Stalin, Il Duce, FDR and President Brandon

In 1922, Leon Trotsky got an ice ax in the back for his disloyalty to Stalin. Now medical professionals and first responders are getting the ax as well.

Medical personnel and first responders are getting a lesson in authoritarianism as practiced by collectivist politicians.

As a historical fact, this isn’t anything new. That they would be made to suffer for their disobedience was entirely predictable. In 1940, Leon Trotsky got an ice ax in the back for his disloyalty to Stalin. In 1944, Hayek wrote of how the Soviets punished any who expressed dissent.

Now, in 2021, medical professionals and first responders are getting the ax as well. Not with the same intimacy as Trotsky received his ax, but the destruction of their lives is almost on the same level.

After spending a largely unprotected year while they served the needs of the sick on the front lines, and promoted, even enforced, the policies demanded by a politicized pubic health Leviathan, they were hailed as Heroes of the Revolution by politicians and the state media.

Now, as experience has proven most of the early state proclaimed “science” either deficient or just wrong, these “heroes” are not so keen on the continuation of these policies or their support for them. Many of these people have had the Rona and have recovered, their immune systems now bolstered with antibodies. These are people who are trained in the medical arts and have read the subsequent studies, weighed and measured the “public health’ officials and their policies, and found them wanting – and severely so.

What is happening?

They are being rewarded for their loyalty and service with shunning and termination. Their careers are being ended and lives destroyed by the very people who, just a few short months ago, hailed them as heroes.

You see, closed fire stations, shuttered police precinct houses and crippling nursing shortages in hospitals and industry are not as concerning as disloyalty to the plans of the regime.

In the collectivist hive mind, the plan always takes precedence over the people. People are disposable, consumable even, plans are not. There is the plan, there is only the plan and through the survival of the plan, power accrues.

The one thing you learn about authoritarianism, no matter from which end of the political spectrum it comes, is that any minority retaining an inclination to criticize must be silenced.

Public criticism, public disagreement and even simple expressions of doubt must be suppressed because they tend to weaken support of the regime and its plan. While the plan is in effect, any public expression of doubt that the plan will be successful will be seen and treated as act of disloyalty or treachery because of its possible effect on the will and efforts of the rest of populace.

F.A. Hayek noted the same almost 80 years ago. Nothing has changed. Biden and the Democrats are following the same path as the European authoritarians of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.

FDR and Mussolini were members of a mutual admiration society. Ed Driscoll noted that Il Duce wrote a laudatory review of Roosevelt’s 1933 book “Looking Forward”, Mussolini wrote, ‘Reminiscent of Fascism is the principle that the state no longer leaves the economy to its own devices.… Without question, the mood accompanying this sea change resembles that of Fascism.’”

President Biden is clearly a member of that admiration society.


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