FaceBook censorship continues…and is getting worse…much worse

From the Dryer Report By: Diane Sori

As many of you know by now conservative bloggers (both bloggers ‘of name’ and grassroots bloggers like me), online reporters, and conservative posters, have been harassed by FaceBook for about a week now and it’s getting worse…much worse.

NOT by the day but now by the hour.

Where once we could post our blog entries unhindered to as many sites as we chose to post on, starting a few days ago we began getting warnings to STOP after only a few posts or face being banned for x-number of days…banned to twiddle our thumbs in the infamous FB jail.

Now after posting just a few times and getting the warning (some after just one or two postings or sharings), a new wrench has been thrown into the mix…now I, and other bloggers, online reporters, and regular posters, can only write direct posts and comments to FB pages and sites…we can NO longer copy and paste articles or share links….NO copy and paste or sharing anything…NO Newsmax, NO Townhall…NO WND…NO Examiner…NO Blaze…NO Daily Caller…NO Jihad Watch…NO Bare Naked Islam…NO ANYTHING.

And what do ALL these sites have in common…ALL are conservative sites…all are anti-Obama, anti-islam, and pro-America sites…ALL tell the truth about this traitorous, Second Amendment hating, economy destroying administration…and ALL are what FB considers right-wing extremist sites.

And this comes directly on top of Sunday night’s development involving a petition that was on the FB White House site addressing this very issue of FB censorship. This petition was pulled down with an explanation saying it violated the site policy…which we all know is pure BS as Obama has FB in his pocket…just like the msm is in his pocket…and FB will do whatever he bids them to do…and know that Obama forbids any criticism of his narcissistic self.

In this case the White House took down a petition that violated NO policy, incited NO violence, did NOT call for the overthrow of the government, included NO hate speech or vulgarities…had NO pornographic photos attached to it…NO anything that violated any legitimate policy, whether it be FBs, on whose network this site appears, or the White House site itself. This is a prime example of censorship (a direct violation of our First Amendment right to free speech)…and ‘selective’ censorship at that, because this petition was pulled for the simple reason it criticized the ‘almighty’ FB, an arm of the Obama generated control of the media, for its recent censoring of conservative bloggers, online reporters, and posters, especially those, like me, who are highly vocal and critical of this president and his administration.

And lets NOT forget the Obama wanted, FB sanctioned liberal trolls who peruse conservative blogs and sites and report directly to FB those bloggers, online reporters, and posters as spammers…and spamming does violate FB policy. The only thing is…NO ONE is spamming as we bloggers, online reporters, and posters have permission from site admen to post our blog entries, articles, and comments on their sites…so absolutely NO spamming is involved.

But then FB also says we are being banned because we are annoying people or that we are posting inappropriate material or that we are posting hate speech or that…the list goes on and on. And of course there is NO credence to any of this…it’s just targeted harassment by the FB team of those critical to the Obama agenda.

And here’s the kicker…NO Obama supporting blogger, reporter, or poster has been warned, banned, or blocked…NONE…it’s just we conservatives that are the target of such oh so special FB treatment…treatment that is getting more annoying with each passing hour as just a short while ago an article about this current Facebook censorship was posted on a conservative news site and then Tweeted to its followers. Then lo and behold the article poster, who happened to be one of the site editors, was thrown in the Twitter Gulag…Twitters version of FB jail for 24 hours!

Shut down and silenced just for sharing a FB critical article on her own site.

So now we know that ALL sites, pages, groups, and timelines…ALL…are being monitored by the FB team of geeks and Obamaites to tag anyone criticizing FB or this administration, and then punishment is adjudicated whether warranted or NOT. FB has become the pro-Obama biased judge, jury, and sentencer of each and every conservative who uses this network.

There is something so very inherently wrong with this…so very anti-American…so very anti-First Amendment…and I don’t want to hear that FB can do this as they are NO longer a private entity but a publicly traded company with their privacy settings becoming public. And as a now public company, FB does NOT have the right to violate our constitutional given right to free speech, as long as that speech holds true to the intent of the First Amendment.

So FB needs to STOP this nonsense…this selective harassment and selective enforcement…this dictator-like running of an open to the public network…because we bloggers, online reporters, and posters are NOT going to just sit back and allow this to continue unchecked as we will fight back against those who try and pervert our right to free speech.

And FB can take that to the bank…in more ways than one.

36 thoughts on “FaceBook censorship continues…and is getting worse…much worse

  1. I had seen a Post on the Dryer Report by Diane Sori on Jan 3rd on this topic…..forwarded it to the College Kids.

    If we don’t get more of that Generation to recognize this Obama Administartion’s attacks on the Bill of Rights…1st and 2nd amendments right now …. we are lost.

