Kyle the Kenosha Counterrevolutionary

Nothing must stand in the way of the glorious people’s revolution, not even the truth.

If you can’t quite get your brain around why people from Hollywood to Washington, D.C. won’t accept that the jury merely confirmed that Kyle Rittenhouse was only defending himself, you are not thinking about it in the right way.

  • It doesn’t matter the assailants he shot were white.
  • It doesn’t matter that they attacked him and he only responded when they did.
  • It doesn’t matter that there were a majority of rounds (22) remaining in his 30 round mag, strong evidence he was not an “active shooter” just out to kill.
  • It doesn’t matter that the entire contact with his assailants totaled less than a minute and a half and slightly less than 3 minutes elapsed between the time Rosenbaum began chasing him and he turned himself in to the police (numbers from sworn trial testimony).
  • It doesn’t even matter that two assailants were killed and another was wounded. They are soldiers in the revolution and their losses are both acceptable and useful in perpetuation of the oppressor/oppressed revolutionary narrative.
  • It doesn’t even matter that Rittenhouse, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, has stated, “I’m not a racist person. I support the BLM movement, I support peacefully demonstrating.”
  • It really doesn’t even matter that Rittenhouse, himself, is white. Being white is just a bonus, that means he is a member of the oppressor class.

What matters is that Rittenhouse actions were in contradiction to the revolution desired by the left (BLM is just a shill, a tool to facilitate the revolution) and that makes him a counterrevolutionary.

Here is how the left sees it:

  • Rosenbaum, Huber, Grosskreutz and Jump Kick Man were all criminals, another oppressed class, their status created, not by their actions, but by the bourgeois capitalist establishment that was created as a means to subjugate poor people.
  • Rittenhouse was invited to Kenosha to protect private property, private property being another capitalist construct that should be abolished.
  • He was tried and found innocent by a biased and racist justice system designed to protect white supremacy.
  • He was present at a BLM “protest” and wasn’t actively engaged in supporting Jacob Blake by looting or burning, so he was there to further the oppression by stopping the free exercise of those righteous crimes.
  • In short, Rittenhouse should be punished because he is a counterrevolutionary, the same way communist movements have always punished their opposition.

One “tell” I always look for is on the signs at these protests. If you look closely, the signs will usually have a web address for the organization providing them, and they are always tied to some communist organization. For example, in one picture I saw of two BLM protestors holding a sign on the Kenosha courthouse steps, the sign was from the organization refusefascism dot org (I won’t link to them here and will just call them RF).

Their mission statement includes this nugget:

“Once in power, fascism’s defining feature is the essential elimination of the rule of law and democratic and civil rights. Fascism foments and relies on xenophobic nationalism, racism, misogyny, and the aggressive re-institution of oppressive ‘traditional values.’ Truth is obliterated and fascist mobs and threats of violence are unleashed to build their movement and consolidate power.”

So, RF is an explicitly communist organization based on its “values”. It was formed in 2016 to fight the “fascism” of President Trump. The creators of RF were Revolutionary Communist Party members Carl Dix, Sunsara Taylor (an advisory board member with World Can’t Wait), and Andy Zee (a spokesman for the Manhattan-based Revolution Books shop managed by the Maoist activist C. Clark Kissinger). One of RF’s founding “initiators” was Cornel West and associates include Noam Chomsky, Bill Ayers and actor and Democratic Socialist of America member Ed Asner.

When you look at it through their eyes, you can see why the facts and evidence simply do not matter. Those displaying their ignorance of what happened in those three minutes in Kenosha, the actors, pundits, activists, pundits, and politicians, are little more than useful idiots and fellow travelers.

Counterrevolutionaries must be crushed.

Nothing must stand in the way of the glorious people’s revolution, not even the truth.

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