Death Before Dishonor

Glenn Beck is in the Middle East – you can say what you want about Beck, but he collected 30 million dollars in 4 days for the evacuation of Christians (it began that way but was expanded to any American or Afghani with the proper papers) from Afghanistan and he is there, personally trying to help.

He is reporting this morning – with information from the ground – that:

  1. The Afghanis are so desperate, they are trying to throw their infants over the razor wire and into the airport and there are bodies of dead infants hanging in the wire.
  2. Our military leadership on the ground is ordering our troops to stand by and watch people get slaughtered that they know can be helped. The immorality of that inaction is astounding.
  3. The State Department is so screwed up, they have shut down all vetting of people and therefore the evacuation flights – even those of private entities.
  4. The Taliban is hunting Americans and stopping them from reaching the airport in an effort to create a hostage situation they can leverage in the near future.

This information is coming directly from Chad Robichaux, a former Force Recon Marine and DoD Contractor with eight deployments to Afghanistan as part of a Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Task Force who founded the Mighty Oaks Foundation, and organization dedicated to helping our retired military after they leave the service. Robichaux is now using his contacts to get people out.

Lara Logan confirms the State Department is stopping planes from private charities, and others sources trying to get people out.

Now 13, and possibly more, US Marines are dead.

Robichaux said this isn’t a political failure, it is a moral failure, that America is walking away from our commitments as a moral nation.

I’m afraid I agree.

They way we are leaving matters.

Biden and the Democrats’ quest for total power have singlehandedly done what bin Laden, ISIS and the rest of the world’s terrorist organizations couldn’t do – they have destroyed America’s moral standing, our moral authority and credibility.

Completely destroyed.

America is being hollowed out from the inside. The fish always rots from the head first, and DC is about as rotten as it can get.

And now they are pulling our troops out early.

May God damn these people – and I don’t invoke that curse lightly. Biden, Harris, Blinken, Austin, Schumer, and Pelosi, all of them – this was not necessary. This was forced to happen…and today, Biden returned to his practice of hiding from his duties and responsibilities.

The entire cadre of people in Washington, those in power and those out of power who are just standing by and watching this travesty unfold should never be allowed power as long as they live. This bunch of moral criminals has guaranteed Americans will have to go back and clean out the nest of vermin there and at a much greater cost.

I have friends in active and retired status with our military, some are operators. They are physically sick…and it takes a lot to make a career JSOC operator sick. It is that bad.

This is cause for revolution. This is legitimate grounds for a takeover of our government due to the evil Biden, Harris, and all of the Democrats are doing in our name.

This must not continue. I was raised to believe in death before dishonor.

This is not in my name. Never. I suspect it is not in your name, either.

May God have mercy on anyone who thinks this is acceptable.

One thought on “Death Before Dishonor

  1. Michael, you are spot on. I am heartbroken for yesterday’s losses. True analysis except I think we have brought ourselves down from within. Afghanistan is only the trigger.

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