History is Repeating: The Parallels Between NAZI Germany and Modern America

People have asked: “How did the Germans let Hitler happened?”  I’ll tell you, but you have to give me the time.

This is not an easy subject to write or read about, but it is crucial that it be addressed. I do not hold a degree in history, but I am no novice, either. I spent a good part of my life studying WW II, and this includes its political origins. I spent ten years of my life in a profession where I had to be an expert on many matters dealing with WW II, especially Germany and all aspects of her military. However, I do hold a degree in philosophy and sociology, and I do have some expertise in these areas. Combining all of this, I do see an alarming parallel between the current climate in our nation and that of 1930’s Germany. If you follow my posts, you have heard me tell you to ignore the specifics of how they are being presented and look for the foundational principles in any given issue. This is the only way to really understand what happens in our world and why. If you will bear with me, I will now do my best to show you what I see happening as succinctly as possible, but with enough evidence to make my case. I hope you’ll work through this entire post.

I want to start by saying this up front: I do place a great deal of confidence in the work Glenn Beck has done in trying to expose what is happening in this nation and how it is being done. Beck has helped me understand who the players are and how they are executing their plan. However, I understood this process was in play years before I ever heard of Glenn Beck, I just didn’t know how to explain it because I didn’t have all the pieces. I still don’t, but I have enough. With that said, we start with the Van Jones’s “Bottom Up, Top Down, Inside Out” theory as explained by Beck:

This is the formula Hitler used to seize power in the 1930’s. Briefly, he used organizations (in his case, mainly unions and a paramilitary organization called the brown shirts) to create civil unrest. He also focused the people’s anger on a central enemy (in his case, the Jews). When he had created enough civil unrest and hatred toward his scapegoat, he used the trouble that he had caused to declare an emergency and demand “emergency powers.” After he had done that, he made a public showing of “restoring order” by killing those who had helped him create the unrest he needed to seize power. It was called “The Night of the Long Knives.” Now, let me show you that this is the pattern being repeated, and how.

First, we know that the people surrounding Obama want a revolution:

Frances Fox Piven Rings in The New Year By Calling for Violent Revolution

Chilling Video: Openly Rooting for Revolution, The Left Calls For American Civil Unrest & Riots (Frances Fox Piven, Lib Talkers, Journalists, Van Jones, Rev Wright, English Protest Leader, etc)

We could write books about the connections between these and many other like-minded people to Obama, but you will have to do your own homework if you do not trust my word. I’m not worried about you proving me wrong: if you are intellectually honest with yourself, you won’t be able to do so. But it isn’t just that these people want revolution, they believe violence is an acceptable means of achieving their goals:

Beck Was Right She Is Dangerous: Cornel West & Piven Admit RIOTS & Social Chaos Was What She Was Writing About After Denying in Dozens of Interviews

Piven: Violence Is Okay if It‘s a ’Big Part of Your Strategy’

[Read more about Piven here, and about the multiple connections between Obama and revolutionary radicals here]

Now, let’s go back to Hitler for a moment. Hitler had already planned to focus the People’s fear and hatred on a single scapegoat. From Mein Kampf:

“The efficiency of the truly national leader consists primarily in preventing the division of the attention of a people, and always in concentrating it on a single enemy.”

Now, Hitler blames the Jews and focused Germany’s anger on them, but Hitler’s reasoning was two-fold. Not only did Hitler hate Jews, he also hated capitalism, and – since the Jews have always been a symbol of banking and capitalism – blaming the Jews for Germany’s ills allowed Hitler to “kill two birds with one stone,” so to speak. This is happening again. The attacks on American Jews have started to rise, and the stories are everywhere. Just search for them. This is just one example from today’s news:

MA Couple Finds Swastika Keyed into Their Car at the Beginning of Passover

I trust that anyone reading the RNL is already aware of the Left’s (and our government’s) attacks on banking and capitalism, so I feel no need to post links to examples of these stories. What we need to take from this is the connection between Hitler’s use of the Jews to attack the banks and capitalism can be found in the current attacks on our banking system and capitalism, and that the connection to the Jews is implied, as well as being made by members of the 99% – who are allowed to make these connections this time, rather that the leaders of this revolt risk tarnishing their images by doing it themselves.

