More Racism from the Left: They Just Can’t Help Themselves

Again, it is the Left suggesting that everything about Obama has to revolve around the color of his skin:

MSNBC’s Touré: Romney Engaging In The ‘Niggerization’ Of Obama

On Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s The Cycle the group discussed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney‘s assertion that President Obama should “take [his] campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago.” Co-host Tourésaw what he believes to be explicit racial connotations beneath what Romney was saying, calling it the “niggerization” of the campaign.

“That really bothered me,” he said. “You notice he said anger twice. He’s really trying to use racial coding and access some really deep stereotypes about the angry black man. This is part of the playbook against Obama, the ‘otherization,’ he’s not like us.”

Straw man and ad hominem mixed with a heaping helping of racism: what else could possibly be missing?  Do you think this individual ever stopped to consider that Obama suggested he was angry in his own books? 

Why can’t these Leftists ever see past another person’s skin color?  And when will they realize that Utah’s correct: they have played the race card so much that it’s lost much of its meaning and social stigma?  Not to mention that people can see it coming now before it is even pulled out to be played.

42 thoughts on “More Racism from the Left: They Just Can’t Help Themselves

  1. “This is not a revolutionary comment,” Touré said. “This is a constituency all-white party that rejects the black vote.”

    I did not know that Alan West, Herman Cain, and Condalezza Rice were white!

    Oh wait, they aren’t white.

    Joe … is them damn liberals trying to re-write history again? 🙂

    • When have they ever stopped? Lies and deliberate deception: these are the means by which Progressivism is spread. they are the intellectuals’ crossed swords 😉

  2. Um, I’m still trying to figure out what the the hello niggerazation and otherization means. Must you post words that don’t exist? How’s about some Kellsization with a shot of retardization? (I’ll be easy; I know that you’re a light-weight.)

    • This is easy to understand, Kells. The Left is intentionally using language that will elicit an emotional response designed to turn people against Romney by making them think he’s a racist. It is so transparent as to be obvious to the most deaf and blind of HONEST observers. But the lengths they have to go to force a racist agenda into Romney’s mouth crosses the line toward evil.

    • The “statists” have been screaming “racism” for years, decades.

      Dallas County leads the nation in DNA exonerations. Why ? Because the City of Dallas and Dallas County, under White leadership, chose to PRESERVE EVIDENCE prior to DNA testing being invented. I will submit to you, ALL other areas across our nation have the same number, or percentage of wrongful convictions. However, the evidence was purposefully not preserved for future possibilities.

      The city and county of Dallas now employ and are run by the former “minorities” because the former minorities are now the majorities.

      YET STILL, “racism” is yelled from the watchtowers. If there is racism in DALLAS, then it is NOT being committed by WHITES, as they are not in positions of leadership. Racism is being committed by the former “minorities”, who are now the majority in Dallas City & County and are in charge of all of the political authorities.

  3. Joe, I agree with you that too many libs play the race card too often, and I don’t think Romney is racist. I do find it ironic, though, that this post appears on the RNL directly above the one titled “Brief Euphoria.

    Posts like that one from Dusty don’t help conservatives.

    • No, they don’t. But then, Biden was the guy who said Obama would soon be back to fetching bill Clinton’s coffee, so, though not in good taste, there is at least a perverted sort of justice in that joke that serves to illustrate a point that you seem to be all too willing to overlook in return.

      • “you seem to be all too willing to overlook”

        Not at all–I’m perfectly willing to admit that Biden and Toure regularly say stupid things. I don’t think Biden is any more of a racist than Romney is, though. I’m not so sure about Toure–I’m not a fan, and don’t think I’ve ever watched him for more than a couple of minutes.

          • Oh, for God’s sake. You’re an idiot and an ass.

            Yes, Obama has said a bunch of stupid things, too. And so did Reagan, Carter, Ford, both George Bushes, and lots of other people–though Biden and Toure were the ones who’d been mentioned and so that’s what I responded to. Anyone else you’d like me to include? Besides you?.

            • Oh nice. Even more benevolent Liberalism spewing forth from the bowels of James.

              I was referring to gutless snipe you took at Romney where he announced Ryan as the next president, but just could not bring yourself to point out that Obama had done the same. Face it James, you are a Obama fanboy. I guess he gives you a special tingle down your leg ….same as Matthews. 🙂

              Oh, and there are two kinds of people in this world James. There are the perfect assholes in the world, and those with hemorrhoids.

              If you will give a PO box, I will send you a prescription for, and even supply you with a case of Perparation H, and Vagasil. Between the two, they should cure the pain and itching from all of your orifices.

              • “Face it James, you are a Obama fanboy”

                That’s maybe the dumbest thing you’ve said here–and that would be saying a lot, with so much to choose from.

                And candy stripers can write prescriptions now?

                • Just for my own personal satisfaction James, how does a “committed Christian” who “doe not use profanity much” justify calling another human being a “ass”?

                  Is that what they have you good benevolent “Committed Christians” teach your students over at Whitworth?

                  You are a complete hypocrite. I’d like to be able to shrug you off as a dolt, but you are much smarter than a dolt. Sad really, now as about as much as anyone can say about you is that you are an insincere radical liberal that does not have the guts to practice what he preaches.

                  • This helps explain why he rejects the notion of Beck as a journalist: he sees himself as a gate-keeper of the definition.

                    Laughable given that he has proven he rejects the dictionary definitions with which he disagrees. 😉

                • “how does a “committed Christian” who “doe not use profanity much” justify calling another human being a “ass”?”

                  Remember what Samson used to slay a thousand men?

                  I’m glad you’re reading some of my blog posts, though.

