The Death of Great Fictions

The Taliban did not defeat and humiliate America.

That defeat and humiliation is reserved for the Democrat Party.

That is who the Taliban defeated.

Some folks seem to be baffled by Biden’s approval rating holding in the high 40’s, given all we have witnessed in the past few weeks.

Not me.

I expect his rating might fall another 5, maybe 10, points, but it won’t drop too far below 40% because that is about the percentage of hard left ideologues in America who will never admit their policies always fail. It isn’t that they don’t recognize the failures, they just will never admit it.

Want examples?

Consider the combo of spokestwit Jen “Peppermint Patty” Psaki and President Joe “Squints Palledorous” Biden.

Psaki is getting pretty good at the Baghdad Bob thing and Biden is so far gone, he cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

I thought yesterday’s (8/24) WH presser was amazing – rather than speaking to the failures of the administration and what they were going to do to remedy them, Psaki (and Biden) turned to victim blaming, claiming that if people were stranded, it was their fault, not the fault of the Administration’s rushed, chaotic, botched exit.

If only those trying to leave Afghanistan could find an exit as efficient and as fast as Biden escapes a press conference.

But, as noted, nothing about this is surprising.

The people who voted for President Squints, voted for this. Their greatest desire is to define success as failing in exactly the way Biden is failing.

It is a legitimate question to ask how it is possible for such obvious “wrongness” to exist. How can people continue to define night as day, up as down, when the lies and contradiction are so painfully obvious? How is it possible for a nation to continue living the lie, especially when the lie is so patently destructive? How long can a rational person believe it when he is told it is raining when he is being urinated on?

What we are witnessing is the great fiction of the American political class (and this is a fiction of Deep Staters on both the left and right) that has been intentionally created over the past several decades. That environment is built of mountains of cash and coercion, the carrot and the stick, the necessary tools used to get people to pretend that a particular environment is real.

As Angelo Codevilla, Senior Fellow of the Claremont Institute, noted:

“We are experiencing the inexorable working out of the logic by which a whole class lives, moves, and has its being.”

The best analogy I can make is what has been created is similar those tube worms that live a mile deep in the oceans, surviving in the superheated hydrosulphuric-laden water bubbling from black smokers (boiling sea geysers). When you bring them to the surface, they can’t survive because they have evolved to live in certain pressures and very specific conditions along subsea fault lines.

We can construct environments within aquarium tanks consisting of the key elements the tube worms need to survive, but only in small, contained worlds but the minute we stop the energy necessary to maintain those environments, those worlds collapse.

Afghanistan is only the most recent example of such a great fiction.

The Afghani government went along with the great fiction that was created by the Bush administration after Tora Bora, Obama continued it after the whacking of Osama bin Laden and Trump allowed it to continue – even though he took baby steps to end it. That fiction was that that everything was fine and going along quite swimmingly, Afghanistan was on its way to becoming a unified, functioning, secular, woke mini-America – when none of that was true. The minute the coercive force of American presence and the seduction of American dollars began to leave, Afghanistan began to return to its natural state as a bubbling black smoker.

It is no different in American politics – remove cash and coercion, and 99% of the policies enacted over the past 75 years will begin to evaporate immediately. Federal, state, and local governments and those working the levers have created false realities through economic blackmail and promises of largess, threats of force and assistance, and political favoritism and disfavor.  

Unlike the aforementioned tube worms, people often know they are living in a fiction – as there were people who knew the truth about Afghanistan – but what people forget (or simply fail to understand) is that it takes energy and effort to hold back nature and sustain a fiction – and holding nature in abeyance is always a temporary situation.

Fictions, great and small, always end. Sometimes they end softly, as a feather floats to the ground, but more than often, they end with an explosive thud – like being on the receiving end of a mortar round, but they always end.

Americans are living through the beginning of the end of the latest Democrat great fiction.

This one isn’t likely to land like a feather.

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