America Has Crossed a New Line

Some friends and I were discussing the seemingly constant string of violent events that only occur when a black person is shot by police, how two black children essentially skated in the murder of an Uber driver and how the amount of media attention in a “mass shooting” is directly proportional to the race of the assailant, one friend made the statement that he thought America is having a tough time defining crime.

I pointed out that it is not that we are having a tough time defining the crime, we have plenty of laws that define crime, what we have is selective enforcement based on factors that have nothing to do with the crime itself.

There are DA’s making prosecution decisions on racial and economic status, local law enforcement leadership turning their backs on riots – adopting the “blow off a little steam” containment strategy developed by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in 2015 and afterwards, not prosecuting the offenders, and the FBI federales aggressively taking aim at white protesters from the January 6th riot in DC while letting ANTIFA and BLM attacks on Federal buildings in Seattle and Portland skate.

While it seems that this arbitrary and capricious enforcement is based on race, it really is not. It is based on conformance, support, or helpfulness to a specific ideology – and it is not conservativism.

After thinking about our discussion and letting the discussion marinate in my wrinkly brain matter, I came to the realization that we have transitioned into something far more insidious, sinister, and pernicious. This cut goes deeper than just the relationship between our law enforcement and justice systems and crime and criminals, it extends to the public and medical policy and the people who interact with those systems.

We have always had affirmative action programs where racial minorities were given preferences, but to a large degree, what was available to the protected classes through preference remained available to non-minorities at large. College, medical and law school admissions are some examples – there are affirmative action admits but not the majority of admits. Non- white candidates were beneficiaries of a lowered admission standard but if anyone else who met the unadjusted standard, they still had a shot -they were not necessarily shut out.

But – and that is a BIG but – America is now seeing the overt award of government benefits and medical treatments exclusively and solely based on racial identity (more specifically, they are reserved exclusively for non-whites). Some examples are the direct payouts to black farmers (that are not available to any non-black farmers), the plans to parcel out Covid vaccines based on race and the programs in New York and California that pay stipends to illegal immigrants (who are mostly non-white). Pretty much every Democrat proposal that uses “racism” as its basis is this – a preference system based on race – systemic racism, environmental racism, etc. are examples.

This is something new in our country– and completely against American tradition, established federal laws and most of all, it is against the Constitution.

Some people took issue with my premise that Biden was illegitimate because he violated his oath when he said, “No constitutional amendment is absolute”, but this is illegitimacy on an entirely different level. Singling people out by race as special exclusions from law is unconstitutional, as is the gifting of taxpayer money to a specific race.

This is de facto reparations based purely on race, something no American government has the power to enact unilaterally and without the consent of the governed. It is not their duty to judge whether the American people are guilty of a collective sin.

The Biden administration is following the Obama playbook – we are going to do this, and you can just try and stop us if you can.

We best gird our loins and stop them.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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