Milton Friedman – Free To Choose

Everybody should commit the 10 hours to watch and share these videos before the November election. Watch these and you will see where my views of the economy and economics originate. After I saw this in 1980, I added economics to my university studies to get a degree in finance and economics to go with my mechanical engineering work…

Volume 1: Power of the Market

Volume 2: The Tyranny of Control

Volume 3: Anatomy of a Crisis

Volume 4: From Cradle to Grave

Volume 5: Created Equal

Volume 6: What’s Wrong With Our Schools

Volume 7: Who Protects the Consumer

Volume 8: Who Protects the Worker

Volume 9: How to Cure Inflation

Volume 10: How to Stay Free

8 thoughts on “Milton Friedman – Free To Choose

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  4. Thank you for making these videos available for “a click”… a very good price, indeed. One of the more interesting details of this production- PBS’s old, bold self, not nearly as left as they are now Thanks again Rio.

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  7. “Ideas have consequences!”~Milton Freedman
    And indeed we are experiencing the consequences of his ideas today!

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