America’s Tiananmen Square Moment

I am a fool.

I suppose the more accurate statement would be “I WAS a fool” because my eyes are wide open now.

No doubt I am not alone in that designation, but I find no solace in that association. This is one situation where there is no safety or solace in numbers.

I was a conservative who fought against the America left’s assault on the private sector and the military, believing the false premise that these were the last, greatest bulwarks against creeping collectivism and authoritarianism. “They will always be on the side of liberty”, I thought.

Well, in the words of Eric “Otter” Stratton (from “Animal House”), “You fucked up, you trusted us.”

What a harsh lesson I have been taught since the 2016 presidential election – and the most galling aspect of that lesson is that I knew it was happening all along.

Giant corporations have allied themselves in fascism with the left in our government, conducting acts that would be blatantly unconstitutional if done by our government, but legal if done by private sector companies. Left wing government policy has become corporate policy.

Now, with the revelations of General Mark Milley’s apparent act of sedition, we can add the leadership of the American military to the list of trusted institutions that have now been totally corrupted by the American left.

Milley and Pelosi were behind an act so vilely unconstitutional, they both deserve to spend the rest of their lives in Leavenworth. Let’s not forget that these two were part and parcel of the usurpation of presidential authority and behind the steel ring around the Capitol after the 1/6 riots.

Now, what many of us suspected is out in the open – the reason the Democrats have aggressively attacked protesting citizens and tried to inflate the 1/6 events far beyond what they really were is because they needed cover for the real insurrection they were conducting behind the scenes.

It is time for us to admit we were conned. We were snookered in the greatest shell game of all time – as we focused and raged at the prominent and expendable targets we were presented – Obama and his appointees, Schumer, Pelosi, AOC and her “Squad” – we accomplished nothing but wasting our time, money and effort. Looking back now, it is so obvious – the Democrats executed a brilliant rope-a-dope strategy to wear us down.

As we watched, a weak and cowardly Lindsey Graham GOP executed their performative resistance on Fox News while the real work was being done by collectivist party apparatchiks in the ranks of every single institution in America, including corporations in the private sector. Our foundations were being eroded right underneath our feet.

They were just waiting to install a figurehead, someone with a inoffensive and bland history that could be massaged by narratives less about what that person would do or represented, and more about how bad the other guy was.

But they also needed a person who believed the presidency was his lifelong destiny, a person so desirous of having that position in history that he would literally do anything to occupy that office. Fate blessed the Democrats with Joe Biden, a man corrupt to his core, unburdened by morals or principle, a vindictive malcontent with delusions of grandeur and yet as pliable as Play-Doh.

I have no doubt this president would give the order for American troops to fire on American citizens – and with full approval of Congressional Democrats.

Joe Biden is the vessel for a corrupt cabal of lifelong communists who have burrowed deep into our government institutions, as unremovable as an inoperable brain tumor.

This is nothing of recent vintage. The careers of these actors are measured in decades, not years. Some have spent their entire lives in government or in institutions closely allied with government.

We have entered an extra-constitutional period where those in power play the “catch me if you can/try and stop me” end-arounds because they know that by the time our legal systems catch up with them, the deeds will already be done.

Federal vaccine mandates are a perfect example – they are unconstitutional, no president has the authority to issue or enforce them, and the Biden regime knows all of this. What the Biden people do know is the corporations want to be good servants and that by the time the legal challenges make it to the Supreme Court, the deed will be done. People will either have had to knuckle under and get the vaccines or lose their jobs.

The American left has destroyed our national sovereignty through de facto open borders, engineered losses in wars and created international embarrassments for and of America. They have brought us low in the eyes of the world.

There is now such a complete overthrow of all elements of American society and its economy, I believe we have witnessed a successful, bloodless coup. What we assumed “could never happen here” has happened here – and not while we slept, but while we watched – and that is perhaps the most depressing and galling thought.

America is fast approaching our own Tiananmen Square moment.

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