A Most Political of Pandemics

The real virus in America is the Democrat Party’s addiction to tyranny.

On March 17, 2020, I wrote:

“This pandemic panic reveals more about the weakness of our society and its dependence on central authority than it does about the effectiveness of our disaster response capability or our health care system.

I am amazed at the numbers of our population who are simply accepting that we are being sent to our rooms without dinner when most of us have done nothing to deserve such punishment. I don’t advocate anarchy or revolution, but I admit I am pretty disturbed by being herded to our pens and paddocks with such soft resistance.”

And so it has continued to this day, some 410 days since “15 Days to Slow the Spread” became the first shot fired in this war. That is how it began.

So how is it going?

Despite having 2 million more people than New York, Florida has almost 17,000 fewer deaths. The top 10 most populous states – California (39,747,267), Texas (29,087,070), Florida (21,646,155), New York (19,491,339), Pennsylvania (12,813,969), Illinois (12,700,381), Ohio (11,718,568), Georgia (10,627,767), North Carolina (10,497,741), Michigan (10,020,472) – and include the “early opening” states of Georgia, Texas, and Florida. The balance of the top 10 – California, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan, lead the nation in Covid-19 fatalities.

One might ask why the not-so magnificent 7 states, states with some of the most severe lockdown/mask policies, continue those policies to this day given that the “Neanderthal” states of Georgia, Texas, and Florida have proven those economically devastating lockdown policies did not work and are not working. It is obvious to anyone with a brain that the states addicted to lockdowns and mandatory masking lead the way in total deaths.

One might say it is due to the fear of the populations in the lockdown states, and that bears some credence. Even though pandemic fatigue has set in across the nation, polling data from Pew and other outlets indicate there is a strong correlation to political affiliation, there is far more resistance to “reopening” in Democrat dominated states than in those evenly split or controlled by Republicans.

But failure to recognize the correlation between lockdown/mask mandate durations and the tyrannical use of “public health” statutes to create virtual dictatorships at the state level would be as much a denial of the facts as thinking the lockdowns actually worked.

I noted that this “pandemic – more likely our reaction to it – will change us. It will change our society and culture even if the virus turns out to be a dud”, and that statement has proven prophetic – because we have changed in ways not even a cynic like me could foresee.

The pandemic changed the likely outcome of a presidential election and changed the makeup of the Senate, putting our federal government in the hands of the radically progressive Democrat Party and changing domestic policy (border control, America is a racist country) and foreign policy (kowtowing to Europe and Iran again). It changed our legal system by establishing that when conservatives or Christians gather, those are illegal “super spreader” events while ANTIFA/BLM protests/riots/looting is perfectly legal and safe because “racism” is a greater public health threat than Covid-19. It changed our society by dividing it into two camps, people who willingly submitted to government edicts and payoffs and those who desired to retain their independences and make their own way. It changed our economy by allowing big corporations and mega-commercial outlets like Walmart, Costco and Home Depot to remain open while local mom-and pop stores and restaurants were made to close under threat of punishment. It changed our constitutional right to free speech and free thought as the Tech Oligarchs and their massive social media organs decided to ban a sitting president, de-platform conservatives and block any speech that countered the officially Democrat approved narrative.

The pandemic even had geopolitical impact, weakening the United States and emboldening China – to the point Chinese diplomats felt comfortable enough to insult the US to our face.

In March of 2020, I said the question was whether this situation would result in our overall society becoming more trusting and dependent on a central authority or more cautious and independent of the same, but that really was not the question.

If one critically considers just the changes previously mentioned (there are many more to consider), it becomes clear the real question is the same as it always is when faced with any policy set that promises to change an outcome but never really does.

That question is this: Who benefits?

Because somebody always does – and as the comparative data of the lockdown/mandatory compliance vs. free/voluntary compliance states prove, it was not the people of the lockdown states.

The answer to that question is obvious, there is no doubt the pandemic and the reaction clearly benefited the Democrat Party. Every lasting reaction from the virtual dictatorships to the fascistic oligarchy of the corporations, to the quashing of free speech and free thought, is a Democrat hallmark.

There is also no rational argument that pandemic policies did not open the door to the social and economic decline witnessed in the Hell Year of 2020 (just contrast the successes of 2019 to the devastation of 2020). By creating the chaos and uncertainty that empowered radicals within the party, the reaction to the pandemic has placed the Democrats in a position to enact the most radically collectivist policies since the heady days of FDR (who took advantage of the Depression to push the country to the left) using the conditions they created as an excuse.

Covid 19 has truly been the most political of pandemics.

2 thoughts on “A Most Political of Pandemics

  1. The simplicity of a simple pandemic has bloated to a 15 year race to the largest ptolemaic in my short years of 78. Maybe the years weren’t that shore, …

  2. A thoughtful analysis and discussion. The sorrow I feel in seeing this happen is huge. I still have hope but know that any restoration is going to most likely require a battle of huge proportion. The upside to the battle is that I do not think we have much more to lose. We have already given what the founders gave us away. Have a good weekend. Mona in Teas

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