The Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion

Bond’s SPECTRE doesn’t exist but if it did, it would be difficult to say what they would be doing differently from the global left’s intelligentsia and politicos.

For the record, I am not a conspiracy theorist, one who believes there is some secret global cabal that meets in the Swiss Alps to set ruling policy for the world (like SPECTRE in the Bond Films). I do; however, think it entirely possible (and probable) that there are likeminded, immensely powerful people who share a remarkably similar vision for what the world should look like and how forces align to operate it. There does not need to be quarterly meeting within such a group if separate actions by separate people and nations pushes the socioeconomic life of the planet in the direction of a general “wink and a nod” type of consensus between these people. Sometimes, when there is a conspiracy of actions, a conspiracy of words is unnecessary.

I do believe that any form coordination like this is primarily left wing. The reason for that belief is that, unlike the left, the “right” is not, nor can it ever be, a of a common, singular mind. Where the left seeks singular unity above all, the intellectual and political right consists of individual thinkers who seek disagreement to further understanding. It is nearly impossible to unite any large group on the right due to the independence and freedom of thought – we just do not roll that way. Our side looks for disagreement, much as real scientists do. We always post an idea on the dart board and invite everybody with a set of darts to wale away at it.

In that vein, I have been giving a lot of thoughts to two concepts much in discussion these days – identity politics (exemplified by Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory and the policies of the Biden administration) and globalism, a feature of both Republican and Democrat administrations – Republicans due to a wrongheaded belief that American values would be exported through corporations, and Democrats simply they never met a communist scheme or leftist dictator with whom they did not fall in love.

When considering the dual threats of identity politics and globalization, one would assume that these two things are not compatible, that they are mutually exclusive.

One would be wrong.

When one considers identity politics, that ideology is all about separation, division and pitting favored groups against others in disfavor. On the other hand, globalism seeks homogeneity and “sameness” attempting to equate people all around the world with each other.

If there was a SPECTRE, realizing there is a real unifying thread that ties the two together is not too terribly difficult once the goals of a largely technocratic global ruling elite are concerned.

Because, as Tears for Fears crooned, “everybody wants to rule the world”, these two tools are extremely useful to anyone or any group wishing to do exactly that.  If one wishes to control the world, one must guide, if not directly control, both social and economic systems, and identity politics and globalism provide mechanisms to do just that – the bonus is that one does not need to get ones hands dirty, only to start the fire and let it burn.

Identity politics is extremely adept at ripping a society apart and stitching it back together again, only in a different construction. It creates competing factions where there should be none, pulls them apart and then recombines them into new divisions and alliances helpful to the agenda of the ruling elite. To a large degree, Americans have more in common than they do differences, but racial identity is one unchangeable, immutable, observable cue that is as conspicuous and obvious as it is superficial and ultimately irrelevant.

But it works to create friction when combined with the idea that race discrimination can explain every injury suffered by a minority (even when the minority of the majority racial group suffered the same injuries) and to deny the reasons for the success of minorities (even those within the majority racial component).

As academician and author Charles Murray has said since the publication of his “The Bell Curve” in 1994, performance and success of any group (as compared to another group) has more to do with cognitive capability than it does with racial identity, and even though different identity groups present different cognitive abilities, that does not mean that individual performance is explained solely by race, because it is not. It does mean that denying individual success within race classifications, trapping individuals in the context of race, is an insidious form of intellectual discrimination.

As much as identity politics is a mechanism for separation, the “nobody/no country is better than another” attitude of globalism put the false unity of homogeneity on the table.

But far from unity, globalism is a form of economic punishment the global elite can use to punish targeted working classes through the lowering wages via unfettered illegal immigration, promoting the relocation of entire industries to bring non-compliant or misbehaving working classes to heel, thereby rendering them into a more compliant, less misbehaving, and less troublesome working classes (both white collar and blue collar). Workers concerned about their jobs are far easier to dominate than those who are confident in the permanence of their jobs and the security of their careers.

Both globalism and identity politics are forms of punishment for the disobedient – identity politics provides a venue for punishment in social terms, globalism is punishment in economic terms. Modulation of (and between) identity politics and globalism provide amazingly effective modus of control over large groups and classes of people worldwide.

007’s nemesis, the Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion (SPECTRE) does not exist, at least not in the form contemplated in the theatrical movies, but if it did, I would imagine little would change from what the global left is doing today. The agenda and desired outcome are the same.

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