From Zero to Mad Max in Record Time

Everybody getting geared up for the first anniversary of the real insurrection day?

I’ll be flying my flag upside down in celebration tomorrow.

Chaos rules, lies are the currency of the Biden regime, coercion the method of their madness.

We just thought America had its flirtation with the promised Progressive Utopia, coming as close as it has since FDR to going the Full Marxist Monty, but Biden has paved right over Obama’s Utopian dreams from his father with a thick coat of authoritarian asphalt – and it has scared the hell out of the very people Marxism is supposed to benefit.

Instead of Utopia, America sees Dante’s descent into Hell, ring by ring.

Most Americans won’t admit to being ideological – but they do know when they are being sold a bill of goods.

Working people of all descriptions intuitively know that there is no such thing as a free lunch and while they may not take to the streets, Nixon’s Silent Majority lives and does not buy into the idea of Christians being forced by government to bake the damn cake for gay weddings, that men are men and women are women (and not just in the Wild, Wild, West) and that America is not overtly or institutionally racist, bigoted, Islamophobic or homophobic (even if it hates radical assholes of all colors, shapes and sizes).

For the past year, perhaps more than any in my lifetime, America began staring into the Abyss and was shocked to see the Abyss glaring back – and smiling with a toothy grin.

Some progressives haven’t caught on to the fact they have shot their shot and missed. Some know how close they came to success in pulling the wool over America’s eyes and what price they are about to pay for missing the mark. That they got so close and failed has induced rage and madness in many quarters on the left.

Trump successfully wounded the beast and as we all know, a wounded beast fights most fiercely when its life is in the balance. That’s why the true believers in the Democrat Party are hell bent to rend the fabric of the Constitution on their way to a Pyrrhic victory. They would rather be chairmen of the central committee of a smoldering pile of rubble than accept the fact that they were weighed, measured, and found wanting in the court of public opinion.

That America elected a white, rich, short fingered vulgarian in 2016 to replace a community organizing affirmative action Lightbringer was just rubbing salt into a sucking chest wound but in Biden, they engineered the election of a flailing, cognitively compromised, incompetent failure who has done even more damage to their agenda than Trump ever could.

People in the larger metropolitan areas along with people in blue states are seeing the progressive agenda up close and personal. Rapid increases in violent crime, economic disasters, the rise of militant statist politicians, civil unrest coming to the suburbs and gated communities, and the elevation of criminals to a privileged and protected class, are but the tip of the Cloward-Piven iceberg.

The plan was to allow things to get so bad, the people would cry to the state for help – but for many, that plan has backfired because the people are waking up to the reason for the chaos – the fact that the state is ALLOWING the chaos to reign by not doing its job.

But because the global left knows America is the lynchpin, worldwide pressure to “transform” America will be greater than ever for these next two electoral cycles.

If you look at what the reactions to the pandemic has wrought in the countries which we formerly considered free – Canada (with Prime Minister Boy Band in charge, is this really a surprise?), the UK (which has always been a pence away from IngSoc), Australia (which went Mad Max so fast my head is still spinning), and some of the more liberty leaning in Europe, it seems clear the only obstacle to a global “Great Reset” is and has always been the United States.

Only America stands in the breach.

The strength of our Constitution, our capitalist economy, and our ability to project power in defense of liberty around the world has been the impenetrable suit of armor that has, to date, prevented a rapid global descent into the world described in the pages of Orwell’s “1984”.

Where will we go from here?

I’m just not sure. I thought Trump’s push for the nomination and confirmation of allegedly conservative jurists to the various benches was emblematic of a recognition that judicial battles will continue apace as a Democrat aligned judiciary tries to keep the progressive train on the tracks through judicial activism. On that front, we won some and we lost some. 2020 and 2021 were a mixed bag.

I remain optimistic that the GOP will retake Congress in the 2022 mid-terms and retake the presidency in 2024. I don’t know if Trump will run in 2024, a lot depends on how hard the next three years are and what the outcome of the 2022 elections yields. The GOP bench for national office is many levels above anything the Democrats must put forward. The Dems must first figure out how to get rid of some incompetents that have risen to the top – it is telling they are pitching Hillary again.

Perhaps, recognizing how close we have come to the disaster of a “fundamental transformation” of America, 2022 and 2024 will provide an opportunity for conservativism to finally find solid footing in a committed Congress and President.

Time will tell.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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