Felipe Calderon Says The US Must “Rethink” Gun Laws

That’s right – El Presidente de Mexico wants us to stop the gun violence (but I don’t think he meant that DOJ el heife, Eric Holder, should resign over Fast and Furious):

Mexican President Felipe Calderon condemned U.S. gun laws as “mistaken” and urged Washington to review them after a shooter killed 12 people and injured more than 50 others at a U.S. movie theater on Friday.

In comments posted on his Twitter account on Saturday, Calderon offered his condolences to the United States after a gunman went on the rampage with an assault rifle at a midnight premier of the new Batman film in Aurora, Colorado.

But Mexico’s president, who has repeatedly called on Washington to tighten gun controls to stop weapons flowing from the United States into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, said U.S. weapons policy needed a rethink after the killings.

“Because of the Aurora, Colorado tragedy, the American Congress must review its mistaken legislation on guns. It’s doing damage to us all,” Calderon said.

I realize that El Presidente is concerned about all the firearms moving across Mexico’s northern border with the US but there is still some question whether that is really happening in significant numbers. The 90% number has been widely discredited by many sources, FactCheck.org among them.

Given the lack of hard data from Mexico, we can’t calculate a precise figure for what portion of crime guns have been traced to the U.S. Based on the best evidence we can find so far, we conclude that the 90 percent claim made by the president and others in his administration lacks a basis in solid fact. But we also conclude that the number is at least double what Fox News has reported, based on its reporters’ mistaken interpretation of ATF testimony.

Even though they clearly state that there is not enough evidence to clearly calculate an accurate number, to make sure that they continued reporting to the left of the news they arbitrarily calculate a number just to take a shot at Fox. Notice that the never state what Fox “misinterpreted”, they just doubled the number that they reported.

FOX News’ number? They pegged the number at 17% because:

In fact, it’s not even close. The fact is, only 17 percent of guns found at Mexican crime scenes have been traced to the U.S.

What’s true, an ATF spokeswoman told FOXNews.com, in a clarification of the statistic used by her own agency’s assistant director, “is that over 90 percent of the traced firearms originate from the U.S.”

But a large percentage of the guns recovered in Mexico do not get sent back to the U.S. for tracing, because it is obvious from their markings that they do not come from the U.S.

So now that El Presidente has opined on how wrong we are, it is only fair that we take a look at how well Mexico’s laws are working for them.

There actually seems to be an armed conflict ongoing on Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala. There aren’t any armed insurrections ongoing in the US are there?

Hmmmmmm… Perhaps El Presidente should look to his own country before criticizing America.

Ironically, Mexico has one of the most strict immigration policies in North America as well.

Here’s a quick sampling of the google search terms “violence in southern Mexico”:

  1. 22 killed in drug violence in southern Mexico state – The Times of India

    timesofindia.indiatimes.com › World

    20 Mar 2012 – Gunmen ambushed and killed 12 police officers who had been sent to investigate the beheadings of 10 people in southern Guerrero state, 

  2. Drug war increasingly brings violence to Mexico’s southern border

    A priest who shelters stranded migrants needs police protection. A chopped-up body turns up with a threatening message.

  3. Violence in Southern Mexican State Leaves 11 Dead

    Violence in Southern Mexican State Leaves 11 Dead. CHILPANCINGO, Mexico – Eleven people were found dead in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, 

  4. 23 Die In Wave Of Violence In Southern Mexico | Fox News Latino


    7 Dec 2010 – At least 23 men were killed over the past few days in a wave of drug-related violence in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, officials said.

  5. 5 Die In Wave Of Violence In Southern Mexico | Fox News Latino


    5 Apr 2011 – At least five people were killed and two others wounded in a wave ofviolence in Acapulco, a resort city in the southern Mexican state of 

  6. 24 Die in wave of violence in southern Mexico | Fox News Latino


    4 Oct 2011 – At least 23 men and a woman died in drug-related violence last weekend in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, with most of the killings 

  7. 16 Killed in gangland violence in southern Mexico | Fox News Latino


    28 Oct 2011 – Suspected drug cartel assailants killed 15 men and a woman in thesouthern Mexican state of Guerrero, authorities said.

  8. Political violence the norm in Oaxaca, Mexico — RT

    http://www.rt.com/news/political-violence-oaxaca-mexico/22 May 2010
    The southern Mexican state of Oaxaca has experienced an increase in violence between anti-government 
  9. Mexico: 22 killed in drug violence in southern state


    20 Mar 2012 – Gunmen ambushed and killed 12 police officers who had been sent to investigate the beheadings of 10 people in southern Guerrero state.

