The American Berlin Wall

Throughout my career and personal existence, I have made a concerted effort not to demonize my opponents and enemies (hopefully I have left behind more of the former and not many of the latter), but with every passing day, it gets more difficult not to recognize the obvious truth.

The Obama regime softened America up for the real gut punch but the left never intended to go this far this fast. President Trump interfered with the gradual transition that Hillary Clinton would have provided, and Trump scared the Hell into them. He showed them what someone who put America first could do to their agenda and they didn’t like that one little bit.

They have been at this for a long time, but during these past few months under a ham-fisted, cognitively challenged, easily manipulated dry husk of a man, their cards are now face up on the table.

The left is unashamedly and unabatedly determined to:

  • Destroy Christians and the Christian foundations of this country.
  • Destroy the male/female foundations of the human species.
  • Destroy America’s capitalist economy.
  • Codify infanticide.
  • Destroy the institution of parenthood and take ownership of America’s children.
  • Exercise control over life and death via “public health laws”.
  • Destroy America’s language, culture, and history.
  • Criminalize dissent.
  • Complete corruption of the justice system.
  • Nationalize state and local police forces.
  • Rule by “direct action”, aka violence.
  • Bankrupt the nation.

Some would include the erasure of American sovereignty, but their open borders policies are temporary until they break down society by overloading the welfare system. Tyrants need borders. The American Wall will go up immediately after they take complete control – but the gun emplacements will be pointing toward Oklahoma and Kansas because this wall will be designed to keep people in – just like the Berlin Wall.

Critics will say this is hyperbole and hysteria – but what would the left be doing differently if those things were not desired endpoints?

I’m open to any legitimate argument the Democrat Party is not pursuing each one of those things enumerated above.

I said earlier I had avoided demonizing my opponents and enemies.

While I still stand by that philosophy, I can no longer ignore them when they reveal themselves to be demons.

Since the beginning of time, certain forces within mankind has sought to make itself equal to God.

We have done it by ignoring Natural Law, inventing postmodernism and by claiming God never existed of if He did, he died somewhere along the way.

Since God – or the idea of Him – presupposes that there is a power that exceeds that of man, there are men who have reasoned that if there is a higher power, it then follows that power can be used to control other men.

That explains the creation of governments of all shapes and forms.

It also explains the creation of tyrants – for if government is a power equal to God, then the leader of that government must also be equal to God (or perhaps even greater). It is no mere coincidence that from ancient times, kings have claimed a direct connection with the particular deity gave them the divine right to rule. By claiming that God was placing his proxy in the hands of an individual, that individual shared and was trusted to exercise His power.

Communism was supposedly invented to stop this practice. Marx reasoned that if the desire to be as powerful as God could be eliminated – or at least divided up among the populace – it would be eliminated as the root of the conflicts and unfairness inherent in any system based on rule by divine right. In the waning days of the Russian Empire, Marx saw the future where the divine rule of the Czars was being replaced by the capitalist power of the bourgeois.

It is also no coincidence that we hear the same argument from collectivists and anarchists today – get God out of government they say, “separation of church and state” they wail.

Marx, like our collectivist brethren of today, was no fan of religion. Strangely enough, if you know the history of the early communist movement, you know that most it’s “leading lights” were children of wealthy, religious families, often attending seminary or pursuing religious educations themselves.

Where Marx erred in his formulation was that he thought God was responsible for the faults he saw in the churches and correspondingly, in the systems of government, when in fact it was not God nor religion at all – it was the governing organization of institutional religion that was failing…in short, it was man trying to assume the power of God through the church.

Capitalism is the only economic and societal system where prosperity is only achieved by first serving a need, want or desire of others. At its most basic, capitalism is the free-market philosophy that uses price as a signal to the market to change, to adjust. Capitalism isn’t a cause; it is an effect, a result. Capitalism rests upon a very simple concept, an economic transaction occurs at that point where a seller is willing to sell, and a buyer is willing to buy. This one on one, individual philosophy allows the price of a good or service to be established by the individuals involved in the transaction based on the value of the transaction to each.

In my mind, there is no or more equitable or fair method of economic transfer than this.

What is also true is that capitalism, or any economic system for that matter, is merely a reflection of the actions of individuals in a society. In a free society, the quality of that society (and in this case, the quality of the economic system) depends on the quality of individual – that a society is comprised of individuals and those individuals, acting in their own best interests will yield the best result for society.

Capitalism is inherently dependent on fairness and equality to be successful. Where communism guarantees an immortal government, capitalism only guarantees creative destruction. If one studies the life span of the USSR and then looks at America during that same period, one sees business empires rise and fall, many different individuals write “rags to riches” stories and the direction of the American government change in a multitude of ways as reflected in the culture of the country. One does not see that in the USSR – only a continuance of government and systematic repression.

I won’t say that all of Marx’s ideas about the evils of concentrated power were wrong – but, Marx chose the wrong enemy, the wrong root cause. He chose to fight religion and capitalism – but all Marx’s system did was to concentrate power in a myriad of agencies, committees, and planners – the very power he sought to disperse to the proletariat through communism. He simply replaced God with government.

Marx’s system gave God’s immortality to government agencies and anointed the central planning authorities with the divine right of kings. Communism has always produced exactly opposite the result it has promised.

The American left, in the form of the Democrat Party, is substituting itself for God.

And there is only one word for that.


And we are going to have to take up arms against it.

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