Cap’n Joe Flies Solo

Biden breaks free of Obama, and the results are predictably damning for America.

President Carter was so bad because he was inept, incompetent and in way over his head.

President Obama was worse because he was malevolent and the damage he inflicted was clearly intentional.

Now we have Biden, who combines the malevolence of Obama with the incompetence of Carter. He can’t even do the bad stuff right, and that makes it even worse. The President is either 1) lying his ass off about his knowledge of what was about to happen in Afghanistan or 2) he is not lying and is just a total incompetent.

Either scenario produces some serious questions.

One of the responsibilities of any president is to steer the nation AWAY from avoidable trouble, not to plow right into it. Biden unnecessarily plowed America directly into a debacle in Afghanistan, in the economy, in the handling of the pandemic, the border and in race relations.

Remember, this is a guy with a 50-year history of being wrong about everything.

In his interview with ABC’s Democrat with a byline, George Stephanopoulos, Biden came off as uncaring and callous…and angry – angry that he was even being questioned about his decisions because, you see, he is THE President.

Up until President Biden’s rash Afghanistan decisions, I was on board with the idea that Obama was pulling Joe’s strings from behind the curtain. All the elements are there for controlling the perfect Obamanchurian Candidate – a lifelong politician quickly running out of gas who turned into a rapidly mentally decaying president with a lust for the office, a career understudy who was never his own man. The perfect patsy to head up an administration lousy with Obama era second string, not-ready for primetime players but with a few uber-loyal, true believers in the Obama deity salted in – Susan “It was a Video” Rice, Ron “The Handler” Klain, John “Heinz” Kerry, the Boston Brahman Buffoon (and a serial loser in his own right), and a few others.

Easy enough to believe, right?

I mean, we know the sordid history of Joseph Robinette Biden, the seemingly affable liar who carved out a half century of taxpayer and donor funded career, but a guy whose reach always exceeded his grasp, don’t we?

The trigger for me was that the decision on the Afghanistan exit had none of the Obama nuance and slickness. Obama was a dick, but he was a lot smoother than this, plus there is no political upside to what has happened in the past week. If Joe gets flamed and burns out, Kamala is in but she is aready weakened by her lazy ineffectiveness as VP – and she has her own baggage. After 8 months in the public eye, each day the public likes her less – a lot like her run in the 2020 Democrat primary.

The IDEA of President Kamala initially sounded good, but the more the Democrats got to know her, the less they liked her.

Given Slow Joe’s career-long penchant for looking the right decision right in the face and doing a 180 anyway, this recent series of Afghanistan decisions has the Joey Lunch Bucket Rebellion written all over it.

I honestly believe the deal was that Obama would put the future of the Democrat Party on the line, get the Party operatives to do everything necessary to get Joe “elected” as long as Barry got to call the shots. Hunter made it a bit of a heavier lift than was planned but Obama pulled out the stops, shut down the media and got it done.

Joe’s reward for being a cut-out for Obama was that he got to live out his lifelong fantasy of sitting behind the Resolute Desk, a fantasy that he never could achieve on his own and one that remained just beyond his grasp his entire career – but as it turns out, Obama is every bit the self-absorbed, celebrity gloaming, condescending ass we all knew him to be.

Joey got tired of getting his rhubarb rubbed the wrong way every day, getting second guessed and generally being pushed around. So, Lunch Bucket Joey got pissed off and went rogue. You can almost see him bristling at the Obama oversight and getting tired of living in the shadows, telling the Obama people “I’ve been in Washington longer than most of you have been alive! I’m the president, not Obama!” at staff meetings while Dr. Jill whispers “You da man, baaaaby. Do it for me, my love. Make history!” in his ear as she hands him another cone of the Taliban’s favorite Ben and Jerry’s soft-serve.

Sort of explains the growing rift with Kamala and Susan Rice. It also explains all the after-action finger pointing and blame shifting – but the big brush off, the Pontius Pilate hand washing moment, came when so many Obamaites, people who carried a half term do nothing Senator to the White House on their shoulders, were not invited to his maskless 60thbirthday bacchanalia and celebrities like George Clooney, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were.

John “Genghis Khan” Kerry was there, Nancy Pelosi and David Axlerod were disinvited.

Message sent and received, 5 by 5.

That was Obama sending the signal that he was through with Joey from Scranton.

Afghanistan is Joe’s Pont du Hoc moment, the first wave of his revolt against the Obama cabal.

Joe has gone solo.

Problem for us is Solo Joe doesn’t have enough time in the captain’s seat to fly by himself. He is now relying on his historically bad judgment to make decisions – just to prove he is in charge.

And things just really got dangerous for America as a result.

One thought on “Cap’n Joe Flies Solo

  1. Obama never intended to do anything slick with Afghanistan. The Afghans are too primitive to fit into Great Reset’s elite society, and too violent to be its serfs. Human lives mean nothing to any of our aspiring masters, and it is entirely plausible that the elite are ready to discard both the puppets and the serfs and work with the compliant vaccinated mask-wearers who will need their semi-annual booster shots to stay alive.

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