  10. Peace Caravan Brings Attention to Violence in Southern Mexico 

    19 Sep 2011 – In parts of southern Mexico, the legacy of the decades-long Dirty War against political dissidents has dovetailed with the climate of violence and 

48 thoughts on “Felipe Calderon Says The US Must “Rethink” Gun Laws

  1. Isn’t just hilarious that the whole self-aggrandizing world wants to opine on how we set up this wonderful nation, calling us “wrong”, yet we have a much better standard of living than these a**hats.

    Felipe is a dolt.

    • Well, we think we do, but Europeans on the whole are happier, live longer, and are not near as angry as we seem to be. We also lead most of the industrialized world in gun-related violence per capita. And fewer people in these countries lose their homes due to catastrophic medical bills than here in the good ol’ USA.

      • Argument is plausible until I think of Mexico, and places like Syria. Even in our own country, lawfully gun owners have saved their own lives, and business by arming themselves in times of unrest (Watts riots after Rodney King trial, New Orleans after hurricane Katrina for example). Criminals gun down entire villages … sometimes weekly.

        I served in Foča, Boznia, and other towns and villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina … I have seen slaughter at the hands of criminals. I know what it is like.

        I have to say, one lawful armed citizen sitting in that theater could have had an enormous impact on the outcome of that tragedy.

        G – would you less likely break in to a home if you knew the owner collected firearms?

      • That whole “European’s are happier” is such crap. That’s really easy to believe when you haven’t spent significant time living over here and traveling the world like I have. Europeans are just like us, they worry about the same things and get mad just like we do. Plus, what good would it do to get angry, they have less control over their own lives, so what would the point be?

        It is easy to say that you are happy when you know nothing else but what you know – the more interesting statistic would be how many people from the EU come to America and want to stay as opposed to going back – the oil industry is filled with people like that.

        What are they giving up to get the slight advantages they have?

        As far as living longer, there are factors that have more to do with hereditary make up than whether living in Norway is healthier than living in America, we have a large mixture of ethnicities, many of which are predisposed to health issues at a DNA level that reduce life expectancy.

        There is no comparison to life in the US, the average home over here is half the size of one in the US. The lifestyles are totally different. As far as them being less angry – two words – Anders Breivik.

        • Utah, all I can go by is what I read, and what my friends in England, Israel, and France tell me. My travel is limited mainly to the Pacific rim, Panama, and Puerto Rico

          I will say this without hesitation, the people in the countryside of Panama were, on the whole a lot happier than us while making do with a lot less than we have.

  2. Tinpot third world dictators are always astounded that the people of the United States haven’t been completely disarmed. They can’t grasp that the real issue is why the people of the US allow their government to be armed (except for the military). Just another fundamental misunderstanding of who is in charge.

    Mexico needs to shut up and mind their own business. Unless they are hell bent on becoming a DMZ between us and the rest of Central America.

  3. Personally, I say we all line up on the Southern border and practice that “gun control” he says we need to practice. That way, we can ‘handle’ several birds with the same round(s) 😉

    • “I say we all line up on the Southern border and practice that ‘gun control’”

      So why don’t you load up your pickup and go, Joe? In the meantime, I assume you’ve been practicing with this video game: http://nerdnirvana.org/g4m3s/borderpatrol.htm

      Gee, it’s hard to understand why some folks think too many conservatives love violence. But hey, Joe, here’s another chance to tell us how good you are at shooting people–the apparent high point of your life. By the way, I ran a nice gun-tottin’ photo of your hero on my latest blog post.

      I hope you don’t have to use your gun in church today.

    • Indeed. Apparently folks in Chicago need MORE guns to reduce the violence. Isn’t that the NRA argument?

      • I dunno James. How helpless are you going to feel if your wife gets accosted by gun wielding gang members and you aren’t prepared. She’s not valuable to you enough to get trained, permitted, and carry?

        • Stupid and somewhat offensive question, augger. I’ve been injured and have injured others while protecting innocents (though not with guns in either case), and there’s nothing to me more valuable than my family.

          I’ve stated elsewhere that she and I are gun owners. I’ve also explained why most people shouldn’t be, especially with the amount of training most of them get.

          • Careful not to patronize me James. When I read shit like this: “Indeed. Apparently folks in Chicago need MORE guns to reduce the violence. Isn’t that the NRA argument?”, I know that your being snide.

            I don’t mind being snide back. Your not the only privileged one here who can offend.

            • There are different kinds of gun owners, and theebl’s link pointed out the amount of gun (and knife) violence in Chicago. I’d be willing to bet that a fair number of those killed also had guns–and that relatively few of the guns in Chicago that kill people are used in the kind of home/self defense we’d been talking about here.

