A Mostly Peaceful Civil War

If two DC Republicans have a disagreement over where to go for lunch, the Democrat/Media complex screams “Look, America! The GOP is engaged in a civil war! An existential fight for their party’s soul!”

And yet, a true civil war for the soul of the Democrat Party rages unabated and in the open, and nobody in the press bats an eye.

Nothing to see here. Move along. It is a mostly peaceful civil war.

It sure seems the Democrat scam has reached an end. The con has always been that they could continue in perpetuity to promise everything to everybody and get away with giving each just a taste but never really coming across with the full payment. It sure appears the hard left in the Democrat Party is wise to that scam and now is saying they want to get paid in full. Pelosi has lost control of the radicals in her congressional delegation, and they are roasting her publicly, telling her the bill is overdue and they expect to get paid.

I have long said the miracle of the Democrat Party was two things, their ability to sell Bastiat’s definition of government as reality and their mastery of the Dutch auction.

In his essay “Government”, Frédéric Bastiat posited that “Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” If you study the programs of the Democrats, beginning with FDR’s sweeping injections of socialist viruses into the American bloodstream all the way to Bidens weaponized, in your face versions of today, their basic promise to their constituencies has been that they can live at the expense of everybody else.

The catch is that only a government, perpetually run by Democrats, is the vehicle that can deliver that reality by simply making “the rich” pay their “fair share” – never mind that the confiscation of the wealth of all the “rich”, would never touch the debt they are racking up and would only provide enough one-time cash (because this would strangle the goose that lays the golden eggs) to run the government for around fourteen months at current spending levels.

There just ain’t enough money in the couch cushions to do what the Democrats promise (probably why they have embraced Modern Monetary Theory).

In short, the Democrats are lying.

As to their mastery of the Dutch auction, the fact is their Party is a coalition of disparate, single-issue groups, stitched together by political promises. The Democrat agenda is not about support for a minority, what it really is about is the accumulation and retention of power. The Democrats have a remarkable history of uniting disparate radical groups who are opposed to what America really is – oligarchs, giant corporations, environmentalists, statists, communists, Marxists, radical BLM black nationalists, ANTIFA thugs, counterculture rebels, anarchists, anti-religionists, anti-military, and anti-Americans – are all part of the Democrat base.

The only way to manage such groups, many with mutually exclusive goals, is a variation of a Dutch auction. A Dutch auction is typically an auction of financial instruments where the bidding starts with a high offering price and bidding continues buy reducing the price until it reaches a price where the entire batch of stock can be sold.

The Democrat version works by putting each disparate group in a room and soliciting bids from them, those bids consist of what demands must be met by the Democrats to get the support of that group. Once the Dems get all the bids on the table, they look at what minimum they can give each group without driving them apart, and more than that, what they can promise but never intend to give because giving it would break up any coalition formed from these groups.

Again, Democrats lied.

The danger is always that if any of these groups realize that there is absolutely no way for every group to have what they want, that there is true mutual exclusivity of their agendas and you can’t give the corporations, the unions, the socialists and the environmentalists what they desire at the same time – the game falls apart and the lies are revealed.

It now it appears what has been the strength of Democrats is also be their Achilles heel – Bernie and his Bros in the Senate and AOC and her Squad in the House are notifying Pelosi that they are wise to the scam, they know the promises were nothing but lies all along and now they are demanding payment on the promises.

AOC is trying to collect on her radical programs and funding that were promised to her and the Justice Democrats in exchange for their votes.

And now, the combination of a razor-thin margin in the House and Senate and a mini-Bolshevik rebellion in the House, has caused Pelosi to lose control and a true civil war to break out. The insults being leveled at Manchin and Sinema in the Senate are proof that the jig is up, the scam is laid bare. Added to the mid is that Schmucky Schumer apparently made a deal with Manchin that he neglected to tell San Fran Gran Nan about, and it appears the Democrat leaders of the Senate and the House are in a bitch slapping fight.

The truth is, all the lies the Democrat leadership told were known to each of the groups, open secrets of sorts, and each group simply made a calculation that they each could use those promises as leverage (or outright extortion) in the future to demand a little bigger slice of the pie for themselves. The Democrats have acquiesced to paying the kidnappers by simply making the pie ever larger by increasing the burden of taxation and debt to astronomical levels.

If the Dems cannot staunch this cascade of awareness and the cycle of extortion and payoffs, the party founded as the party of the “common man” in the 1830’s may self-destruct. For years, the media has told America the GOP was on the verge of splitting into establishment and conservative factions when the reality is the Democrat are far closer to splitting into separate socialist and communist factions.

Party of the common man?


The media is missing the story of the Millennium, a real civil war.

Easy to do, I guess, especially when you are part of the story.

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