The Incredible Self-Immolating President

Everything is now proceeding as I have foreseen.

Sorry for the day-old news – by now, you have probably seen or heard about Pelosi’s Freudian slip. She referred to the agenda allegedly belonging to Biden as Obama’s “Build Back Better” agenda.

Not really a surprise to anyone. It has been clear for a while Biden is living Obama’s third term.

But this also validates a theory I advanced shortly after Slow Joe was elected.

Biden is expendable. The very reason he is in the White House is a perfect marriage of expendability and covetousness. The Democrats knew to implement their 100 MPH hard left turn and destruction of the Constitution, it would likely destroy both president and presidency.

Hillary wasn’t that person. There was no way she was going to sacrifice herself – at least not willingly. She flopped, not because the Democrat machine didn’t try to cheat her in, because I don’t think the hard left Democrats supported her. They knew she was way less collectivist than Obama but every much a narcissist and the hard left’s agenda would be sidelined for four years, during which Hillary would do such a bad job, a Republican president would be almost guaranteed in 2020.

But against all odds, Donald J. Trump saved the hard left from destruction. His election gave America a reprieve from the leftist putsch, but he also gave them a perfect foil. He was the perfect anti-leftist in populist $3000 suits. It was easy to use class warfare against him and the Democrats quickly ushered in the new age of proletariat versus bourgeois with the added conflict of race (something Obama started).

Since Obama was too filled with narcissistic self-adoration to offer himself on the altar of Marx and Engels and Hillary just wasn’t that into it, they needed a fall guy.

So, fate gave them Joe Biden. After 8 years of training under the Communist in Chief, Biden was perfect, an exact fit for the bill.

The hard left also knew the real Joe Biden. They knew the “everyman” schtick was just that – and act. They knew about his corruption – but more importantly, they knew Lunch Bucket Acela Joe would do anything to attain the Oval Office, something he has coveted his entire adult life.

Because even Biden knew the clock was ticking even louder, the hard left knew the “anything” included self-immolation in the implementation of the Obama cabal’s authoritarian, technocratic, collectivist vision for America.

Take the perfect storm of a cognitively declining president with a clueless, cackling imbecile for a vice president, a national public health “emergency”, Congressional Democrat leadership way long in the tooth and looking to make history, and toss in an opportunistic, massive, yet brilliantly executed, systemic vote fraud scheme in key states and the table was set for the hard left’s last stand.

This is their last chance to “fundamentally transform” America, likely for a generation.

That is why they will fight like a cornered Honey Badger. They are all-in, it is do or die. They are literally throwing everything at this, including the kitchen sink. There is nothing too ridiculous or absurd to say or do in service of dragging the dead body of Karl Marx across the finish line. I can’t think of a thing Komrade Karl would be doing if he was alive today that this administration is not doing. Every dream and nightmare of every American socialist and communist of history is being put forward as policy. The Great Reset, Cloward-Piven, the Green New Deal, Obama’s America Unexceptionalism policies, Critical Theory (with the added Race option), Modern Monetary Theory, everything is back on the table.

Interesting that while they were beating down Trump and his supporters the GOP to prevent a frontal assault (that is what the 1/6 obsession is all about), they neglected to protect their flanks.

Their hopes and dreams may be ended by two of their own – Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

I say “may be” because I don’t trust Manchin not to cave. The pressure on he and Sinema must be enormous, and I previously stated if your hopes rest on Joe Manchin, you are in for disappointment.

But the more the agenda slips toward failure, the more gasoline Biden pours on everything, including himself. Everything gets more ridiculous – the cowardly and chaotic exit from Afghanistan is a “success”, border agents are “whipping” Haitian illegal aliens, and the majestic, yet easily recognizable lies being spun by Biden and Peppermint Patty.

As Oliver Wendell Holmes said: “Even a dog distinguishes between being stumbled over and being kicked.”

I have hope common sense is not dead in America. I hope we still are awake enough to understand the difference between being stumbled over by the shuffling nursing home patient in the White House and being kicked in the ribs by Obama and his commie buddies in government.

I do believe the American public is beginning to wise up to what is happening. Of course, there will always be true believers, people who think AOC and her Squad are legitimate and sane, but I think most are beginning to see the math doesn’t add up. They are not buying into the Orwellian mathematics that is being shoved down their throats and they simply do not believe in the infallibility of the technocratic class (who are just technocratic statists – the science is whatever the state needs it to be).

Many are coming to understand that being “woke” means being drugged with socioeconomic policies and perspectives that are the equivalent of Marxist Propofol.

We’ll see. If Manchin and Sinema hold the line, we have a shot. If they cave, we have a hard lift coming.

America has already changed, I just hope we can salvage enough of the good parts to withstand the bad ones.

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