Private/Public Partnerships are an End Run Around the Constitution

I was once a globalist. I have admitted such.

I worked for large corporations both here in the US and abroad and thought the US way of doing business was the right way, we did not engage in the deal “sweeteners” our European and Chinese competitors did, and we never did anything that was not completely on the up and up – at least not while I was there. I also had exceptionally good relationships with management and employees and a very good career path within the corporations in which I worked.

I have always been a pro-business, free market, Austrian school of economics kind of guy and that resulted me in defending businesses, corporations and in some cases, monopolies – if the monopolies created value for their customers and played fairly.

I was a damn fool. I do not think I am alone in this realization. More and more are waking up to this fact.

While I spoke out against censorship, I did not think too much about Twitter banning people because I was not really on Twitter. Facebook bans irritated me, but hey – it is only social media, right?

But the Parler situation rocked me pretty hard. The mega-corps controlling, not only what is written and transmitted, but the very access to the Internet, brought me my own personal kind of woke.

Now the Biden government is saying the quiet part out loud. They are actively using private-public partnerships to get around the Constitution. If you wonder why they are working on these Soviet style “vaccination passports” and Chinese style “social credit scores” through private corporate partners, that is why – these things are expressly forbidden by the Constitution.

The Democrats are faithful adherents to Godwin’s Law – they never miss a chance to use the term “Nazi” to describe anyone with whom they disagree, but this public-private partnership shift is Nazi to the core. Hitler did not need to take over German companies like Siemens, IG Farben (broken into Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst after the war), Volkswagen, or BMW – because they willingly collaborated with the Nazi regime. You can add US companies like Chase Bank, the Associated Press, Ford and IBM to that list of collaborators as well.

If you think these major corporate collaborators really believe this woke crap they are pushing, then you do not understand the game. How many transgender people do you think there are? How many non-bijnary? How many card carrying BLM and ANTIFA members?

Here is a hint – it ain’t that many, not enough to be a market on their own. There are far more “normies” that make up the bulk of consumption than these folks. The woke corporations are woke because it pleases their partners in government and government likes the woke corps because that is a way they can pursue their agenda without being limited by laws.

Bezos, Gates and the Tech Oligarchs have all seen the China form of state capitalism, and the do not just like it, they LOVE it! These dominant companies seek to break the “creative destruction” of the free market though protection from the government.

This is what we get for protecting these corporations and allowing them to get too big to fail.

I am right there at the “My God, what have we done” point.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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