Chinese Checkers

What moves are the Chinese PLA planning?

I have some knowledge of how things work in China. I spent several years working in China and know how closely aligned Chinese companies are with the Peoples Liberation Army (often the business cards I was handed had the company title on one side and the PLA officer rank on the other) and how little value is placed on human life in China.

One might also (legitimately) suppose the “escape” of the SARs-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus did come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and was either a planned or a “happy” mistake. If the release were planned, testing on the citizens of Wuhan would be unsurprising to me, given that organ harvesting and experimentation on dissidents are not unheard of. One of the newly reported aspects of the pandemic is the experimentation on “spillover”, or how the virus can jump from animals to humans.

If you are going to find out about spillover, what better way than to let the virus out in a populated area and just see what happens?

If it was a “happy” accident, the release presented an opportunity – and the result is the same.

The reaction to the first Wuhan infections was one of surprise. The first actions were to place an absolute, military enforced quarantine on the population, to the point of welding the doors shut on apartment buildings to assure no people escaped containment. Then the entire city was disinfected. It is entirely possible the virus was far more effective in transference than the Wuhan researchers predicted.

It is also entirely possible that the reaction (actually, the lack thereof) of the Chinese government to international containment (they allowed international flights from Wuhan to continue while shutting down domestic travel) might also be explained as taking an opportunity to see how the West, primarily their greatest rival, America, would react to an entirely new and different threat.

The Chinese are nothing if not keen observers.

They understood the political dynamics of the 2020 election season. They already have significant financial leverage on America and given the close ties with the Biden family (especially with Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother, James), it is not too much of a stretch to deduce which presidential candidate they preferred.

So, they more or less sat back let it happen.

Aided by the useful idiots (the media), the fellow travelers (Democrats) and the enemies of their enemy (Fauci and the Deep State bureaucracy), they were able to put America in social and economic tailspins, defeat President Trump, and on top of that, find out how much their allies in the American left hated their own country – and I’m sure that they never envisioned the all-out assault on facts and reality, and the politicization of science that resulted. They saw a political left so united in opposition to a president that they were willing throw away reason and logic only to take positions diametrically opposed to President Trump regardless of obvious truth and facts. They saw the compete destruction of possible treatments using hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and zinc simply because President Trump said they MIGHT help. They saw the careers of doctors destroyed for any hint that they might agree with President Trump. They saw people ridiculed and branded xenophobic conspiracy theorists simply for suggesting the virus might not be natural and that it escaped from the Wuhan lab.

They saw a constitutional republic turned into a tyrannical, authoritarian nightmare overnight. They saw a willingness to allow riots and destruction without consequence, while blaming people, mainly white people, for the actions of others. Of course, they know about the China envy of the leftist elites, but I think the Chinese leadership was surprised to see just how many rank and file Americans might just share their objectives (or at least not object to them), even if the Americans did not realize what they were doing.

Undoubtedly, all of this was unbelievably valuable information for the ChiComs.

One wonders for what the Chinese PLA is training. Knowing that would indicate what their next move will be.

In my estimation, there are two potential options – either they are being trained for invasion and combat or pacification and control. They are certainly learning about pacification of a population by rounding up and sending the Uyghurs to concentration camps and they have been practicing communism on their own people since 1942. They have already stated expanding their maritime territories and my bet is China will move on Taiwan within the next decade and thereafter begin their twisted version of Manifest Destiny in the region, beginning their hegemonic plans. It will not be long before they move to consolidate holdings in Africa and by 2050 or so, they might even begin to eye resources in Siberia.

It strains credulity to think the Chinese want a military confrontation with America, simply for the same reason Russia does not. Even though their cronies in the American government are working overtime to neuter our military capabilities, we still have a crap ton of nukes. More than that, thanks to the protection of the Second Amendment, America is bristling with firearms in private hands. They know America will never be forcibly disarmed and the only way our citizens will ever be disarmed is if we do it to ourselves…and there is every indication the Biden administration is going to try to emasculate the American public and render it defenseless.

Of course, Biden and his Cortege of Imbeciles might just be stumbling toward China due to pure ignorance, incompetence, and a quest for revenge – but one must ask this question: “If the Chinese wanted to destroy the America from the inside, what would they be doing differently from what the Democrats are doing?”

If people honestly answer that question, it should scare the Hell out of them.

It does me.

One thought on “Chinese Checkers

  1. My experience with Chinese business people and politicos is not as extensive as the author … that said, this analysis rings very accurate. What is happening in the Biden admin is reprehensible, a blot on the unalienable yearning for liberty of all peoples. With the warts still in our representative form of government, the USA remains THE symbol of liberty for hundreds of millions of fellow travelers on the planet. If Biden and his cabal in Congress succeed? Where do we and all those yearning for liberty go?

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