TRNL Comment Policy

Comments here on The Rio Norte Line are unmoderated and open to all. You do have to register – I don’t want trolls using multiple user names and stealing identities and I can prevent most of this by registration.

If your comment doesn’t show up immediately, it may be caught up in the spam filter and waiting for approval. We get an amazing amount of spam that gets trapped – one of the common features of that spam is multiple links to other pages. If you use more than a couple of links to outside references, it will likely get trapped. I get emails every time that happens but since I have a real job and I live on the Prime Meridian, I might be at work or asleep when you post, just be patient. I pretty much approve everything.

That being said, I am the sole owner of this blog and will make decisions based on my own judgment as to who posts here and the content of the posts. The content of this site is entirely at my discretion but the opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the authors. My purpose is not to censor but to try to maintain a minimum level of civil discourse and as such, very wide latitude will be given. Examples of what I will strive to prevent:

  • Attacks on the person rather than the position
  • Posting spam or links to “junk” websites
  • Senseless or purposeless vulgarity

Everything else is fair game.

I do not receive remuneration from this site and do not sell or otherwise share emails, user ids or other information with anyone or any other site.

Enjoy the forum.


4 thoughts on “TRNL Comment Policy

  1. I saw a photo of a bunch of monkeys at typewriters and would like to use it in a book that I wrote. Is this possible? If so, please let me know how I can access it.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. I’m still registered on your site? You do give wide latitude!
    I don’t have much to say tonight, I’m in a post-election funk. Or should I say mid-election funk? Hey Zeus crisco! won’t this ever be over?
    Everybody take care, and please wear your masks, if not for your sake then for mine. Because every time I see somebody without a mask in public, my blood pressure goes up.

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