the ONLY reason Levine was nominated and confirmed is due to her transgenderism. Do not think it is lost on people that two “Republicans”, the squishy Murkowski and Collins, voted to confirm this abomination.

Burn it all down. They just do not give a damn if it kills them as long as it kills you.

If you recall the picture of the Obama White House when they realized Trump had won, these are the people who are back to make sure you are sorry for kicking them out in 2016. Competence is not a concern, loyalty is. With a very few small exceptions of people inside Obama’s inner circle (Susan Rice (who proved her undying loyalty during the Benghazi disaster), John Kerry, and a couple more, everyone else in the Administration is expendable in pursuit of making you deeply sorry you ever thought about voting for Trump.

Look at that picture and tell me I am wrong.

2 thoughts on “Biden Agonistes

  1. Talk about form following function.
    My experiences with bats do not include vampires, but something bad has Biden’s brains totally knobbled.

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