Prepare to Push Back

Because I am sexy, incredibly good looking, wealthy beyond imagination and super intelligent, people ask me all the time, “Hey, you sexy, incredibly good looking, wealthy beyond imagination and super intelligent dude, what can we do about the left’s putsch to destroy America?”

Well, they ask the last part of the question anyway. That first part, I might have embellished a little bit.

What do we do?

I’ve thought about it in the context of my own situation. I’m like you, I have no political power or pull, I hold no important position in government, politics, academia, or media nor do I lead any major corporation.

The leftists and Democrats I run into are in my neighborhood, around town, through other groups of which am a member and at church. None of us wear special clothes or regalia to identify one to the other, so most of the time, we pass like ships in the night. Like most of us, even people who are obsessed with the sociopolitical shell games like me, politics and philosophy don’t really make up a huge part of our normal days.

Most people are pretty much the same until it comes to one thing – voting.

Of course, there are the hard-core folks, the rabid animals who live to argue and fight over political and philosophical points and policies.

And those folks are the ones who run the country because the normal, work-a-day folks vote for them.

The most serious problem I see is that regular people like you and me have been overcome because they are tired, beaten down and convinced they don’t need to understand or care about politics. Those “man on the street” interviews television shows do every so often demonstrate there is a class of people, mostly the young, who are completely ignorant of anything political, or policy related and operate from a base of ignorance so stunning that you wonder how, with all the media sources, they can remain so completely daft.

That is the root of the problem.

It is ignorance.

It isn’t that these people are stupid, most are college educated. It is that they have been intentionally dumbed down in specific areas by public school systems and universities that have been corrupted by the left. These institutions have been transformed into indoctrination and inculcation factories that instill leftist ideas and miseducate if they educate at all.

Ignorant people can be very smart about narrow areas and completely imbecilic in others. When people are ignorant of any subject and they are pressed for answers, they will revert to visceral, emotional thinking for a response, producing a decision based on feeling, not facts.

Again, comes the question, “What can we do?”

Well, we need to understand one thing right off the bat – most, if not all the left’s positions are based on lies or distortions of the truth that are so close to being lies, it really isn’t worth the effort to distinguish the difference. The “scholars” on the left are morons, liars, and fabulists, more interested in spinning a story based on their on their own biases.

Case in point: Douglas Murray, in his new book “The War on the West” points out that the 1619 Project included a critique of capitalism. That critique, by a sociologist named Matthew Desmond (who is a POP – person of pallor), noted that the systems of data collection and analysis that were developed for large plantations permeate businesses today, even to the degree there is a direct line from those plantations to the people who use Microsoft Excel in their daily work today.

Desmond is an easily refuted ignoramus because 1) math is colorblind and 2) the plantation systems in America were feudalist in nature, not capitalist. Desmond, like every other anti-Western civilization moron, started with his desired outcome and worked backwards in a very tendentious process to achieve that outcome – and failed.

But because there are people who want to believe, this guy hasn’t been reduced to sweeping floors, he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2017 and is the Maurice P. During Professor of Sociology at Princeton University.

They do this because ignorant people are the easiest to manipulate. It is easier to elicit an emotional response than it is to take time to get a reasoned one and once and emotional decision is made, it is virtually impossible to reason someone out of it. People how operate emotionally equate their “rightness” by how passionate or angry they are about a thing, so making them more defensive or angry just convinces them they were right all along. You can’t argue with them on an emotional level because that just drives them deeper into their position. Even if they eventually understand they are wrong, they won’t take the emotional pain of admitting they were wrong.

You can’t change people like this, so don’t even try.

But there are things we can do.

Most of the time, people simply aren’t armed with the necessary refuting arguments to charges levied against us, so the accusations just float out there in the minds of people ignorant of the truth, and when they stay out there long enough, they become conventional wisdom – not fact, but close enough for government work.

Educate yourself. Arm yourself with refuting arguments.

While you will never get someone emotionally invested in the racist accusations to understand, repetition is important. The refutation must be made – always.

We must stop allowing people who are not racists to be called racists. That’s the current go-to for the left, augmented by a flavor of the week charge – currently it is being transphobic.

Elon Musk was a darling of the left until he said he wanted to buy Twitter and remove the censorship. Now he is a South African racist who longs for apartheid, slavery and by the way, is a transphobe. He’s a Dr. Evil billionaire, and billionaires should never be allowed own media outlets – even though many of the people saying that work for media outlets owned by billionaires.

I spend a modicum of time reading and studying the favored theories of the left – readers know I have been digging into Queer Theory lately – and I can tell you these theories only survive through repetition and the fact they are not scrutinized, refuted and dismissed as the junk science they are.

We get what we accept. People mired in ignorance and emotional reasoning accept things as true simply because they never hear opposition.

When friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances espouse these dangerous, idiotic, emotion driven, disinformation-based positions, don’t argue, but make your case.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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