Disney, DeSantis and DeFuture

The attacks on Ron DeSantis from the right are as ridiculous as those from the left – and they reveal why Republicans constantly lose even when they win elections.

“It is a violation of the First Amendment!”

“You won; you don’t have to salt the earth!”

“Don’t do that, we will lose the support of big business!”

All the Florida GOP did was to remove a special carve out for Disney in Florida that gave them a special advantage over their competitors. They didn’t “cancel” Disney, nor did they abridge the right of free speech of anyone at Disney – or any rights for that matter. They can still pursue the repeal of the parental rights law; they can continue to slather their LGBTQIA+ activism all over their programming and products and continue to reduce their market cap and disadvantage their shareholders as much as before.

Except for now playing on a level field, it is business as usual.

Isn’t it interesting that the Democrats are now all in for vesting individual rights on a corporation ala Citizen’s United v. the FEC, especially since they have been fighting it tooth and nail since SCOTUS ruled on it in 2010?

Things that make you go “hmmmmm”, I guess.

When I read comments like those mentioned above oozing from the pages of National Review and from the cakeholes of establishment “conservatives”, it reminds me that in any competition, there are two ways to lose.

You can be beaten, or you can refuse to win.

Republicans inevitably choose the latter.

The fact of government and politics is this: time waits for no political party, and somebody will take charge and lead.

That is how it works. Government is perpetual and some faction will always be in charge.

It can be argued the reason Democrats always seem to be in charge, even when they are in the minority, is that Republicans simply go flaccid and refuse to take charge and lead.

Electile Disfunction.

Not even Viagra can stiffen a spine.

President Trump, for all his obvious faults, did demonstrate a degree of leadership Republicans haven’t seen since Reagan – and wow, did he ever take incoming fire. That barrage scared the crap out of the milquetoast, quisling, establishment Pubs.

“We can’t do that! We can’t send mean tweets! How dare he push back; we will look bad in the pages of the Times and the Post! We’re gentlemen, and gentlemen behave with decorum! The important thing is to lose gracefully!”

And my personal favorite excuse:

“We can’t fight back; we should just keep writing strong letters and talking about our principles as we do nothing. The Democrats will eventually see our wisdom, understand how right we are, and will come around to our way of thinking!”

Yeah, that process worked so well with China, didn’t it?

People are sick to death of wasting votes on a political party that talks tough and then does nothing. Now that we have been reminded, in such close chronological proximity, what Republican leadership looks like (Trump) and the consequences of not having it (Biden), for many of us there is no going back.

DeSantis is running a master class on how effective Republican governors can be in the fight and don’t forget, DeSantis is forging ahead in a state where Democrats are strong. Florida has turned in to a razor thin battleground state, so a misstep could end his time in office – or it could extend it.

The NeverTrumpers are shifting their focus to becoming NeverDesantisers, proving that it wasn’t so much Trump’s personality of which they disapproved, even though that was their excuse, it is that they fear leading more than they fear death itself.

People may think that the lunatics can’t run the asylum but let me assure you that when good people refuse to take charge and do what needs to be done, they most certainly can.

Just look at where we are now! Congress is filled with America-hating radical socialists, Islamists, overt racists, and social engineering pedophiles. The left side of the aisle has become a rogue’s gallery of enemies of this nation and its constitution – and worse, Republicans who think losing gracefully is winning.

The GOP is poised for giving the insane Democrats a beatdown of historical proportions in November of 2022 – but I’m already seeing signs of weakness and conciliation. Kevin McCarthy is likely to be elected Speaker of the House and I see absolutely nothing in his career history that makes me think he will be the kind of decisive leader the House GOP caucus needs. I’ll give Cocaine Mitch his due, but the fact is he is nine months older than Compromised Scranton Joe, so I have questions about his energy reserves and his willingness to engage Schumer and his commie caucus in hand-to-hand combat.

It would be easy to say the actions of the Democrats will determine if the Union holds – but that’s not really accurate. It is the actions of the incoming Republicans that will tell the tale.

God help us if they won’t pick up the flag and run toward the enemy.

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