The Democrat Parade of Horribles Must End

As an American first and a conservative Republican second, I care about Democrats and the Democrat Party.
I know that seems incongruent with winning, but I believe there are many like me who care about winning, but also care about the quality of the win. I’m also a moral human, and as a moral person, I care about people, even the opponents who call me a racist, bigoted Nazi fascist.

Bear with me on this as I develop my point because it matters.

If your septuagenarian (almost octogenarian) grandfather exhibited the same mental confusion and anger as Joe Biden does, the family would have a plan to take the car keys away, if you haven’t already done so.
But we also need to have a talk about the party that continues to prop up a person who is truly a risk to himself and those around him.

If I was a cabinet member, a military leader or even a high-ranking bureaucrat, I would have a tough time taking an order from someone in President Biden’s current state – and it is only going to get worse.
This is not going away.

And what about Vice President Harris?

Common decency would seem to indicate she should be shoulder-to-shoulder with him, helping manage his inconsistencies and taking some of the load off his rapidly weakening shoulders. A strong VP would be standing with him at press conferences and speeches to bolster confidence that there was at least someone watching and influencing the President.

VP Harris is missing in action.

That says something about a party leadership that is willing to watch as the President becomes unbalanced enough to self-destruct. More than that, it says a lot about Kamala Harris as a person, that she is willing to watch a human being come apart, especially on the world stage. To willfully stand by and allow an event to occur that damages more than just the person but this nation as well, is tantamount to an act depraved indifference, a contemptable act of inaction completely devoid of human concern and morality.

Kamala and her handlers are treating Biden the same way Biden is treating the people trying to get out of Afghanistan.
And the Democrats think Harris should be the next president?

The fact remains, the roster of the 2020 Democrat presidential primary was a true Parade of Horribles, each one worse than the next. Harris was so awful, she pulled out before the first primary votes even began. She was one candidate who became LESS popular the more exposure she received.

The adoring, sycophantic and identity politics obsessed media touted Harris as the likely nominee after she announced, entirely because she was the right sex/gender (even though gender is a construct), the right color (not white) and the right ideology (neo-communist). The fact she launched her climb to the top from Willie Brown’s bedposts and had zero presidential qualities didn’t bother them at all.

Hey, she didn’t smash that patriarchy, she climbed it like a tree.

But once the lights came on, exposing her vacuousness, she went from hero to zero in record time.

This is the state of the contemporary Democrat Party. It is hard to see a better second, third or fourth option.

This says something about the state of politics in America and why it is so difficult to find a true leader in the mold of another Ronald Reagan (say what you will about Reagan but the electoral drubbing he handed to Mondale in 1984 proves how successful he was at uniting the nation). To a large degree, the lust for power and the Machiavellian politics that inevitably follow have reduced the Democrats to a practice of finding the least common denominators, the people who substitute a lust for power for principle.

And do not look to Democrat governors for help – with them, the Parade of Horribles continue. It is so bad, they have dragged out Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton era master grifter, liar and slimebag, to run (again) to replace Governor Blackface Clanrobes as governor of Virginia.

Not that the GOP is an order of magnitude better, but there is no Ron DeSantis, no Ted Cruz, no Rand Paul on the Democrat side – at least we have people of principle who are in a position to lead the nation.

And that should concern all of us, Republican, independent or even the politically agnostic.

For decades, there are politically correct forces in America that have told us we cannot judge other cultures and societies, that it is wrong to expect we can force our rules on anyone else; however, the fact is that if your do not enforce your rules on your opponent, you end up living by his. The weaker the opponent, the less you need to do to win. The lack of courage of confidence in your own rules drags both combatants down.

I’m partisan, that much is both true and obvious, but voting for a Democrat (and I mean any Democrat) at this stage of the game, is simply perpetuating a race to the bottom, that quest for the least common denominator. Our county deserves better, it deserves to hear a reasoned, logical, and factual debate about our national future and the right policies to get us there, and that is impossible to do today without at least two principled political parties that are willing to have that debate.

Republicans should care about the success of the Democrat Party because true progress for all depends upon being presented true choices by real, principled leaders. Democrats “won” the White House in 2020, not on a policy basis, they won because they hated Trump. They ran a rapidly deteriorating candidate purely on the BNMT* platform, after engineering the defeat of primary candidates, like Bernie Sanders, who were principle based, but who never could win based on those principles.

If the Democrats cannot recover their honor, their moral center and their guiding principles, elections will continue to be won and lost through political games of gotcha, big money influence, propaganda and name calling – because the only way to defeat someone who screams loudly is to scream even louder.

Our national governance deserves better than a quadrennial broadcast of an American Idol/survivor hybrid. This race to the bottom might as well be the Hunger Games.

May the odds be always in your favor is no way to run a country.

*But No Mean Tweets

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