Damning Obama AND the Media with the Same Stone

This story exposes the corruption of the entire Obama Administration while proving that the “main stream media” (a.k.a. Pravda West) is actively supporting this corrupt Administration:

Reporters haven’t asked about Sebelius breaking law in W.H. briefings

One of the first things Romney should do if he is elected is to yank the broadcasting licenses for the broadcasts news networks.  They have clearly become the propaganda arm of a political Party and, as such, no longer serve the public interest.  Consequently, they no longer deserve free access tot he public airwaves.  They should be forced to make it on their own on cable and satellite.
Romney should next levy a fine on the DNC equivalent to whatever it would have cost to run advertising for every minute Pravda West spent supporting Obama in the guise of news, or attacking his opponents under the same farce.
HOWEVER, even if he were willing to do either or both of these, Romney will first have to manage a litigation-proof margin of victory: a task in great doubt if you are aware of the extent of voter fraud taking place in this nation.

11 thoughts on “Damning Obama AND the Media with the Same Stone

  1. B., what would you say if someone wanted to shut down the Blaze? Let’s face it: Everyone has their right to their opinions, and it is their constitutional right. Suddenly, you now want to become the thought police.

    People must decide by their own free will. Hello! You even wrote a gay, er, homosexual book about it for cryin out loud!

    • Ah, Obama is already working on seizing the “authority” to do just that — and in the name of “security,” no less. Or didn’t you hear about the latest executive order he’s floating on net security — the law that BOTH sides of Congress refused to pass???

      Besides, there is a difference between stating an opinion — like Rush and Beck do, where they tell you that is what they are doing — and State sponsored propaganda where the “news” organizations present their POLITICAL OPINION as “fact.” In fact, that is the very definition of propaganda and it WAS illegal — until Obama’s Congress made it legal again (Republicans, your boys helped in that nice little stunt).

    • The PEOPLES’ air waves were NOT intended for the exclusive use of ONE political Party. In a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC — where “ALL” citizens are served EQUALLY, this would not happen. Hence, I am seeking what is a LEGAL course of action based on the “equal protection” clause of the Left’s favorite amendment.

      Besides, Obama and his “diversity Czar” have already advocated TAKING broadcast STATIONS from their owners and GIVING them to “minorities,” so whistle your tune to the Administration who is seeking to actually do it. OH, and note: I did not say outlaw their right to broadcast, I said pull their PUBLIC license. They are still free to go the route FOX had to take.

      Aint it a biotch when your subversion of Constitutional law is turned against you? 😉

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