Fool Me Once, Shame on You

Fool me twice, it must mean I am a Republican.

Politicians always frame situations in a way most favorable to their interests but the Biden administration has gone full Baghdad Bob.

I thought Obama was bad with his denials of reality, but I guess I really shouldn’t have been surprised what is happening today since the entire Biden administration are little more than Obama interns.

* After you get the vaccine, you can’t spread the virus and don’t need a mask.

* Masks work.

* Social distancing works.

* Lockdowns work.

* Sturgis was a superspreader event, Obama’s birthday party wasn’t.

* Citizens should be mandated to get the jab, wear masks and stay at home but illegal immigrants are cool to not do any of that.

* The economy is fine.

* Obama handed Trump a great economy (but a return to Obama’s policies are crushing American businesses).

* Paying people not to work isn’t keeping them from working.

* High gas prices are due to evil oil companies, not Biden’s policies and threats.

* No crisis at the border (and if there is, it is Trump’s fault).

* The border is closed even though illegal immigration is at its highest point in over 20 years.

* There is no inflation (and if there is, it is “transitory” AND Trump’s fault).

* No racist CRT in schools (but we are happy there is).

* Crime isn’t up.

* Defunding the police doesn’t mean defunding the police, it is just redirecting money from their budgets.

* BLM riots are mostly peaceful protests.

* 1/6 was a violent, armed insurrection.

* Speech isn’t being censored.

* We don’t hate the Second Amendment, we just want to take your guns and end private ownership of them.

* Green energy is ready for prime time.

* Hunter Biden is innocent.

* The Taliban won’t overrun Afghanistan in a month.

* Biden isn’t mentally compromised and is running the White House.

I’m sick to death of the lying.

There is not a single aspect of American life the Democrats haven’t made worse in the past 8 months – and are threatening to make even worse.

There is no cogent, rational explanation how the Democrat agenda will actually make life better for the average American – but this isn’t really the Democrat Party’s fault, is it? They have never been unclear about what they wanted ever since they adopted communist ideologies and practices in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Let’s be honest, if you face an enemy that is telling you what their objectives are, and where, when and how they will attack and you sit on your ass and let it happen, it is your fault.

All of this is the GOP’s fault for not stopping them. It is the fault of all the RINOs and the tough talking/do nothing Lindsey Graham’s in the Republican Party. We must sort out the fakirs and demand action from those who remain. Stop electing politicians and begin electing people.

Traditional America is being attacked from every angle and we know who is and isn’t running to the front lines.

We must stop getting distracted by the outrage of the day and recognize there is something “systemic” attacking America, and it isn’t systemic racism, it is systemic communism.

Maybe Biden is so far gone, he actually believes the lies, but the American people, even those who agree with the Democrat agenda must see the contradictions – they buy stuff and are protected by police just like everyone else.

Perhaps we need to pool our resources at a community level (build a community stock of food, water and ammo) and simply withdraw from this mess…a national strike on the Galt scale.

Shut it all down.

The left is showing us the way.

Turn their strategies and tactics back on them.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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