Occupy Wall Street: “Blame the Jews” “Hitler’s Bankers, Wall Street”

Hitler used his brown shirts and the trade unions to instigate the violence which caused the civil unrest he needed to get the people to support him when he declared an emergency and called for emergency power (which he then used to disband the legislative body and declare himself dictator). Enter Saul Alinsky and community organizing. Saul Alinsky’s message of his book, Rules for Radicals, was all about organizing groups for the sole purpose of creating political power which can then be used to achieve political goals. The unions are still part of this collection of organizations, and we can see them at work causing unrest and trouble today in Wisconsin and with the affairs of Boeing. We also see a parallel between the unions (NEA) and the nationalization of our public schools and 1930’s Germany. I wanted to show the comparisons to you, but everywhere I look for the clips, I find things like this:


German children sing “Hitler is our saviour”

Again, I will have to rely on the RNL reader to already be aware of the multiple stories that have come out about children being taught to sing praises to Obama, even to work for his election campaign. But the fact that these and many other stories are being scrubbed from the media brings us to yet another parallel between our country and 1930’s Germany. Hitler said:

“In relation to the political decontamination of our public life, the government will embark upon a systematic campaign to restore the nation’s moral and material health. The whole educational system, theater, film, literature, the press and broadcasting – all these will be used as a means to this end.”

Now pay attention not only to the call for State control of the schools and entertainment industries (do I really need to “prove” that the majority of Hollywood is Leftist?), but also to the call to control the press/media. Now consider that the Obama “Diversity Czar” has said the same thing:

Again, Glenn Beck has been trying to explain this to us, but he is being attacked by those he is trying to expose – the people who have control over the very means to attack him: the government and the media.

Do a little more research on Mark Llyod for yourself. You will find he not only calls for government control of the media, but for the forced takeover of “white owned” media by blacks. You will also find Llyod making claims such as whites are afraid of dark-skinned black men, which takes us to yet another couple parallels between modern America and Hitler’s Germany: the deliberate use of race and religion to inflame the people for the deliberate purpose of creating violence and civil unrest:

Rev. Wright Unleashed: ‘White Supremacy’ Drives ‘World Policy, Allah & Yahweh Are the ‘Same’…and Clarence Thomas Is Worshipping ‘Some Other God’

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Jesus Was Killed Because He ‘Occupied’ the Corrupt Temple

Need I also remind you of Obama’s attacks on the Catholic Church, or against Christians and Jews who oppose his policies?

Then we have the DOJ dismissing clear violations of voter intimidation laws, and ignoring open advertisements for the kidnapping and/or murder of a private citizen and even the call for revolution and open race wars:

‘Suited, Booted, and Armed’: Unbelievable Audio From the New Black Panthers on Bloody, Anti-Capitalist ‘Race War’ Against White Devils

This has led the Neo-NAZIs to openly “patrol” the streets in the neighborhood where the Martin shooting happened. It must be remembered that the Neo-NAZIs are still NAZIs, which means they are anti-capitalist as well. But they are national socialists, so they stress national unity. They will blame the different organizations Obama and his minions are organizing and setting in motion for the violence, which will create the civil unrest that Obama wants/needs by causing things like this:

Facebook Page of Tulsa Shooting Suspect: My Dad Was ‘Shot by a F–king N—r’

And then, rather than showing the hyper-sensitivity it demonstrated in the ESPN story on the NBA player, reporters openly use language such as this:

Yes, a CNN Reporter Really Did Say ‘F***ing N****r’ on Live TV

So we have a desire for revolution (Hitler had that- so does Obama); a central enemy to focus the people’s anger on (Hitler used the Jews to attack banking and capitalism, Obama is using bankers to attack capitalism with the Jews being understood as well as race wars to set blacks against whites); the use of organizations to cause violence (unions, the black panthers, ACORN and others of Obama’s “community organizations”); supported by the perversion of our churches (check); our schools (check); the take-over of our movies, TV and music (check); and the control of our news media (check). All that is left is to wait for or push for the growth of violence (OWS campaign and Piven) which will then create the civil unrest (bottom up) that will lead to the people demanding Obama do something about it (top down). When that happens, we will have a crisis:

And with a large enough crisis, not only the people, but our own Congressmen will call for Obama to declare a national emergency:

Which then leads to the call to suspend elections:

At that point, if the man in the oval office is a revolutionary who has declared a desire to “fundamentally transform” the nation, it is all over – just like 1930’s Germany.

Ignore these parallels at the nation’s peril!  This cycle always leads to mass murder and a loss of individual rights and liberty.

