The Second Coming of Black Supremacy

In rearing children, coddling often leads to a sense of arrogance and entitlement in the child. I think it such a condition is more likely to happen in a one child household, and it can happen on a national level.

Last year, I wrote about the rise of the “Suns” or the “Little Emperors” in China.

China’s one-child policy led to a generation of children who were waited on hand and foot as sole focus of their parents’ hopes and dreams. They were a new breed of plump, pampered, entitled creatures who had never learned to share – because there was no need. Chinese parents who suffered through Mao inspired repression saw education as the way for their kids to take advantage of China’s new prosperity and focused their children on studying to the point of the parents doing everything else for the children. Thanks to their own rising prosperity, and with limited outlets for the relative wealth they were accumulating, parents showered the children with gifts and largesse.

I’m personally aware of cases in which the wants of the child take precedence in the home and the parents live to serve the child. Children pick up on weakness quickly, and it doesn’t take long for the child to recognize who rules the roost.

When we assign a parental role to government, the same thing can happen when a government treats particular groups or classes as Little Emperors, and while some will call this racist (it won’t be the first time one of my observations has been called that), I see black Americans becoming that Little Emperor.

That coddling, preference and protection given to an entire class is giving rise to black supremacy – and yes, black supremacy is a thing. It is making a comeback after radical Black Power/Afrocentrism movements died down in the late 60’s and 70’s.

Under the banner of the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement founded on the lies about the death of Trayvon Martin and the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, black supremacy is back.

Just think about the demands black leaders and groups like BLM are making of the majority white American society and what is being given:

  • In California, a state that never had slavery, up to $5 million for each black person, forgiveness of current debts, interest free loans for life.
  • In 2020, the Brookings Institute, a leftist think tank, suggested each black American was due $151 million plus land grants.
  • The overt award of government benefits and medical treatments exclusively and solely based on racial identity (more specifically, they are reserved exclusively for non-whites). Some examples are the direct payouts to black farmers (that are not available to any non-black farmers), the plans to parcel out Covid vaccines based on race and the programs in New York and California that pay stipends to illegal immigrants (who are mostly non-white). Pretty much every Democrat proposal that uses “racism” as its basis is this – a preference system based on race – systemic racism, environmental racism, etc. are examples.
  • Black Americans receiving special treatment in the justice system and any time a black person dies in the hands of other blacks, as in the Tyre Nichols case in Memphis, the cause is said to be white supremacy.
  • Disney is teaching children the Critical Race Theory mantra that America was built exclusively on slavery and to the exclusion of every other race or ethnicity, blacks today are the reason America has been successful.
  • Academicians and authors like Robin Di Angelo and Ibram X. Kendi and professional social justice activists like Saira Rao and Regina Jackson demanding that whites acknowledge their inferiority to blacks and beg for forgiveness.
  • The pseudoscientific claims of Afrocentrism, which holds that black people, including ancient Egyptians, have superior mental, physical, and paranormal powers because they have higher levels of melanin, the primary skin pigment in humans and the idea of white people as inherently evil “white devils”.

If any of this were exclusive to whites, there is no doubt it would be legitimately recognized as white supremacy – that that would be correct – but it seems to recognize this today as black supremacy is racist.

To some extent, it has been getting noticed and in true progressive form, to avoid attention, the progressives just changed the name and definition of it.

In October of 2020, during the BLM lead protests/riots/looting, the lax posture of law enforcement and reemergence of the hands off, “give them room to destroy”, Ferguson Effect caused many Americans to question why predominantly black crowds were given free rein to create billions of dollars in destruction, the risible and racist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), allegedly an American civil rights advocacy group, announced that they would no longer use the category of “Black Supremacy” because:

  1. The term “Black supremacy” creates a false equivalency between Black supremacy and White supremacy,
  2. Black supremacy should alternatively be seen as “Black activism” against White supremacy,
  3. The term Black supremacy may encourage over-criminalization and over-policing of Black communities. SPLC states that it will continue to track some of the groups previously in their “Black supremacist” category, but only for antisemitic, anti-LGBTQ and male supremacist views, but not for anti-White views.

Basically the SPLC was saying that it was black supremacy but since calling it what it was makes blacks look bad, we just won’t call it that.

But that is what it is – and it is too dangerous to ignore. The “reparations” crowd isn’t interested in reparations, this movement is all about payback and they are supported by white fellow travelers and useful idiots who see political advantage in the alliance.

In a Speech at the Southern Methodist University, on March 17, 1966, Martin Luther King Jr. said:

“A doctrine of black supremacy is as dangerous as a doctrine of white supremacy. God is not interested in the freedom of black men or brown men or yellow men. God is interested in the freedom of the whole human race, the creation of a society where every man will respect the dignity and worth of personality.”

If white supremacy is evil, which it certainly is, black supremacy is also evil. We need to get our brains wrapped around that idea.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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