Chicken or Egg?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Or more to the point, does a particular type of society determine a national economic system or is it the other way around?

I think history shows that free societies tend toward free economies. I am not aware of any “great capitalist revolution” prosecuted in the same way as say, the October Revolution in Russia or the Chinese Civil War. It certainly seems that a free society is necessary for capitalism to even begin. Supporting this idea, both the Heritage Foundation and the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), after studying the link between individual freedom and economic freedom, found extraordinarily strong correlations between the two.

What I am not aware of is a single type of society (maybe someone is) that tends toward communism without force. Small units, maybe, but national scale communism was established by force or other parasitic political machinations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Yugoslavia, Poland, North Korea, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, China, Tibet, North Vietnam, Guinea, Cuba, Yemen, Kenya, Sudan, Congo, Burma, Angola, Benin, Cape Verde, Laos, Kampuchea, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Vietnam, Somalia, Seychelles, Afghanistan, Grenada, Nicaragua, and others.

Taken in historical context, at least as far back as the biggest, most notable, communist revolutions of history – the Bolshevik Revolution and Mao’s Chinese Civil War – the communist takeovers have all worked this way – overthrow the old regime by force, then impose an economic system, then order a society and a culture to fit the economy.

It is no secret that America has been the communist grand prize ever since the ink dried on Marx’s first draft of the Communist Manifesto, but our nation has been a real problem for the comrades. I cannot remember who said it, but I have a distant, hazy memory of some notable communist or communist defector saying that America will never be overtaken through revolution because the working class is too prosperous, too satisfied and there are too many opportunities for them to succeed. Class warfare based on economic classes simply would not work.

Recognizing this, many have posited that this is why the comrades among us switched to race as a substitution for economic class. Our proletariat and bourgeoisie were too chummy, too alike, one aspiring to become the other and upward mobility of our mostly capitalist economic system allowing people to rise as high and go far as their skills and abilities would carry them.

I am not so sure.

I have been thinking about what the real end game is for the committed comrades and I think race is just one aspect of it, a component, not the complete deal.

I was listening to a clip of Bill Maher reading the riot act to the Legion of the Woke the other day, saying:

“Once upon a time the Right were offended by everything. They were the party of speech codes and blacklists and moral panics and demanding some TV show had to go. Now that’s us. We’re the fun-suckers now. We suck the fun out of everything: Halloween, the Oscars, childhood, twitter, comedy.”

This wasn’t the first time, so I wondered – if this is what the left has become, and it is so successful, why is one of the intellectual leaders of the left bemoaning that success?

And then it hit me – “woke” is a communist revolution targeting society, trying to reverse the chicken/egg order of the Glorious People’s Revolutions of the past. They are going after the society FIRST and then will put the communist economy in place, the one that the Harley Quinn – Joker administration (aka the Harris-Biden administration) is currently softening up the American people to receive by carpet bombing every square inch of the American cultural landscape.

Woke culture is the same culture as every communist society in history – complete with the domestic spies and scolds, the virtue and status signaling, the violent crackdowns of dissent and elimination of free speech, and most of all, “now we see the violence inherent in the system. … Come and see the violence inherent in the system! HELP! HELP! I’m being repressed!” (gratuitous Monty Python Holy Grail reference). It is a culture that strangles fun in its crib, renders art brutal, crass and incomprehensible, debases morality to the point of animalism and crushes freedom of choice at every opportunity. In Russia and China, the communist culture spared no one who was insufficiently down with the program, friend, or foe, it did not matter, if you did not toe the party line, if you varied by a millimeter from the approved narrative, you were toast.

This is what Bill Maher sees – a communistic woke culture sees all, punishes all and consumes all.

No exceptions.

Maher is just one of the honest ones, they do not want full communism because they are smart enough to know there is not enough protection to be had if you fall out of the good graces of the party bosses. None of the mini-Mahers want that to happen to them – so what they want is a crony capitalist economy with a massive welfare state, one that will confiscate what it wants – but only from the “right” people.

In this case, woke culture is a test of communism in America – they cannot get America through economics, so they are going to try to bring about a communist revolution and economy by killing the free society first.

Hey, it is ass-backwards, but they are giving it a shot. The bad news is that they might succeed, the good news is that if they do not, there is nothing left to try.

One thought on “Chicken or Egg?

  1. Actually the chicken or.egg was solved some time ago.
    The egg was laid by the chicken, but a hungry dog flushed hen off the nest and the hen flew off for a quieter existence.
    A sharp-eyed duck saw the empty nest and stayed on until the egg hatched.
    Ergo the almost forgotten duck kept quiet in order not to not disrupt the other bird.
    I found this source while looking through one of Hunter Biden’s hidden cache.

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