An Open Letter to Joseph Robinette Biden, President of the United States of America

President Biden:

It gives me no pleasure to write to you today and publish this in a public forum, but circumstances dictate this will be the necessary vehicle for what I know will be the redress of grievances for many Americans like me.

I must inform you that you, sir, your Vice President, and your entire administration are unfit to govern this country.

The reasons why are legion, and I offer but a summary below, but each is clearly evident from your words and actions to date.

Your lies are brazen, and while Americans have come to expect both lying and brazenness from politicians, seldom have we seen a President who lies with the specific goal of producing harm.

You, sir, are that president.

You began your campaign in 2019 by shamelessly repeating the vile and debunked “Charlottesville Good People” lie about President Trump, and your prevarication has grown since then. That this is the tack you have taken after lying about being a “moderate”, should come as a surprise to no one. Your career in politics is measured by lies about your college experience, your speeches, and your positions.

You have lied about the greatest threat being white supremacy while you, sir, are the greatest threat to America. You casually make the intellectually lazy libelous and slanderous claim that white people are racist based solely on opposition to your regime.

You have employed lies, as well as Soviet style propaganda and agitprop, to create a rift knowingly and purposefully between Americans of a magnitude not seen since the American Civil war.

You have endangered the safety of the people of this nation through support of radical elements in BLM and ANTIFA, condoning riots and property destruction while overseeing the soft treatment of criminals. You used Covid-19 as a ruse to release thousands of duly convicted criminals from prisons even as you encouraged and enforced restrictions of freedoms in law abiding citizens using the same excuse.

You have erased the sovereignty of this nation by opening the borders to floods of illegal immigrants, seeking to overwhelm the very systems and institutions necessary to protect our borders. In true Cloward-Piven fashion, you are actively working to collapse the welfare state in an attempt to end the rights and privileges of legal citizens by forcing them to rescue a collapsed system.

You have imposed regulations and requirements through the unelected bureaucracy in your agencies even though they lack the constitutional powers to promulgate and enforce said regulations and requirements.

You and your administration have engaged in unequal application of the law, enforcing it in arbitrary and capricious ways to advantage your supporters and disadvantage your opponents.

You have produced plan after plan that will ruin our national finances, incurring massive debts that will inevitably increase taxation and fuel rampant inflation. May I remind you sir, inflation is the most insidious and regressive of taxes, hitting the poor and those of lower economic status hardest and in the most immediate way. This, sir, is taxation without representation.

You and your administration have also engaged in the most egregious acts where the Bill of Rights are concerned – violating nine out of the first ten amendments – the only one spared (so far) is the Third Amendment. Sad to say, not a single person I know would find it surprising in the least if you ordered quartering of federal troops in private homes. It is that dire.

You have attacked the First Amendment through a campaign of censorship via collusion with social media and the mainstream media, rendering them nothing more than state actors that willingly do the bidding of your administration. Again, sir, may I remind you that such collusion is expressly forbidden by the Supreme Court decision in Norwood v. Harrison (1973) where the Supreme Court held it is “axiomatic,” that the government “may not induce, encourage or promote private persons to accomplish what it is constitutionally forbidden to accomplish.”

You have lied in a campaign to deny the Second Amendment right of Americans to keep and bear arms by concocting falsehoods about law abiding gun owners, the firearms purchase process, “ghost guns” and so- called “assault weapons”.

You, your administration, and your party have conspired to create and weaponize a vicious and vindictive surveillance state, one targeting law abiding Americans in direct violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.

You and your administration seek daily to violate the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Amendments through a government and a Department of Justice that is radically politicized and unfairly race focused. The right to a fair trial is constantly abrogated through leaks from your agencies, preferring that the process is the punishment. In Kafkaesque fashion, people are incarcerated for incomprehensible reasons other than they are suspected to be political enemies.

Your Department of Justice and their allies in the offices of State Attorneys General prosecute a pattern of prosecutorial persecution of political enemies, seeking to make anyone from the prior administration toxic.

You and your party actively conspire to coopt Congress to impress upon this nation a level of federal control of policing, elections, and social conventions unheard of in peacetime and in direct violation of the Tenth Amendment.

Our Declaration of Independence says:

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly, all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

Well, sir, we have rapidly come to a point where we find we are no longer disposed to suffer insufferable evils. We believe we have made the case that you, sir, your administration, and your party have no moral authority to govern the right and righteous people of this nation.

Regrettably, we the people find we must withdraw our consent to be governed by you, your Vice President, and your entire administration and in the true spirit of the founding of this great nation, we do so assert it is our right, it is our duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for our future security and to assure the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Respectfully submitted on this 20th Day of the Year of our Lord 2021,

Michael Smith

Citizen of the United States of America

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