    • Would you give me your email to start a email list of those who support certain petitions like 9/11 etc GMO’S etc unsafe vaccines etc RFID microchipping etc Richard rca082 AT bigponddotnetdotau

      • Would you give me your email to start a email list of those who support certain petitions like 9/11 etc GMO’S etc unsafe vaccines etc RFID microchipping etc Richard rca08207 AT bigponddotnetdotau


  2. I belong to many conservative groups and all of us are having one hell of time posting. You are correct the fb connect on many sources is missing. Also Yahoo whose mail I use is doing some strange things too. Everyday there is a problem, or in the middle of reading poof gone. Orjust plain nothing happens at all. All wierd wish I was wealthy because I would attack and show no mercy to them. If someone else comes out with a fb equilalent it would do great. It is the government monitoring and forcing fb and yahoo and google to fall in line and cooperate or else.

  3. Don’t forget, there have been numerous stories about how Facebook (and Google, and twitter, and the cell phone companies) are now working directly with the U.S. Govt.).

    Aint Fascism a wonderful hing?

  4. Don’t forget Obama has a switch now to shut down the Internet because of a Trumped up “National Emergency”…….it is vitally important to create alternative routes of communication outside of FB…..exchange E-mails….phone #s…..message machines etc…..

    Communication is (will Be ) key in any time of Crises !!

  5. This is interesting, Daddy. I just recently started interacting on the FB site. I should like to test your theory…….perhaps if I include the nudie pic of Dusty 4-wheelin, they’ll see things differently…..

    • Hi Vikram,

      I noticed that (I read foreign news wires). I assume you know China already controls social media, but did you see the story about Iran developing a program to actually control social media? For the first time in history, micro technology and computers have made it possible for governments to monitor and control everything we do. We would be very foolish NOT to believe they will use that ability to do just that.

      • China sucks, they first control search engines, then social media… the communists are bullshit, they don’t respect humanity. They treat people like animals. People who loves freedom they have to build their own modified communication system, out of reach of these watchdogs! Anyhow public domination, thought control, is getting necessary for them because people around the world love each other, and ruling class try to involve them in the war! Through internet if we are able to build love & peace then no one will respect the rulers!

    • Thanks for posting Vikram …. Freedom loving People world-wide will have to unite to fight all of this….we need to stay connected !

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  7. Quoting from http://www.facebookcensorship.com
    Update 3-13-2013 The harassment continues and I am locked out again. What they do is make you pass a test to identify friends tagged in photos. Of course many tagged photos have nothing to do with the person tagged and many with hundreds or thousands of friends would not recognize every friend. That makes it easy for FB to harass and censor larger accounts. I don’t believe the FB employees could be that stupid so I believe this is deliberate. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against Facebook.

  8. I am currently having an issue with the facebook people because they are denying my notifications be sent out. I repeatedly warned the facebook people that I felt they were censoring my account, and after six emails they still did not respond, or fix the problem I am having with my notifications. These are nothing but factual statements.

  9. I just got suspended for seven days more for posting the following truth about Facebook ….

    Hey Facebook, My account was suspended for three days for simply posting a “White Pride” photo and during those three day I reported many Black pride ,Black Power, Black Panther photos AND photos and videos of whites being attacked by blacks and I was told by Facebook each and every time that the post “does not violate Facebook community standards” but my photo that simply stated “White Pride” violated Facebook community standards? Give me a fucking break, your double standard bias liberal bullshit is setting you up for a racial discrimination lawsuit. So… as long as blacks are allowed to post “Black Power”, “Black Pride” and Black Panther” photos, and as long as blacks are allowed to post videos of blacks violently attacking whites and stealing confederate flags I WILL post photos of White Pride and now White Power.

    • When a product becomes a household term it is in jeopardy of losing its name. FB has reached a level of that significance. FB has a gun to our heads now telling us what can and cannot be said on FB. The gov’t needs to take this on, stop these trolls from doing exactly what is censorship. I say the US needs to shut down FB and take over the social media aspect with free speech and no more censorship. Let it be heard, let speech be unencumbered by the liberal left loons that run it now

  10. GET FCT is a musical band fighting for the equal rights of all….After months of acceptance from Facebook, Google, and Amazon…taking money for advertising…Facebook requested what GET FCT…stands for, after replying ..Getting Equal Treatment—For Conservative Transgenders…Facebook immediately suspended all functions of GET FCT…but then accepted money to advertise GET FCT..only to suspend us again for advertising ….

  11. was blocked by FB’s Community Standards BS after I tried to publish the names of all Muslim political office seekers in the USA for 2019 & 2020. No derogatory terms used just an FYI for those wanting to read who the Muslims are applying for political office in their communities. FB said NO, no way this violates their community standards policy, WTF who is the victim here? So we cannot get this info into the social media mainstream according to FB. WHY?

  12. Amazing that this article was originally put up in 2013…..here we are in 2019. AND IT’S EVEN WORSE !!

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