Offending the High Holy Algorithm

I’ve offended the High Holy Algorithm and have been sent to the Facebook Gulag for 7 days for posting the following on August 17th:

It stands to reason that one of the factors, if not the greatest factor, causing the Afghanistan debacle is that the Ivy League brains in the White House simply cannot comprehend a civilization that doesn’t put diversity, inclusion, and equity above savagery. The Taliban doesn’t want to know your preferred pronouns, they want you to DIE.

What I have noticed, especially with left wing administrations, is that because they have never lived it or seen anybody not in their socioeconomic class or who has not spent the same decades in academia/government as they have, they see people the same way Marlin Perkins saw animals from his hide in the bush, from a distance.

Conceptions like these are the reason these elitists see church-going Americans from flyover country who go to county fairs, rodeos, and demolition derbies as the functional equivalent of the Taliban.

This one event, this real insurrection, this real savagery, this real disregard for woke culture and its kid glove treatment of all kinds of moronic intellectualism and its insane social constructs, has completely broken the left’s narrative. It proves what they are calling “civilization” is a pulp fiction version of reality, only sustainable as long as it isn’t challenged by rough men with the intent to do violence.

If you want to know the difference in a social construct and reality, the last few days in Kabul is an object lesson. It is sad to say, but our American culture, the one that won WWII by “not dying for our country but making the other son of a bitch die for his” has been so weakened, we can’t even inspire a country we were in for two decades to stand up to some 7th century thugs.

Maybe that is too harsh, maybe that culture wasn’t the one that got exported.

We face a difficult climb out of this hole, we have a ruling elite that has walled itself inside our institutions and literally hate us because they can’t or simply don’t want to understand us. They are authoritarian, insular and in a word, stupid. These are the people of whom William F. Buckley once said he would rather be ruled by the first 400 names in the phone book.

This colossal failure won’t be punished unless we punish them.

I would rather be ruled by a church-going American from flyover country who goes to county fairs, rodeos, and demolition derbies than one of the “smartest” from Harvard or Yale.

Let’s try that for a while and vote for people instead of politicians.

As President Trump asked of black Americans, “What have you got to lose?”

If you can tell me how this promotes terrorism, is threatening, or incites violence, or is defamatory in any context, I would appreciate it.

I appealed it of course, but I don’t expect fairness from the Artificial Intelligence (both cyber and human) at Facebook.

Nothing new, really.

I’ve been expecting to be hit with the banhammer for a while. My audience has grown to around 6,000 people and if you extrapolate the shares, my estimation is that my reach is somewhere between 12,000 to 20,000 people on a daily basis. Add GETTR, MeWe and Substack, and it is likely to get to around 30,000.

And that is for someone who is not a professional writer, pundit, or author. I’m not an intellectual, a university professor, a lawyer, or a scientist.

I’m just a guy with common sense, a lot of opinions and fast broadband, a citizen just like most of you. I try not to be offensive; I do issue forth a few profanities on occasion, but in a descriptive or declarative way, never as an insult or pejorative directed at any specific person.

Pretty much what would be considered normal speech anywhere else.

This is selective censorship. It certainly seems to break in only one direction. Of course, they will knock off a few token leftist trolls to support their claims they are being “fair”, but that is tantamount to manufacturing evidence – it’s not real. Statistics show far more conservatives get whacked, and for lesser/imaginary offenses than do those who aren’t. All you need to know is that President Trump is still banned from Twitter while the Taliban is not.

Congress doesn’t need to come up with some grand solution – just allow standing law to apply and let the market take care of it. Facebook is a publisher by any definition, they abandoned being a platform years ago. Let them live by the sword or die by it.

But the censorship must end.

The one-sided bans are explained away and excused, but the result is clearly biased in one direction – they tend to be targeted toward any disagreement with the Democrat Party or their progressive, leftist ideas and policies. Seems clear the Democrats and the Deep State sit in quiet agreement with the actions of social media, something today that continues in the open. It is clear there is a “wink and a nod” collusion ongoing between government and these media corporations.

Yet, such collusion is expressly forbidden by the Supreme Court decision in Norwood v. Harrison (1973) where the Supreme Court held it is “axiomatic,” that the government “may not induce, encourage or promote private persons to accomplish what it is constitutionally forbidden to accomplish.”

But nobody in charge seems to care about the Constitution these days.

In a January 11, 2021, WSJ editorial titled “Save the Constitution from Big Tech” (behind the pay wall), Vivek Ramaswamy and Jed Rubenfeld wrote:

“American democracy is under siege from Silicon Valley’s political plutocracy. Next week Mr. Trump will be a private citizen without a Twitter account. Our new class of corporate monarchs will still control whether and how Americans can hear from the president—or anyone else. We have devolved from a three-branch federal government to one with a branch office in Silicon Valley. But there’s no democratic accountability for Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg.”

The question of “If they can do this to a president, what could they do to me?” has been asked and answered with every conservative that gets banned or de-platformed.

What we are going to do about it remains as yet undefined.

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