Oh, Canada!

In North America, woke is giving way to being awake. The leftist authoritarian admonition to “follow the science” is dying in the face of bad polling and looming elections.

During the pandemic, governments all around the US and Canada determined they alone had the “emergency” power to shut down businesses, public activities, churches – society in general – and reestablish the rules going forward.

For our own good, of course.

Now, free and independent people – like the Canadian truckers – are showing them that two can play that game.

What is happening in Canada, and beginning to happen in the US, are events where individuals are taking back the power government actors temporarily stole and meant to retain on a permanent basis.

Studies, like the one from Johns Hopkins that showed lockdowns caused more harm than good (who knew?) and the multitude of studies that have shown that 1) kids generally are not a risk of death from the coronavirus and 2) there has never been data supporting mask use in schools, can be ignored, or talked away.

They said, “If we can prevent one case, we must lockdown, mask and do all the things that didn’t work the first ten times!”

But what can’t be ignored is reality.

And two years in, people are not able to reconcile what they are told with their own experiences. People were initially willing to give those in power the benefit of the doubt but after being shown that elected officials, politicians and prominent people who championed the “Lockdowns for thee, none for me” policies simply won’t follow their own rules, they are beginning to wonder if they have been taken for fools.

Since 2020, I have quoted Oliver Wendell Holmes several times noting that even a dog knows the difference between being kicked and being stumbled over.

People are catching on to what a disaster our completely politicized “public health” institutions are. People are getting wise to the fact that temporary “public health emergencies” presented what power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats thought were consequence free opportunities to permanently increase their control.

Turns out, those opportunities weren’t so consequence free after all.

Democrats, technocrats, and petit authoritarians are generally stupid people – but even they can “read the room”. Some are better at it than others – for example, Fidel Trudeau, Jr. in Canada is a little slow on the uptake) but America produces the highest quality cowardice in our politicians.

Hard lockdown, masks in schools and vaccine mandate states like Connecticut, Delaware, Oregon, and New Jersey are all ending their pandemic mandates, even as the Democrat propaganda machine continues to go after Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis, a state and a governor that never bought into the lunacy.

“Follow the SCIENCE!” is giving way, as soft coup attempts almost always do, to bad polling numbers in advance of an approaching election.

American Democrats have reached the “Oh, sh*t!” moment.

Prepare yourself for a massive propaganda effort to erase everything they did for the past two years.

It has already begun with Psaki claiming Biden never supported lockdowns and Randy Weingarten claiming the teachers’ unions were never for masks in schools. Both of those are lies so obvious, it is incredible they were even said out loud – but if they know nothing else, the Democrats know their allies in the media will provide cover for them by rewriting history and inventing reporting to prove what we say and heard really wasn’t what we saw and heard.

I used to think Canada was too polite and too deferential. I spent three years working in Vancouver and I came to love the kind Canadian people even though I found their deference to sometimes be maddening. I would have never expected that a brash and confident America would switch places with Canada in that regard.

Maybe it is that Canada is a confederation, in which the provinces retain much more autonomy than our union here in the United States (it shows how much our federalist representative republic has been perverted) that is making the difference. Perhaps a weak central government in Ottawa and a cowardly Prime Minister is making it a little easier to show the Canadian government what’s what.

But in any case, it is clear that wokeness changed America.

Woke was like a dose of Propofol, easing us into a painless sleep from which we expected to awake after a short while. The problem was that the Democrats kept dosing us to keep us under while they removed our free and independent heart and replaced it with an artificial, dependent one with the intent to keep us hooked up to miles of tubes and rooms of machines.

America has always been an incredibly patient nation. We have always been willing to give people the benefit of the doubt even when they do not deserve it but when we do wake up, boy howdy, we do not waste time addressing those who have cheated and lied to us.

I believe free people in the US and Canada are coming out of the anesthesia.

The fakeness of being Woke is giving way to the reality of being awake.

Here’s to Canada, especially the Canucks in trucks, who are showing the way.

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