                • As long as you can justify it … I say go for it. After all, you are the one that has to sleep with it.

                  However, know that I am aware of what you are, and never for once assume I will take anything you ever type as serious. In fact, I do consider the discussions with you as sort of a “mental health moment” where I can tone down the mental agility I need to maintain for my real job, and just sort of go on cruise control whilst I enjoy my coffee, or Scotch.

                  For that, you have my thanks. 🙂

                • “McPherson has a history.”

                  Yep–you think the right-wing idiots here are the only ones who have attacked me? You guys have gone easy on me compared to some. 🙂

                  Dig away. But do you really want to associate yourself with that particular site?

                  • Grammar, “professor,” I was speaking about your grammar. Now, if you want to discuss scripture, I’ll show you where it says that even YOU can quote scripture…for your own purposes. 😉

                • “I was speaking about your grammar.”

                  Truly hilarious, considering the source. Thanks for the chuckle. 🙂

                  • I agree: anyone who touts his credentials as a professor, author and journalist who makes as many mistakes in his grammar as you do is a joke — especially when you consider how often he chides others for doing what he cannot avoid himself.

                    But then, you are a Lib,m and Lib does = 180 degree rule, so this is to be expected 🙂

  4. Augger, you have uncovered an idiot’s website, and you’re acting as if you got the scoop of the decade. Right-wingers are just plain nutzoid

    • Of course it’s an idiot’s website Graabir. But it’s an idiots website that James felt the need to spend about 8 months on in one single thread.

      And honestly, it does show a lot about his character.

      Now you may think it is the “scoop of the decade”, but those aren’t my words. You shouldn’t flatter James that much. I don’t. 🙂

      • “James felt the need to spend about 8 months on in one single thread”

        Where do you get that? All of my comments there came the same day as the original post. But the amount of time I’ve spent here probably does same something about my character.

    • Augger, Did you get this far in your reading?

      Wow. Just wow.

      “As a conservative student at Whitworth, I find this both amusing and disheartening. It’s amusing to watch people who don’t know Jim accuse him of being “a c#^% sucking squirrely nut holding gnarly Gilligan elitist liberal” because, as someone who actually knows Jim, I know how false that statement is. It’s also disheartening to see that people who are supposed to be on my side of the political spectrum bashing a man with no real background knowledge of that man.

      I run the award-winning newspaper Jim advises. I’m conservative through-and-through, and Jim and I disagree on almost everything politically. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s one of the best professors I’ve had at Whitworth, because he encourages me to think for myself. He’s not brainwashing us. He’s not trying to indoctrinate us into the Obama nation. He gives us the tools and skills to find out the information we need to make our own choices about issues.”

      • Thanks, Greg–that particular site is the only one I’ve ever had to point out the tenants of libel law, after it edited my comments to make it appear as if I’d said things I hadn’t. The folks there tried a “campaign” of sorts to get me fired, but of course anonymous idiots have no more credibility with the administration of my university than they do with me.

        That particular student–who also was criticized at great length–is about to enter training to be an Air Force officer after serving a prestigious internship with Chritianity Today. She’s a much better thinker than we typically see commenting on blogs.

        • No, I have read it. But since we are pressing forward, it is noteworthy to know that both sides are complaining about the other editing posts. I’m sorry, but I just would not do that. If I had to edit something, I would just simply remove it all together, but that’s just me.

          James — as a “professor”, I am surprised you would allow yourself to even get in to these positions with students. You are supposed to be their mentor, and not their punching bag. They see you as weak, and if I were your student … I suppose I would as well.

          There is a time to be quiet, and that is a lesson you should learn.

          • “would allow yourself to even get in to these positions with students”

            I have great respect for most of my students. Apparently the feeling is mutual.

            • “I have great respect for most of my students. Apparently the feeling is mutual.”

              I’m sure it is … as long as there’s a grade looming. 🙂

              • Whitworth has great students. Few of them need to worry about grades in the way that you apparently did.

      • “He’s not brainwashing us. He’s not trying to indoctrinate us into the Obama nation. He gives us the tools and skills to find out the information we need to make our own choices about issues.”

        No, but if you challenge him on hypocrisy, he’ll just call you an “idiot and an ass”.

        Yeah, great professor right there. 🙂

        • “if you challenge him on hypocrisy, he’ll just call you an “idiot and an ass”.”

          No, that comes when you pursue a minor point to ridiculous ends in a dishonest attempt to make an essentially meaningless point. I realize I probably used too many big words for you there, but I trust that the more intelligent folks understood it in the first place.

        • augger – I went over and checked the site (and some of the comments) out. If you give any crediblity to this site, you might as well give MSNBC and the Rev. Al Sharpton equal recognition.

          • I never gave any credibility to the site cracker. In fact, I called it a “Of course it’s an idiot’s website”.

            Sort of says a lot about James. Thanks for driving the point home for me. 🙂

            • The fact that I get attacked by “an idiot’s website” says a lot about me? You’re making even less sense than usual, Auggie.

              • No, the fact that you would even respond to it.

                And to avoid hypocrisy in myself … debating with you makes me guilty of the same. 🙂

                • One of the differences between us, I suppose. I spend a lot of time reading sites where I disagree with most of what’s there. Sometimes I learn something; sometimes I know something to be inaccurate and can point it out for other readers. I spend less of my time on blogs where I agree with most everything, since I know the arguments and see no need to regurgitate most of them. People who spend most of their time on sites that simply reinforce their own biases–whether liberal or conservative–tend to be boring and strident.

    • Actually, no, I think the books has all determined Liberalism is a mental disorder. Polls would seem to confirm this, as a distinct minority call themselves liberal, thus, by definition, making themselves the anomaly (i.e. abnormal).

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