Happy Independence Day

Just a little note to the forces destroying America. Maybe in the middle of your mayhem, you can find a little time to consider the consequences of your actions. You might not like them.

I’ve always considered people who tell me that Americans don’t really know and appreciate other cultures around the world because they don’t travel outside the boundaries of our country to be a bit of a curiosity.

They think they are making a point that Americans are ignorant and America isn’t as great as we think it is.

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The last time that happened, it was a 20 year old telling me that.

Well, let me clue you brilliant neophytes in to something:

  • I have traveled the world on business, 87 countries at last count.
  • I have set up joint ventures and strategic partnerships in China, South Asia and Europe.
  • I have lived abroad.
  • I have seen people living in incredible poverty, in tin shacks with a single light bulb with electricity illegally stolen from a nearby power pole.
  • I’ve seen people surviving on a single bowl of rice a day.
  • I’ve seen irreconcilable conflicts between tribes and people who hate each other simply because they hate each other.
  • I’ve seen the opulence in Dubai and other Arabic countries and the complete dehumanization of non-Arabs in those countries.
  • I’ve witnessed how women and gays are treated under Muslim law.
  • I’ve seen the complete and total disregard for human life in China – showing me to what depths a country and culture without God will sink.
  • I have friends from former Soviet bloc countries who have shared with me the horror of their personal experiences under communism.

It is because of these travels and due to what I have seen, that to this day, I kiss the ground every single time I come back to America.

America is a safe harbor for humanity. It is the last, greatest hope for freedom left in this world.

And half of America wants to throw that away.

We have a government and a leadership actively hurting our country and its people.

I will not submit to them. I will never surrender.

If you ask me what July 4th means to me, this is it. It is a celebration of our historic founding but it is also a signal to the enemies of that founding that we are willing to do whatever it takes to preserve this nation.

And don’t kid yourself, for every pussy hat wearing ANTIFA beta twat, every third wave feminist hag, every racist BLM berserker, and every gender-fluid soy personx of color out there who loathe both themselves and our country, there are two patriots who stand ready to do the violence necessary to preserve America.

We hear your threats. You think the government removing law and order from our society is a good thing. If defunding the police, arbitrarily and capriciously enforcing the law, releasing criminals back on the streets and opening our borders sounds like great ideas, let me just say that when civil law is gone, law is left to the hands of the people with the power to enforce it.

That’s us, not you.

You are weak. But more than that, you are stupid and suicidal. You work to destroy the very systems and institutions that have protected and shielded you for your entire existence from people like me.

This will not end well.

One might question why it is a good idea to push a people to the point of violence when they are telling you they are ready and able to do that violence in protection of the people and nation they love.

You do what you do because other Americans allow you do do it. When we tire of you, it will be stopped. It is your choice how.

If you aren’t celebrating this holiday and are thinking “F*ck America!”, I’m talking to you – and deep down, you know it and you are afraid of people like me.

You should consider that for a bit on this July 4th.

So, to the politicians, bureaucrats, academicians, social justice warriors and enemies of this nation, I have just one simple thing to say:

Happy Independence Day.

One thought on “Happy Independence Day

  1. Straight talk and welcome ! I too have traveled in many nations around the world, witnessed the squalor and dreariness of daily lives, worked to help build local economies. I chose this nation as home because of all that. There are at least two, if not more, folks who care about and live the ideals that founded this Republic, for every one of those wishing its demise. Independence and liberty are treasures not to be lost.

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