Rule 5: New To The View


Not to be considered biased, I wanted to recognize the newest member The View, Jenny McCarthy.

She is eminently qualified.

She’s smokin’ hot at 40, she has been in Playboy multiple times – first in October of 1993, Playmate of the year in 1994 and most recently in 2012. Of course, she parlays her high school diploma and MTV background into a state of bat-shit craziness, so she will fit right in at with the other leftist fruitcakes on the show.

10 thoughts on “Rule 5: New To The View

  1. Well all is not lost. Her mind might be lost, but she does have a nice set of balconies.

    That’s gotta count for something …

    • As long as she keeps “stupid” to herself …

      The problem is, they want to force “stupid” on you before allowing you to enjoy the balcony…

      The reason man invented alcohol … 🙂

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