              I’d also argue that being snide about the NRA, the Black Panthers, liberals, conservatives, whatever, is different than insinuating a person won’t defend his family or thinks his spouse is “less important” than you do.

              • You shouldn’t put the Black Panthers in the same sentence as the NRA, liberals, or conservatives. They are not even in the same zip code.

              • There was no insinuation in it. It was a question clearly to shock your snide-minded brain in to seeing your own mean spirited discussion James. The obvious answer is “Yes”. But you cannot say yes, but in doing so, you lose face.

                Now I’d prefer not to take our talks to this level, but I will every time I see trying to out flank people. You have a grudge against Black … fine. You take that grudge up with him. But the rest of us are not pawns on some ideological chest set you seem to think we are, so quit stereotyping us as such.

                We have a serious discussion going on in another thread that turns the discussion up to a higher standard. Why don’t you cruise back over to it before I call it a night. I prefer those, and I honestly was interested in the direction it was headed.

                • “There was no insinuation in it.”

                  Sorry I misread it, then. It’s not like our chats have been consistently civil. 🙂 But I apologize.

                  • It’s something we’ll both have to work on.

                    No apology needed as long as we both know where the other is coming from. All else will eventually work itself out.

                    “Wrestling” as Greg puts it … is sometimes fun, and needed. 🙂

                  • You’re welcome (shakes hand).

                    My glass is empty, and that is enough Scotch and cigars for one evening wind down. Fitting end to a great weekend, but Monday is just around the corner.

                    Monday is a predator, and it stalks us all.

                    So I bid you farewell, and we shall spar again tomorrow. 🙂

                • “we shall spar again tomorrow”

                  Perhaps. I have a golf game planned and some work to do, so we’ll see. But have a good evening and a great week.

        • Years ago I interviewed a “young Father” who was a victim of a home burglary after midnight. He watched a man walk by his bedroom door down the hallway, past his toddlers room, and go to the kitchen. His wife dialed 911, while he picked up a golf club.

          To victim’s good luck, the burglar was a known “crazy” person, (but nonviolent towards people), and took his time eating a snack in the kitchen while he was busy wrapping up a laptop and other things to steal.

          Police arrive and see burglar throwing stolen items in the bushes…..

          I asked him, do you have a gun? After all that, He says, “what do I need that for?”

            • Very true Augger, “truth is stranger than fiction”.
              Usually when a burglar breaks into your home during “non-business” hours, he/she isn’t there for property, they are there to hurt the persons…… If the burglar merely wants property to sell, they come during times when most people are at work.

          • “After all that, He says, ‘what do I need that for?'”

            Which means he’s exactly the kind of guy who shouldn’t have one. Unless you know you’re willing to shoot someone, you’re probably better off with a dog at home and pepper spray on the street. I knew of a guy here who, when annoyed (not seriously threatened), waved his gun around–he was then beaten into a coma with it.

            For home protection, most people are better off with a short-barreled shotgun than with a handgun or rifle. It’s harder to miss with a shotgun, and bullets are more likely than buckshot to go through walls and kill or injure someone in another room or outside.

  4. John Lott studied the crime rates of Chicago and Washington DC after the GUN BANS WERE LIFTED by the Supreme Court.

    “…Armageddon never happened. Newly released data for Chicago shows that, as in Washington, murder and gun crime rates didn’t rise after the bans were eliminated — they plummeted. They have fallen much more than the national crime rate.
    Not surprisingly, the national media have been completely silent about this news.”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/09/30/media-silence-is-deafening-about-important-gun-news/#ixzz21N2rYYAr

  5. If Mexico truly wanted to do something about drug cartel gang crime, Mexico would allow everyday citizens the opportunity to protect themselves if they so choose. Then neighbors could group together and provide the security their neighborhoods deserve. Much like neighborhoods did in Hurricane Katrina, when police protection was so overwhelmed, it did not exist.

    Criminals arm themselves with fully automatic military rifles smuggled through south america. Police have ceded many areas to the criminals. Unarmed Law abiding citizens don’t have a chance.

    Lets see, the claimed number is 17% of the weapons used in Mexican crimes come from America. So 83% of Mexico’s arms come from somewhere else. Uh oh, that somewhere else has strict gun laws.

    The gun banner’s argument?
    Keeping Americans from having a “self-loading” firearms (one pull of the trigger fires the weapon one time) will magically stop the international drug cartels from smuggling in and using fully automatic military weapons (pull the trigger once and empty the magazine.

    Since Mexico’s criminals get the majority of their military arms from gun control countries, If America bans guns, then the Mexican drug cartels will get more guns from America, not less….

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