18 thoughts on “History is Repeating: The Parallels Between NAZI Germany and Modern America

  1. I don’t believe President Obama will be reelected.

    So calm down. There is nothing to worry about as I am giving a tantric massage to Romney tonight. I’ll give you the details of my plan at 0700. Please come prepared. FL and I have spoken in great detail of this, and G. suggested we call it “Operation Mississippi.” Mums the word.

    • I do… 😦

      Romney will not be able to beat this man because he will essentially be saying “I am a better Obama” (remember, Romney has – at one time or another – advocated nearly EVERYTHING Obama has).

      And, even if Romney DOES beat him, I am just as worried as Obama did not start this. Bush was pushing us in this direction, but so was Clinton, and the Bush before him. This goes far beyond any 1 person, and Romney is no different in his heart than any of the others.

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  3. Well, if Top down, Bottom up isn’t an instruction from Kells, then Van is simply referring to the way things get done. The Tea Party could be described in this way; folks at the bottom organizing, getting support from insiders like DeMint and Bachmann, and the extensive coverage of Tea Party activities by Fox News.
    The Reagan Revolution was aided by Richard Vigueries’ excellent organizing of fundamental Christians and political conservatives into a voting bloc that changed the course of history. Reagan filled the role of top down. As I have pointed out before, Alinsky’s tactics are being taught to conservatives, Because they work!

    Would you ban the military from using blitzkrieg tactics to fight an enemy, because the Nazis used it. Should we mothball our submarine fleet because of the Lusitania?

    Soros, by Beck’s own admission, has aided in the downfall of several despotic governments, including several that were outright communist. Now, one can say that he was just practicing on smaller countries before getting ready to a makeover here. One could say that he concentrated on communist countries in order to fool us, so that we wouldn’t think that he is a commie himself. Or, one could say that Soros hates communism, totalitarianism, and puts his money to work aiding organizations that feel likewise. The evidence for the latter position is overwhelming, evidence for the former is nothing but Beck’s thin chain of similar phrases,plus some smoke and mirrors.

    The Jesse Jackson, jr. video, as I have already told you, is more disturbing. It is also more complete than the others, so the context cannot be questioned with a straight face. He seems like an earnest young man, concerned about his country, because that is what he is. His solutions, as expressed here however, are frightening in their implications.. A national emergency over jobs? His focus on executive action is bad enough, coming from a Congressman, whose job is to check the power of the other branches is akin to an abrogation of his sworn duty.

    Governor Perdue wasn’t joking, in my opinion. If she was, she needs a drummer behind her to fire off a rimshot every now and then. I can understand the frustration, a Congressman is running for his next term the day he’s inaugurated.She should be ashamed of herself, But suspending election now would leave Congress in Republican hands, so I doubt that she is saying this as part of any leftist takeover cabal.

    B, you’ve done a fine job here, but I don’t see any organized plot. What I do see, however is a bunch of like-minded people who Could come together, and possibly change things for the worse, despite their intentions. It isn’t a conspiracy when it is out in the open, and I can’t make some of the connections you make with any confidence, but you do show a disturbing trend, that of people in positions of influence desiring a ‘benevolent’ central government that will solve all the nation’s problems, and that is scary enough.

    • Bottom UP, Top DOWN does not mean peacefully redress the govt. and the govt. responds to our desire. That is not “down.” Jones mean “Rise Up until the top COMES down” as in “down on the trouble makers.” This is the communist pattern.

      As for Soros, we are smack in the middle of the 4th of his 5 point plan. Look that one up. It is hand-in-hand with whjat is happening.

      As for coordination: lol, so a flock of birds has no coordination, nor a school of fish or swarm of locust – or even a mob? Hardly. Place enough like-minded people in one place at the same time and they will naturally act in accord by their very nature. But if you would bother to look, you will find the connections. Try spending some time on the web site I linked you to concerning those connections. Beck has made them, as well. They go all the way back to Woodrow Wislon and they are from ALL Parties, but THEY ARE THERE! That’s just another – LONGER – post 😉

      • Sorry, G,

        That came out sounding much harsher than it sounded in my head. Didn’t mean to come off as though I am attacking you. If it did, please forgive. 🙂

    • Must you post my instructions for eveyone to see?

      I believe your argument falls in line with B.’s in that both parties carry the same evils. You must admit, though, top down, bottom up does have a ring about it….

  4. Hitler did away with the unions. Hitler did not only hate the Jews; he hated the gypsies, handy capped, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Wittnesses, liberals, non-Aryan minorities and any one who didn’t have a use in his plans for Germany.

    Also the Federal Reserve is controlled by private banking interest, thanks to Woodrow Wilson back in 1913

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