Fox Mulder and the Democrats

Before the invention of the lightbulb, America was lit by gas light.

Today, in the age of private space flights, computers and the Internet, America is just gaslit.

If you feel as if you are going insane, don’t think you are alone. Americans are constantly bombarded with propaganda and agitprop so absurd and ridiculous; it is almost beyond belief.

  • An entire three years of gaslighting through the Russian collusion “investigation” and two impeachment efforts fall apart, and over the past year enough information surfaces to prove Hillary, the DNC and the Obama DOJ were behind it all and yet nobody goes to jail, no Pulitzers are returned, and no apologies are issued – time to move on, they say.
  • One rich, famous black man slaps another rich, famous black man on stage at a televised award ceremony and it is President Trump’s fault and evidence of a “400-year commitment to black erasure” and white people have no right to talk about it anyway because reasons.
  • If straight men won’t date transwomen, they are just bigoted and transphobic and its totally not because transwomen are really men and not women.
  • A nominee for the Supreme Court can’t (or won’t) say she knows what a woman is – even though she was nominated for the position because she is a black woman.
  • Florida’s parental rights law is called the “Don’t say gay” bill when it doesn’t say anywhere you can’t say “gay”.
  • The sex-obsessed pedophilic left says they don’t want to discuss sex with kindergarteners even though radical academics openly campaign that the younger the better “before heteronormative and cisnormative values and assumptions become more deeply ingrained and less mutable.”
  • “Experts” say they are not grooming children but oh, by the way, kids should be exposed to “entry level porn” and be shown “healthy porn”.
  • Inflation isn’t happening but if it is, it is transitory. It isn’t transitory and it actually is a good thing. Inflation is bad but totally not caused by massive federal spending, Putin did it.
  • Vice President Kamala Harris is totally on top of her job and not at all an incompetent, babbling, cackling fool who was selected for her identity as a “woman of color”.
  • From “OMG, there are over 7 hours missing from White House phone logs on January 6th! The walls are closing in! We got Trump now! Insurrection!” to “Oh, wait. Never mind” in less than 36 hours.

I did say it was ALMOST beyond belief.

This is all so far out of bounds, if it was written in a political thriller, it would be dismissed as really, really, bad, terrible, awful fiction. It is as if someone collected the transcripts of Kamala Harris press conferences and compiled them into a book.

It is so much, the normal person cannot process it all – so they often don’t.

I’m going to destroy my premise a little bit here, and it is because these times are so strange – this all is gaslighting and it isn’t- all at the same time. The sheer volume of idiocy makes it seem like they are trying to assault our senses and drive us insane, and it seems to be received and summarily dismissed by people who are thinking “they can’t be serious about this”.

Of course, the radical left is persistently putting forth false narratives, attempting to bury us in mounds of male bovine fecal matter and the “gaslighted” (regular Americans), struggle to maintain their individual sanity during the onslaught. Due to the massive amounts of excrement, it is easy enough to assume they are like the White Queen of Alice in Wonderland, sometime believing six impossible things before breakfast.

But what people are dismissing as absurd proselytizing are nothing more than factual expressions of Biden’s policy plans.

The Biden government is ACTING on these, even the most absurd. You never need to wait more than a few days until Peppermint Patty or some other federal official, Democrat leader or other spokesperson confirms that, “Yes, in fact we are doing that thing we denied doing last week and have been for some time”.

In January, writing at the American Mind, Michael Anton highlighted the Law of Salutary Contradiction, and it goes like this:

“That’s not happening and it’s good that it is.”

Sometimes, sorting it all out is a problem.

A good rule is to assume that any insane thing they allege against their opponents is a lie and any insane thing that leaks out about them is true and you won’t be far wrong.

I’ve noted before, one of my mentors taught me that if I wanted to throw off a negotiating opponent, I should tell them the truth – because they never expect to be told the truth.

The Biden administration is using this tactic on America. Combined with the sheer volume of constant propaganda and agitprop, they are communicating what they are going to do and how they are going to do it.

As Fox Mulder used to say, “The truth is out there.”

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