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[NOTE: This post is part of a series that is intended to provide the reader who may otherwise be unaware of them with a general overview of Biblical prophecy concerning the end times.  The series pays special attention to Islamic end times prophecy and current events in the Middle East and world in general – as those events may or may not relate to these prophecies.  I do not claim to be an expert on this subject.  The majority of what I will be sharing in this series is largely the product of other peoples’ work, and I will cite them accordingly. However, it has been noted by others that I am more well-read on this subject than the average American, and have been asked by several readers to share what I have learned.  It is for this purpose that I started writing this series.  The posts can be found in a tab at the head of this blog under the title, “Prophecy.”  I’ll do my best to stick to what I know and/or can substantiate, and to answer whatever questions arise.  The series is meant only to edify.  I hope you will find it of interest.]


Some Recommended Reading


Naturally, you will need a Bible.  I am not big into which version people read, I tend to agree with the Apostles when they tell us that fighting over words is a distraction: we need to look at the meaning those words are meant to convey.  However, when we are dealing with specific issues, finding a Bible that keeps as true to the original meaning is important.  For this reason, I tend to use several Bibles, and pay special attention to the Young’s Literal Translation edition.  You may find Bible Gateway to be of value to you throughout this series of posts as it is free and provides the texts for the majority of the major translations of the Bible.

God’s War on Terror, by Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson

This is the book that shook me off my former understanding of end times prophecy.  Before I read this book, I pretty much accepted the version of prophecy that had become traditional among the majority of Western Christians (think Tim LeHaye and Left behind).  Now, I am convinced that the end times prophecy is intimately connected to Islam.  Shoebat is exhaustive in his comparison and contrasting of Biblical and Islamic prophecy.  What you’ll learn here will be shocking to most Westerners.  This book is very well cited, but it is not written very well (mainly because Shoebat is not a native speaker of the English language).  Also, I have some issue with a few of the leaps made in this book, but in the most general sense, this is a solid piece of explanation dealing with what prophecy actually tells us and not what we think it says.  What’s more, this book will show you that everything in Revelation was foretold in the Old Testament.

Mideast Beast, by Joel Richardson

Written by the co-author of “God’s War on Terror,” this book continues with a more scholarly look at many of the prophecies explained in the first book.  This book largely put an end to the issues I mentioned I had with some “leaps” made by Shoebat in “God’s War on Terror.”  This book is written much better, involves a great deal more exploration into recorded history and – once again – is thoroughly cited.  This book will cement the narrative of the first.

The Islamic Anti-Christ, by Joel Richardson

This book is pretty much a second volume of Richardson’s continuation of the work he did in collaboration with Shoebat.  It will cement the reader’s understanding of the Islamic prophecy first explained in “God’s War on Terror.”

After reading these three books, the reader will have what is probably the best and most accurate understanding of Biblical end-times prophecy man has ever had.  The information I will present throughout this series is largely a condensing of what is in these three books.  Still, they are a must read for anyone interested in this subject.  I highly recommend them.

AMOZON LISTING  (all three can be bought together and are already listed that way in this link)

Epicenter, by Joel C. Rosenberg

This is not fiction.  It is an accounting of current events in the Middle East that tie directly to prophecy.  The book takes pieces of prophecy that are very specific – not open to “interpretation” – and shows how they have already happened or are currently coming to pass.  The book covers prophecies such as the Israeli desert becoming one of the most fertile agricultural places on the planet, and the locust swarms ending and Israel becoming the world’s leading exporter of fruits and flowers.  It also goes into Moses’ prophecy for his two sons who went to the northern extremes of Israel, and that their descendents would reap the rewards of the “treasures” hidden beneath the sands.  It explains how one of – if not the largest oil reserves known to man has recently been uncovered in the very spot Moses’ sons migrated – in the very place the Bible says the nations will fight Armageddon.  As with the other books, this one is very well cited, but it is not fiction.  It puts prophecy into real life and in ways that are difficult to deny.

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