The Importance of Asking Questions

It is the ultimate in irony that the period in human history that has delivered the most widely spread prosperity, good health and security has yielded the most angry and unhappy people.

The very institutions that generated this period are attacked as evil and wrong. Religious faith is abandoned. Ignorance replaces knowledge and madness supplants wisdom. People live in unsustainable illusions where men can have babies while women have penises.

Fantasy passes as science.

The world is filled with emasculated, weak men and angry and belligerent women.

To be more accurate and specific, the philosophical and political left is filled with emasculated, weak men and angry and belligerent women.

I’ve read over fifty published research papers over the past month or so as I study the so called “critical” theories favored by the left and I can tell you that many, if not most, of them are completely unintelligible and totally disconnected from rationality, the scientific method, and reality.

Most are written in jargon and gibberish and based on unfalsifiable suppositions from which are drawn hard conclusions – in saner times, none of these papers would have ever made it past the first draft, much less been published in (formerly) respected journals.

After reading through a few, you begin to understand that these researchers have developed their own languages only to be understood by like-minded “researchers”. Most of these papers, at least the ones I can understand, boil down to “the thing I say is true must be true because I want it to be true”.

Most of the lay people using these ideas for political advantage have no earthly idea what any of this means, they just say it because they know nobody else does and repeating the same nonsense signals, they are part of the team.

Of all the “critical theories” I have investigated, Queer Theory undoubtedly is both the most incomprehensible and probably the most dangerous of all of them. It, perhaps more than any other, denies the impact of something called the Hawthorne Effect (like the Observer Effect in physics).

The Hawthorne Effect refers to the tendency of individuals to alter their behavior in response to their awareness of being observed.

I’ve seen this effect in manufacturing. For example, once machine operators know that scrap is being counted and analyzed for root cause, scrap rates inevitably go down by significant percentages. When production records are kept, production almost always improves.

It would then follow that when impressionable, tender age school children are taught that gender bending or being gay is normal, preferred, and enlightened, the rates of kids identifying as gender confused or gay will increase – but the Queer Theory researchers simply rationalize this as “kids should be treated as ‘queer’ from birth because gender and sexual orientation is a societal construct”.

The other notable characteristic of this “scholarship” is  how correlation is always interpreted as causation in these papers – all potential variables other than the preferred one are tossed out and ignored. This is something painfully obvious in Critical Race Theory – to believe that race is the only factor in the progression of black people, one must completely ignore the economic success of other homogenous racial groups, that Asians and Indians – and even black Africans who are recent immigrants – perform better than American blacks or whites.

Idiocy and mythology reigns largely because people are discouraged from asking questions and demanding those producing this research actually give proof derived through the scientific method.

Lay people are told they can’t understand because they just aren’t smart enough to understand, not because the ideas are communicated in indecipherable ways. The old “I can’t explain it to you because you wouldn’t understand” dodge is alive and well. Academia has given birth to “intellectual” subcultures that have become little secret societies with their own iconography and secret handshakes – and yet social, economic and government policies are being based on the output from these petit (and petty) Illuminati wanna-bes.

A person with whom I was “debating” abortion on Twitter responded to my assertion that people should know that sex can result in pregnancy, and they are accepting that risk every time they have sex with “The avg IQ in the US is 100. Do you believe the avg couple is capable of fairly/adequately calculating and then assuming risk?”

I found that to be an incredibly stupid and arrogant, yet incredibly informative response.

It is a perfect example of how the self-anointed elite in America sees everyone else as brood animals, too stupid to understand and resist even the most basic urges, little more than beasts of the field.

My response was that about 68 percent of Americans have an IQ between 85 and 115. Only a small fraction of people have a very low IQ (below 70) or a very high IQ (130+). Even low IQ people know fire burns.

We are not a society of dullards – and we should stop acting as if we were. Burying dangerous myths deep inside word salads of manufactured language is not evidence of science or intellect, it is the province of con men and habitual, pathological liars who are more intent on inflating their own egos and excusing their own deviancies than finding facts and truth.

Free societies ask question after question to separate the wheat from the chaff.

That’s why oppressive regimes create Disinformation Governance Boards run by rabid Scary Poppins partisans masquerading as truth crusaders. They don’t like questions.

There are always risks involved in asking questions and taking action, but the alternatives, silence and inaction, are almost never the better choice. 

One thought on “The Importance of Asking Questions

  1. A trait I have observed common to those folk who produce completely unintelligible and totally disconnected from rationality, the scientific method, and reality writings and slogans is self loathing. It seems their efforts are to create the same in all those around them who are not like them.

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