I’d Rather Fight Than Switch

A 60’s era cigarette ad campaign makes a comeback.

The racist anti-racism folks are shocked, shocked, I tell you that people aren’t getting on board with all the racist anti-racism.

Case in point is the experience of the Salvation Army after they decided to go woke and instruct their donors that, yes, the white donors are racists and to be good enough to enjoy the privilege of supporting the Salvation Army with donations, they had do swear allegiance to the spirit of the age.

And it isn’t just donations that are down, volunteers are not really jumping on the racist anti-racism bandwagon. The Washington Examiner reports:

“Some 20,000 volunteer hours have gone unfilled for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign this year, which historically represents about 33% of the charity’s total yearly donations. The charity has also reported substantial shortages of toy and gift donations in some parts of the country, such as New Jersey, where donations are down 30% across the state.

The reports of volunteer and donation shortages come less than three weeks after the Salvation Army pulled an internal “Let’s Talk About Racism” guide that discouraged “colorblindness” and called on white people to evaluate racist attitudes and practices.’”

Why would people have such disdain for admitting their horrific racial biases and asking for forgiveness from the bell ringer as they dropped a few bucks in the red kettles?

How bad could it be to“lament, repent and apologize” for racism?

I mean, who likes racism, right?

It is baaaad.

Maybe it is because the white people who are inclined to donate their money and time to others regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, color, or national origin are not racists.

Maybe they are just people who want to help and serve others out of the goodness of their hearts.

Maybe they are tired of being required to say a prayer to a mythical racial godhead as the price for being allowed to pay the danegeld.

Maybe innocent people are just pretty damn tired of smug, self-righteous wokesters who make the assumption a certain skin color or DNA condemns a person to be something less in society, something evil.

Wow, that last sentence sounds a little George Wallace/Bull Connor racist-y, doesn’t it?

Mostly because it is racist.

It is never a good idea to build your business plan around a sales strategy that insults your customers.

It is a testament to the patience, kindness, and charity of the American people that the Salvation Army is only down a third in fund raising. That means there are two thirds of “Yes, but…” Americans who are saying “Yes, the Salvation Army has gone round the bend, but there are needy people who should get support” as they bite their tongues and contribute.

It has been long a feature of America that we will put up with a lot of crap to retain our individual freedom. We let a lot of insult roll over us like water off a duck’s back as the cost of retaining our freedom of speech and other rights ensconced in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

As the old American Express ads said, “Membership has its privileges” but the left is learning that membership also has its limits.

Even in a very tolerant and patient America, there is a limit to our national tolerance and patience.

Americans do not take lightly being falsely accused.

We have an innate sense of fair play, and the racist anti-racism is far from fair play.

I know I overuse Oliver Wendell Holmes’ quote that even a dog knows the difference between being stumbled over and being kicked – but it is such a great description of the American awakening. Heck, even the Bond villain named London Breed, the mayor of San Franshitsco, is getting off the Kool-Aid.

The fact is that decades of studies have consistently found America to be one of the LEAST racist countries on earth.

For some reason, could be indoctrination in government schools and progressive public and private universities, could be the breakdown of the nuclear family, could be the shrinking role of religion in our lives, Americans have decided it is easier to face false accusations by apologizing and admitting guilt than standing up for themselves.

Back in the 60’s R.J. Reynolds ran an ad campaign for their Tareyton cigarette brand featuring the tag line “I’d rather fight than switch”. After a few decades of abuse at the hands of leftist Democrats and progressives, America seems to be adopting that slogan when it comes to our constitutional, representative republic.

Let’s hope I am right.

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