Under the Democrat’s Thumb

“It’s down to me, yes it is
The way she does just what she’s told
Down to me, the change has come
She’s under my thumb”

~ The Rolling Stones, “Under My Thumb” (1966)

That Stones tune is running through my head this morning.

I promised not to watch the Democrats’ J6 Primetime After School Special of last night.

I kept my promise and didn’t watch it, preferring to evaluate it based on the analysis from both sides in the aftermath. I have been reading the analysis from both sides this morning, and my opinion is that these series of “hearings” (which aren’t – because only one side is presented) is more than a partisan sideshow, it is much like the pandemic lockdowns – it will do far more damage than good.

I didn’t learn much from reading from the usual right leaning sources – many simply chose not to give it much oxygen and unsurprisingly, most that did, noted that we leaned nothing new and that most of the “testimony” and videos were selectively edited to fit the committee’s narrative.

But I did learn something from reading from the leftwing sources.

Through those sources, a fairly detailed picture is forming of a government and ruling class completely petrified in fear of the citizens of this country.

The difference in the approaches and perspectives of Republicans and Democrats, whether they know it or not is this:

  • The Republicans are concerned about J6 based on damage to the Constitution.
  • The Democrats are concerned about J6 based on damage to their power.

Where the GOP is rightly concerned about the interference of constitutional processes and see the riot as a riot, the Democrats have taken personal offense. When they claim J6 was an “attack on democracy”, since they equate themselves and the Democrat Party as “democracy”, they are defining the riot as an attack on them.

And they are deathly afraid of anyone who could mass the opposition and lead it against them in the way Trump did.

Yesterday, I pointed out some glaring inconsistencies in the Democrat chant of “Insurrection!”, how as both a political party, a government and as individuals Democrats supported and/or condoned:

  • ANTIFA’s expressed mission to eliminate the US government and set up “autonomous zones”.
  • The Women’s March that always featured participation by and support from groups like International ANSWER and the Communist Party USA, all of whom want to overthrow capitalism and our government.
  • The support, tacit or outright, for open borders and the infiltration of our nation with illegal aliens – who, by the way, are exempted from regulations enforced on American citizens and are eligible for benefits denied to needy American citizens.
  • And the Democrat Party itself wanting to eliminate the Senate, eliminate the Electoral College and pack the Supreme Court – and every few years we are treated to Democrat academics and pundits wanting to just toss out the Constitution and replace it with…well, replace it with something more favorable to their agenda.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a day that passes when some Democrat isn’t espousing some action that is fundamentally a usurpation of the Constitution.

To a rational observer, these represent a far more direct assault on American government than a bunch of protesters propping their feet up on Pelosi’s desk or the people being charged for just being in a “restricted area without permission”.

No, these are actions of a regime paralyzed with fear of losing control, status, and power.

You really need to look no further than the actions of the British Crown as the Colonies were on the path to revolution:

  • Colonial leaders seen by the Crown to be “insurrectionists” were imprisoned.
  • A bifurcated legal system was created in which British citizens had legal rights denied to the Colonists.
  • Legal resistance to the King’s intransigence was weak and diluted by colonial royalists who supported the actions of the Crown.
  • Taxes were levied by the Crown without consent of the Colonists, all while economically raping and pillaging the resource rich colonies for the benefit of the Crown.
  • King George III united with the ruling class in England to suppress public opinion in England and the Colonies, shutting down newspapers in both.
  • The Crown began to suppress self-government in America as rule by royal orders supplanted actions by the British Parliament and governing units in the Colonies and sent instructions, under his own signature, to be obeyed in America; otherwise, so he threatened, military force would be used to make the people obey.
  • Colonial assemblies were dissolved, unusual places of meeting were appointed, orders were issued, lands were granted or taken away, and by many other acts the Colonists were simply ignored.
  • Any dissent to the actions of the Crown were considered treason.
  • The Crown attempted to disarm the populace and confiscate stores of lead and black powder.

In an address to Parliament on October 25, 1775, King George III spoke of his belief that:

“…many of these unhappy people may still retain their loyalty and may be too wise not to see the fatal consequence of this usurpation, and wish to resist it, yet the torrent of violence has been strong enough to compel their acquiescence, till a sufficient force shall appear to support them.”

With these words, the king gave Parliament his consent to dispatch troops to use against his own subjects, a notion that the Colonists believed impossible.

I know many in America today would consider the deployment of the security and intelligence states, the Department of Justice – or even the military – against the populace is “unthinkable” – but if we have learned anything from the past quinquennial, it is that these things are not only “thinkable”, they have happened already.

That is a fact.

If the process by which King George III tried to retain his grip on power over the Colonies feels familiar, it should – because that is where we are at this moment in history.

American citizens of today, just as the colonists of the 1770’s were, are under the thumb of an unhearing, uncaring, unresponsive, and ultimately, tyrannical, regime.

Needless to say, this process did not end well for George III.

I suspect it won’t end well for the Democrats either.

According to the national hourglass, we still have time to stop this without violence, but the sands are emptying rapidly.

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