President Joker and Vice President Harley Quinn

Any sentient American must be looking at the events of the past several weeks with slack-jawed disbelief.

I know I am.

The magnitude and depth of evil we are experiencing has only heretofore been captured on the pages of graphic novel/comic book fantasies.

This morning, it is reported that the 12,000 – 18,000 Haitians residing under that Del Rio bridge have been moved out, some handful of a few thousand back to Haiti, the rest, I assume, have been bused and dispersed and released into the interior of our country.

But they are evacuated – gone, baby, gone.

The presence of these illegal aliens was certainly a problem for the Biden administration – it was real, it was present, it was on TV. It was a visual representation of the failure of policy and more than that, a moral failing of the people in this administration. The optics were so bad they banned Fox News’ drone flights over the bridge. Even though Biden, Peppermint Patty and Mayorkas gave it the old college try, it was just too big for them to lie their way out of.

So, they just kept denying the reality while they made optic disappear by moving the illegal alien border crossers out and dispersing them.

Sort of goes to show how, properly motivated by self-preservation, this administration can move massive amounts of people in a short period of time. It would have been great if the situation in Afghanistan embarrassed them as much. It clearly shows they think they will pay no price, political or otherwise, for the deaths of 13 soldiers, hundreds of civilians and thousands left behind.

Now the administration is trying to crush a couple of border agents, men who were mounted on government horses and defending our border, drawing their authority from duly passed, constitutional laws. These agents were sent there by the Biden administration, no doubt grudgingly so, but the administration had to make a show of force to support their obvious lie that ‘the border is closed” and ordered to do exactly what they did.

No border agent “whipped” anyone – but the Democrats at the highest level, including President Biden and Vice President Harris – have promoted the prevarication that they did, and did so on live television.

And yet, Biden directly threatened to crush these men for doing the job they were sent to do.

Of course, this is a self-inflicted wound, a self-own our existential cold war with China. This is a gift to the Chinese Communist Party because they never miss an opportunity for advantage. As a result of Democrat mendacity, the ChiComs are mocking America over the incident, essentially using the Democrats own words and images to claim America is the evil country, not them.

The CCP and this crop of Democrats have so, so much in common.

This situation is little more than the weaponized version of Jeane Kirkpatrick’s “blame America first” speech given at the 1984 GOP convention. Kirkpatrick accurately explained how, from terrorism and Soviet intransigence to Marxist dictators shooting their way to power in Central America, the Democrats always found a way to blame America first, siding with the globalist evil over the American good.

But this is who the Democrats are, they have just stopped caring if you see them without their “I love America” masks. They were like this in the 60’s, the 80’s, and that is who they are now.

And this is about more than a couple of border agents.

The modus operandi of the Democrats is to crush regular, hardworking, tax paying Americans in favor of welfare dependents, illegal immigrants, global enemies, and fake science. They praise the alleged nobility, intellect, character, and quality of non-citizens as they claim our own citizens, the ones who pay the bills, are racists and bigots.

When you stop to take a critical look at their actions and polices, they are so chaotic and nonsensical, producing exactly the opposite of the goals they promise, the only motivation one can discern is wanton destruction. The fact they unabashedly lie as they continue to keep doing the things that they know are forbidden to them by our Constitution just confirms the wanton aspect.

By now, all doubt should be removed they mean to do what they are doing, and they do not care if you know it. They believe you are powerless to stop them and they mock you with their lies.

You should know that when you watch any of the representatives of this government speak, you are looking evil in the face. Joe Biden is the very embodiment of every angry, teeth gritting, slobbering evil tyrant ever conjured up in literature and Hollywood. Harris is the perfect image of the unfeeling, cackling, insane sidekick – she is Harley Quinn to Biden’s Joker.

But this isn’t a DC comic book or movie, we are looking at what it is like to be governed by pure, unadulterated evil.

Kirkpatrick allowed that “The American people know better”.

They did in 1984, awarding Ronald Reagan as second term with a historic landslide and mandate to put America first.

Let’s hope that same awareness still exists in America. Let’s hope enough people still recognize evil when they see it.

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