We Don’t Get Fooled Again

Lt. Horatio Caine is watching.

What is the most powerful element in the Periodic Table?

It is the element of surprise.

Sorry – Dad joke. Not enough coffee this morning.

Many believe our electoral processes are irreversibly compromised and there will never be a fair and free election again.

I do not believe that. I cannot. I think many share my disbelief or the shooting would have already started.

The only reason the left got away with what they did in the 2020 elections is the things they did were done BEFORE the elections, in the case of states like Pennsylvania, Democrat forces were working on changing election regulations and processes TWO YEARS before November of 2020.

They accurately deduced we were asleep at the switch in the years leading up to the 2020 election. Even the judges in Pennsylvania told claimants in legal actions that they should have protested when the regulations were being written an unconstitutionally enacted, which would have been logically and legally impossible because until an election was held, no person could claim standing as a candidate and until the results were tabulated, no injury could be proven. Circular logic, yes, but it worked – no candidate in Pennsylvania won a legal challenge.

And the brilliance of the Democrats efforts was that they polluted the ballot population BEFORE the votes were counted, rendering recounts ineffective. It is my opinion that the recounts ongoing in Arizona and other states where they were authorized will not doubt turn up failures in ballot security – things like missing, improperly identified or loss of chain of custody of actual ballots – but they are unlikely to do much other than add more questions to the security of the voting process.

I say it was brilliant because spoiled ballots can never be reconciled and those spoiled ballots that were mixed with valid ballots will never change the outcome. Perhaps the only case in which the flexible science and ethics of the Democrats will allow them to say that a thing either is or is not, “A” is “A”, and in a distinctively non-Orwellian calculation, 2+2 is not 5.

That is why I will never believe any Democrat who affirmatively states that “everybody says” the 2020 election was the most secure in history.

Of course, that means I must set aside the fact that until about noon or so on November 4, 2020, the obnoxiously loud voices in the Democrat camps were screaming that Trump and Cocaine Mitch had done nothing to protect the electoral process, that the Russians were going to hack the computers and change the outcome and that when Trump won, he would be impeached a second time (that last one came true anyway) and when it looked like Biden would finish ahead in the count, all that rhetoric came to a crashing halt.



Can you say “hypocritical”?

Sure, I knew you could.

Go ahead and say it.

Even though Democrats do not care because hypocrites do not care they are hypocritical, but it might make you feel a little better and wise us all up to the game they have been running for decades.

I doubt the outcomes of any of the recount efforts will uncover any conclusive evidence the elections were won or lost via fraud. Most likely the results of the examinations will be abstruse at best. The output of the recount efforts is likely to do little more than confirm the suspicion of the people who do not trust the vote tallies and believe the election was potentially stolen and conversely, serve only to harden the stance of those desperately trying to protect the legitimacy of the current President.

But the brazenness of the Democrats has cost them dearly. It cost them that important element of surprise. People are engaged and watching now – just look at what is happening at the local school board level. We might be late to the party, but we are catching up fast.

In a way, the shooting to which I earlier referred HAS already started. More than just being alert and watching, the various states are proposing and, in most cases, passing, legislation to correct the problematic aspects – like ending “pandemic” inspired unfettered ballot mail outs to anybody on a voter rolls, purging voter rolls of inactive voters and enacting proof of identity as methods to secure the vote.

The Senate Republicans just filibustered the Permanent Democrat Rule Act (disingenuously  and deceptively titled the “For the People Act”), hopefully delaying further action until the Democrats read the polls that show over 85% of Americans think a valid ID should be required to vote (the Shadow Governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, already has, doing a flip by saying she was never against voter ID – which, of course, only qualifies as “not a lie” under the Constanza Rule) or the 2022 mid-terms, whichever comes first.

To borrow from The Who and CSI: Miami (featuring the always dramatic Horatio Caine), we don’t get fooled again.

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