Breaking the Cycle

I recently proposed that what BLM and the “anti-racists” believe is “systemic racism” is really the direct effect of government dependency. I have given a substantial amount of thought to this possibility and what follows is the result.

The only substantive connection between white America and the anger of black America is the fact that a government entity, consisting of generations of white progressives, is responsible for the conditions that exist within our black communities. Here are a few things I believe are logically defensible in support of my premise:

  • Government has made promises to black Americans that, as of today, remain unfulfilled. It was not the rest of America that did, even though the rest of America was expected to pay for those promises.
  • Government told black Americans that they were less than equal, in word and deed, that it was necessary for them to receive special treatment to succeed, mainly by reducing the standards black Americans would be required to meet and then tossing them into a competitive environment in no way for which they were prepared.
  • Government told black Americans the special treatment that was required could only come with the force of law that only government could provide.
  • Government told black Americans that the only way to eliminate discrimination is to discriminate even more – to increase the blame on white America.
  • Government told the black community it could protect them from crime, something it has failed spectacularly at doing.
  • Government locked black children in underperforming and unsafe schools, guaranteeing a poor or non-existent education.
  • Government told black women it could be a substitute for a husband, a father, and a partner when it never could, nor did it intend to be.
  • Government incentivized having children outside a two-parent family, by redefining having children as a means of generating income, providing a sliding scale of welfare that rewarded mothers based on the number of children they produced.
  • Government told black America that all they had do to overcome the oppression of white culture was to continue to vote for the political party that favored government and is favored by it, that being the Democrat Party – and yet, 60 years has passed since that Faustian bargain was made and little progress has been made.
  • Government has refused to correct the false narratives of police hunting young black men, simply because they are black, narratives proven false by hard data. Quite to the contrary, they are happy to allow the anger to fester because it uses the resulting chaos to its own advantage and to deflect attention and blame away from its own failures.

Given these facts, is it any wonder black Americans are angry?

I think it is perfectly rational that they are. I get it. It is only natural to be angry at the entity that broke promises your life depends upon.

The issue is that they are mad at the wrong people. Government has put not only white America, but also the police of all races and ethnicities and other minorities, as well as the very same black Americans, in an exceedingly difficult, almost no-win, situation.

These recent eruptions have had the same symptoms as a long-term addiction. The more the addict does, the more they need to maintain the high – and when they do not continue to increase the dosage, withdrawal sets in. It is at this point an addict will do just about anything to get the next hit.

BLM and the “anti-racists” are just looking for that next fix and government is all too ready to give it to them.

Until white and black America decide to break that cycle of addiction, nothing will change.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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